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cooking for guets
This week in cooking for guests series, i have compiled a bit simple and yet super hit menu. The menu includes, Malai kofta, Mushroom pulao, plain paratha and mango sago pudding. As i told before, i will be posting a picture collage of the menu from next week in this series, like how i did for cooking for guests series 9.   Actually i planned to post a chaat platter. Since this picture was in my draft, i thought before the mango season ends, i will post this menu. Will post a  chaat platter next week for sure. Now let's see how to plan the cooking of this menu.
cooking for guests
The menu has
Also you can add a Dal and raitha too. 
  • First make the dough and keep it covered. Soak sago for the sweet too.
  • Keep the paneer in hot water for the koftas.
  • Keep rice for curd rice first in a pressure cooker and boil the potatoes too in the cooker itself.
  • While the rice is getting cooked, make the gravy ready for the kofta.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, start making the mixture for koftas. Fry it and keep it aside.
  • Allow the rice to cool for curd rice and make the curd rice. 
  • Cook the sago for mango pudding and once done allow it to cool completely. 
  • Slice the mushrooms for the pulao and wash the rice nd soak it. 
  • If making dal pressure cook the dal once the plain rice and potatoes are done.
  • When the dal is done, in the same cooker, cook the rice for mushroom pulao. 
  • Once done, follow the instructions in the recipe and make it. 
  • Beat the ingredients for sago pudding in a mixer and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Complete the tadka for dal and keep it aside.
  • Now curd rice, dal, malai kofta and mushroom pulao are ready. 
  • Start making the parathas in the last and keep it covered in a casserole. Put a kitchen towel or a clean cloth over it before covering.
cooking for guests  
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