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Almond Murukku recipe | Easy Diwali recipes | Badam Murukku

Almond- murukku
Almond murukku | Badam murukku is an easy diwali snack recipe. For bachelors who live in abroad and don't have access to urad dal flour or pottukadalai, this murukku you can make only with rice flour and almonds. I wanted to try cashew murukku, which i learnt from my friend's mil 2 years back. When i saw this almond murukku here , i thought i will give it a try. The murukku turned out very crispy and i loved the flavour of almond in the murukku. You can try this murukku with store bought rice flour too. Even idiyappam maavu works out well for this recipe. Check out my other diwali recipe collections too. Follow jeyashris kitchen on facebook for updates.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kala Jamun Recipe | Diwali Mithai Recipes

Using Instant gulab jamun mix

kala- jamun
I wanted to post this Kala Jamun for last Diwali itself, but as i  posted so many diwali recipes last year, didn't have time to post this recipe. From my childhood i remember, for Diwali apart from other sweets and snacks, Gulab jamun will also be there. Gulab jamun mix will be in the grocery list when we do grocery shopping during diwali. The most fascinating thing will be most of the gulab jamun mix will giveaway something free along with the mix. Most of the times it will be some glass bowls. I have already posted Makan peda recipe using gulab jamun mix. So with the store bought gulab jamun mix, you don't need to make the same usual gulab jamun. Try out this kala jamun recipe and i am sure it will be a treat for your family and guests. I have bookmarked this recipe from Vahchef video. Check out all my diwali recipes collection. Follow Jeyashri's Kitchen on Facebook for updates.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beetroot halwa recipe | Diwali recipes

Beetroot halwa with khoya
Beetroot halwa, i never realised that i didn't have this recipe simple and easy sweet in my website. During this Navaratri, i happened to visit many of friends and among them few i don't know personally and they are my readers. When one among them told me that she searched for beetroot halwa in my website and it was not there, i realised i didn't post this recipe. So made this yesterday and clicked the pictures. I have already posted Gajar ka halwa| carrot halwa with condensed milk. So i wanted to make this beetroot halwa with khoya. You can even make the beetroot halwa with condensed milk too. Or make it plain only with milk and sugar. Adding khoya or condensed milk gives richness to the halwa. Check out my other halwa recipes too.
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Diwali recipes 2015 | Diwali sweets and snacks recipes| Recipes with step by step pictures and explanations and videos for many recipes

diwali- recipes
Post updated on Oct 3, 2017
Diwali 2017 is coming on Oct 18th. As Deepavali is a major festival of India, we make sweets and savoury for the festival.In tamil we call it diwali bakshanam or deepavali bakshanam. I have posted a lot of diwali recipes in Jeyashri's Kitchen in the past 8 years. I have compiled all the recipes in one place so that it will be easy for my readers to choose from one place. Click on the pictures for the recipes. Stay tuned for more diwali sweets and snacks recipes this year too. Please follow Jeyashri's Kitchen on Facebook to get recent updates. Send me the tried recipes from Jeyashri's kitchen to I will share it in my facebook page. Stay tuned for more sweets and savory recipes coming up. Subscribe to my You tube channel for videos on Diwali recipes.
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Dal mixture recipe| Diwali snacks recipe

Dal namkeen

Mumbai dal mixture
Mixture, is a very popular Diwali snack. Most of the houses they make Mixture for diwali. I have posted South Indian mixture few years back. Last time itself for diwali i wanted to post this bombay Dal mixture, but i was not sure of the recipe though. After asking many of my friends here, finally got the idea for this dal moth mixture and till i was about to try it i am bit scared about the outcome. But it turned out very nice and was a super hit at home. For those who find it difficult to make karaboondi, which is the most important one in Madras mixture, can make this mixture. Check out my Diwali snacks collections.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Navadhanya Sundal | Navaratri Sundal recipes

Navadhanya sundal
Navadhanya Sundal generally my mom make towards the end of navaratri with all the left over legumes at home. But she never use any spice mix for the sundal. I kept in mind my udipi sambar recipe and used most of the things from that masala. Actually i clicked it last friday and planned to post it today. As i know my weekend will be too busy with navaratri Golu visits, i drafted the post too. Those who follow me on Flickr , then you will know, i posted the pictures i took for the navadhanya sundal.  When i went to a friend's house for navaratri on thursday, her neighbour , Lakshmi, whom i know well, invited me to come to her house for Golu. Since it was very late,i just quickly went to her house and happened to see these cute teracotta toys in her golu.(the one you see in the background). As usual i asked her where she got it and she told to take it for my pictures. I said i am done with my navaratri posts and will use it for next year if needed, also told her not to take it out from the golu too. Then again i went to the same apartment for lunch in another friend's house. Knowing this, she came just before i was about to leave and gave me the cute teracotta toys. I felt so happy and for the sake of Lakshmi's effort, i made the sundal again in Sunday and clicked the main picture once again. Thanks again Lakshmi.

Navadhanya Sundal

  Preparation Time : 10 mins + Soaking time 12 hrs| Cooking Time : 35 Mins |Serves: 3-4

     Mixed Legumes*   1/4 cup each
     Oil     2 tsp
     Coconut oil    few drops   (optional)
     Mustard seeds  1/4 tsp
     Asafoetida     2 pinches
     To Roast and grind
   Toor Dal  1/2 tblsp
   Urad  dal   1/2 tblsp
   Channa dal   1/2 tblsp
   Sesame seeds| ellu   1/2 tblsp
   Dhaniya     1 tblsp
   Red chili   2
   Omam| ajwain    1/4 tsp
   Curry leaves  few
   Coconut    2 tblsp
  * I used White Chole. Black kondakadalai, Black urad dal, Karamani(both black and white) green peas, white peas, Rajma and peanut. 
Actually i soaked 1/4 cup each but the next day it was too much as they have doubled in size. So i took half from that and cooked, which came to 2 cups of cooked sundal. the rest of it i drained the water thoroughly, washed it nicely and put it in a zip lock cover and kept inside the freezer.
This will stay good for 10 days. You can take out whenever you want and cook.     

Navadhanya sundal
  • Soak all the legumes in a wide bowl,except white karamani and urad dal. The white karamani and urad dal soak separately. 
navdhanya sundal 1
  • Cook this in a pressure cooker by keeping both in a separate vessel. Add half of the salt to this while cooking. I kept both inside the cooker at the same time but added very little water to the urad dal and karamani mixture, as they tend to overcook so quickly.
navadhanya sundal 2
  • Drain the water completely and mix all the legumes together.
navadhanya sundal 3
  • Now dry roast all the ingredients under under the heading"to roast" in the ingredient table, except coconut. roast till the become nice golden brown. Be careful not to burn it.
navadhanya sundal 4
  • Switch off the flame and add the coconut and curry leaves. Let this cook in that warmth.
navaratna sundal 5
  • Grind this into fine powder. The podi came to 4 tblsp and i used 3 tblsp of this for the sundal. You can even add this to the rasam or sambar too.
navaratna sundal6
  • In a pan add oil and add the mustard seeds and asafoetida.
  • Add in the cooked sundal to this.
navadhanya sundal 7
  • Add the podi to this. I added 3 tblsp of the ground powder. Mix well.
navaratna sundal 9
  • Sprinkle few drops of coconut oil, if adding, and mix well. Sundal is ready for neivedyam. 
Navadhanya sundal
  1. You can soak just 1 tblsp of all the legumes if making for 4-5 people.
  2. You can even replace few legumes with kollu, mochai, green gram or sweet corn too.
  3. the spice mix you can make in advance,without coconut and add it to the sundal. Add coconut in the last.
  4. Adding ajwain aids in digestion.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kozhukattai, Ven pongal, Sambar | Cooking for guests 28

no onion no garlic dinner menu

kozhukattai- platter
Though i have few guests in the past few weeks, i couldn't take pictures in a hurry. Two weeks back when i have my friends family for dinner i made this for them. One of my friend has her parents from India for Navaratri. Since they won't take onion and garlic during this time, i made this menu for them. Since it a small get together of 10 people i tried my hands on kozhukattai for all. They enjoyed the menu a lot and we all had a very good time. Just a little planning in advance, you can make this easily. Check out my cooking for guests series .

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Navaratri|Diwali Sweets

Sabudana ladoo| Sago ladoo,called as javarisi ladoo in tamil, i have heard about this many times from my friends, but this is the first time i tried it at home. I just experimented the measurements keeping in mind my rava ladoo and besan ladoo. It turned out so well and the recipe and the method is very easy too. You can try this quick sweet for Diwali or Navaratri too. Check out my other diwali sweets and Navaratri recipes too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lavang Latika | Diwali Sweet recipes

Diwali 2015 recipes- With Video

Lavang- Latika
Lavang Latika is a popular bengali sweet, similar to our Suryakala and Chandrakala. I heard this for the first time when my co sister's mom made it and brought for us once. Generally she this sweet for Diwali. She is an expert in making this sweet and every year she brings a box full of this for her daughter, when she comes for vacation to chennai. Since we were in joint family we also eat this happily. I thought this a very complicated recipe and never asked her how she makes this. After a successful attempt of badusha during last diwali, i thought i will try this recipe of lavang latika. To my surprise, the recipe was too simple to try. My co sister who is also an expert in making this sweet gave me the recipe and few you tube videos helped me how to fold lavang latika. Actually there are 2 ways to fold this, i have given both the methods. To me both were easy only. This sweet was a super hit at home also i took for a friends meet too. Everyone liked it very much. I used my homemade khoya for this recipe. Check my diwali sweets collections too.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sweet Sev recipe| Diwali recipes | Inippu sev recipe

Sweet- sev
Sweet Sev| Inippu Sev| Cheeni sev, is a popular sweet in South of Tamilnadu. Grown up in madurai, i have traveled to nearby places during my childhood days. This Sweet Sev is quite popular in Sattur, Kovilpatti and Tirunelveli town. I remember seeing this in most of the sweet shops in the bus stand selling this inippu sev. During my childhood days, i hate eating sweets. So my dad will buy karasev for me and this Sweet sev for my sister who is a big lover of sweets. But after marriage i slowly developed sweet tooth and now i eat all varieties of sweet. When i was talking to my sister 2 days back, she asked me about my Diwali plans for Jeyashri's Kitchen. She too suggested me few recipes and this Inippu sev topped the list. Though she gave me a brief description of the recipe, i googled for my satisfaction and got a more clear picture from here. I tried this yesterday and it turned out very well. Everyone at home loved it very much. This Sev will not be crispy as we are dipping the fried sev in the sugar syrup. The soft sev with sugar coated on it will be a very tasty. Bookmark this recipe for Diwali and check out my other Diwali sweet recipes too. A similar sweet with jaggery also we make which is called manoharam, which i have posted already .

Friday, October 9, 2015

Khoya recipe | Home made khoya | Instant khoya recipe

Khoya | Mawa is solidified form of milk. Khoya is widely used in many Indian sweets. Though i get khoya here in Singapore all the time, this post will be useful for many readers, who do not have access to khoya in their places. I have already posted Khoya jamun, mawa cake , chocolate peda , Khoya burfi using khoya. Since diwali and navaratri are coming up i thought i will post this recipe of how to make khoya at home. I have adapted this home made khoya recipe from here.Stay tuned for interesting recipes using Khoya.
Home made Khoya

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chaat Sundal recipe| Navratri Sundal recipes

no onion no garlic sundal recipe

Chaat Sundal
I was planning to post this sundal recipe next week. But i have already started receiving invites from my friends for navaratri 2015. So i thought it will be easy for them to plan the menu if i post it now itself. Check out my collections of Navaratri recipes. Generally in most of the Tamil brahmin houses and other people who keep golu make the traditional sundal. This sundal is a different one from the usual sundal we make.This recipe idea i got from a friend during last Navratri itself. It was on my mind and i messaged her few days back about this and she was sweet enough to share her way of making this interesting chaat sundal. Thank you so much Meera . So for this navaratri give it a try and sure you will good response from your guests. Let me know how it turned out. Follow Jeyashri's kitchen on facebook for all recent updates. Check out the notes section to see some variations. Check out my Combo menu also to get some ideas .

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Dal Dhokli recipe | Gujarathi dal dhokli

no onion no garlic recipe- jain recipe

Dal dhokli, i have heard about this many times from a friend but never tried or tasted it. Basically it is a a mix of roti and dal which i always considered as a comforting one pot meal by itself. This recipe was in my to do list for a long time. Since i am posting  jain recipes | no onion no garlic recipes, i thought i will post this. Though i roughly know how to make Dal dhokli, this video helped me to know about the exact recipe of dal dhokli. I had this piping hot dal dhokli with crunchy peanuts on a rainy day afternoon for lunch. Check out my other no onion no garlic recipes.
dal- dhokli

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No onion no garlic menu

no onion- no garlic menu
I know i have been not regular in cooking for guests series. Though i have lots of friends visited me in the past few weeks, but somehow don't have time to click the platter before they come.But will make a collage of that and post it in the coming weeks. Since i have been posting no onion no garlic recipes in the blog for this month, i thought i will post a South Indian and North Indian menu without onion and garlic. For me it is easy to make a South Indian menu without onion and garlic. But planning a North Indian menu is a bit tough for me. But now i can say with a good collection of no onion no garlic recipes ,it is possible to some extent. Let us see in detail about the menu which i have shared . This menu includes, Coriander lemon soup, Roti, Paneer butter Masala, Channa masala, roti and gulab jamun.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Kothimbir Vadi | Kothimbir wadi recipe

Maharastrian snack- Tea time snack- no onion no garlic recipe

Kothimbir- vadi
 Kothimbir vadi | kothimir vadi is a Maharastrian snack. It is similar to the muthia recipe but it is steamed and deep fried. But you can pan fry it with little oil too. I wanted to give this for the no onion no garlic recipe supplement book which i have given for Kungumam thozi last year, but last minute i don't have time to make this. But i have this in my list to try. Few weeks back when i visited my Maharastrian friends for Ganesha chathurthi, while talking about food they were mentioning about kothimbir vadi. Though i roughly know the idea of how to make this recipe, but the inputs from all them was very useful. So finally i made this 2 days back at home and we all liked it very much. Check out my other no onion no garlic recipes