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Sunday, March 30, 2014


cooking for guests 16 Full meals or traditonal tamilnadu meals or kalyana sappadhu, whatever we call, i always enjoy very happy cooking a full meal. Though now a days , we cook so many variety of cuisine for guests, this traditional tamil nadu meals will always have a special appreciation always. Two weeks back when i had guests at home i made this traditional lunch. Though i felt later , it could be more elaborate with one more curry and a sweet pachadi, still the guests enjoyed the meal. Will post one full tamil nadu meals soon. My mom always used to make this menu for newly married people who visit our place during our childhood days. My mil's place the menu will be slightly different, which i will post soon.


The menu which i made was

I made cucumber raitha but forgot to keep while clicking.
You can add potato curry, tomato sweet pachadi in the menu.

Enjoy cooking and see you all with more interesting recipes in this week. Have a fantastic sunday.

Traditional tamilnadu meals
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  1. nice spread Jey.. looks perfect feast

  2. Yummy spread and mouthwatering

  3. Wow the lovely meal jeya:-) Infact I am loving the presentation and meal quite appealing yummy

  4. Excellent.Traditional recipes are always a hit,yours super hit.

  5. I wish to be your guest for next post... Wounderful. Perfect Resturant lunch menu . The only difference is the big plate and the small cups inthe resturant.

  6. such a delicious platter... i'm feeling really hungry...

  7. I eagerly wait for your Sunday posts on cooking for guest series. Without fail, you blow my mind every week :) Haven't had such a variety filled spread in such a long time.

  8. Your guest are so lucky!!!! Very inviting do visit

  9. My God... How could you able to cook so much in the same day?? Gr8

  10. Beautiful platter, looks very delicious and inviting..

  11. One should be blessed to be ur guest Jeya, wat a spread..

  12. Hey all of us r going to be there.unlimited meals or big kalyana sapaadu what ever u name it. It fills my tummy.well done

  13. It will be nice if you could give time saving tips, what could be prepared the previous day, and what should be cooked in which order to save time.

    1. Ok will surely do. Generally except cutting vegetables i don't do any preparations the previous day. Will keep this point in mind


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