Monday, November 30, 2015

Kerala Puttu recipe | How to make soft puttu

Kerala puttu recipe
Puttu is a popular Kerala breakfast recipe, generally served with Kadala curry. My mom regularly makes Ragi puttu, and as kids we love to eat that. She makes generally sweet puttu. This recipe of puttu iam sharing today is a plain puttu. I have made this with store bought puttu flour but you can make Puttu with rice flour too. Also i made this puttu using Puttu maker but you can make this using idli steamer too. Scroll down to the notes section to see the tips for making perfect soft puttu. Thanks for Kerala friends, Sreena and Messy, who helped me out , by patiently explaining my silly doubts. Let's see how to make soft Kerala puttu. I made this bit elaborate so that beginners will be benefited.
Kadala curry recipe will be coming up next. Here is the recipe of kadala curry for puttu. Check out my South Indian breakfast recipes collection

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Aloo Tikki Chaat | Easy Chaat recipes

Aloo tikki chaat
Aloo tikki is a popular snack made with potatoes. Generally it is served with the popular ragda patties and aloo tikki burger. The another famous and popular way of serving aloo tikki is making Aloo tikki chole chaat., where aloo tikkis are made and served with channa masala. I first planned for that but finally ended up in making aloo tikki chaat recipe. I finished the photo shoot soon and gobbled the aloo tikki chaat immediately.  This is a perfect snack for kids, once they come back from school. Give it a try this weekend and let me know how it turned out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Karthigai Appam recipe | Sweet appam

Sweet appam
I actually wanted to post Vella adai recipe(will post tomorrow ) but while i was talking to my sister we both were casually sharing the memories about the  Karthigai sweet appam which my mom makes for Karthigai deepam. Also she makes it for Janmashtami too. Then only i realised i haven't posted it here. I have posted the wheat appam recipe, the same one she will deep fry. As we used to gobble it when amma makes it. As i am not a big sweet lover, during my childhood days, especially all jaggery based sweets i hate, i love sweet appam one very much. The entire house filled with lights, we all wearing pattu pavadai, amma making appam wearing the traditional 9 yards saree and wearing all the traditional jewellery, this appam reminded me of all special moments. Being a nurse, by profession, she can't wear bright and big nose rings daily, so she wears only during the festival. And she look very beautiful in that traditional costume and the jewellery. So always Karthigai deepam reminds me of this scene in our house in Madurai. Let me share the recipe of Karthigai sweet appam today. Check the Karthigai Deepam collections .

Monday, November 23, 2015

Idichakka Thoran | Raw jack fruit curry

Raw jack fruit -curry
Idichakka thoran is a curry /poriyal made with tender jackfruit or raw jack fruit. In tamil they call it as pala musu. It is the unripe jackfruit. I have heard from my mom's friend that they make kola urundai with this pala musu. Apart from that i have never heard about anything with that. I haven't even tried or tasted this veggie so far. Few months back my mom told me that she made a curry with this idichakka and also added it tasted very nice. Here we get the  cut fresh raw jackfruit . I happened to visit Mustafa center 2 days back and saw this raw jackfruit and picked and came. My friend's mom who taught me the traditional mysore pak, told me the perfect recipe of palakkad style idichakka thoran and it turned out very nice. I was very worried about how it will taste but it tasted very well and a perfect pair with vatha kuzhambhu. Try this at home and let me know how it turned out. I will surely update this post once i get the full raw jackfruit as  how to clean it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Beetroot Soup | Soup recipes

Beetroot soup
Soup is a very common dish takes place in my kitchen. But mostly i end up making either tomato soup or sweet corn veg soup as the kids love it most. Last year when i made the supplement for Kungumam Thozi, themed Soups n Salads, i have given few new interesting soup recipes. This beetroot soup is one among them. Since the weather is very pleasant and cold, i thought i will share a recipe of soup today and found a beetroot lying down in the refrigerator. So i decided to make the beetroot soup and writing this post now with a cup of hot soup beside me. Check out my other soup recipes. You can have this soup with whole wheat toasted bread and have it as a light lunch or dinner too.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Karthigai Milagu adai | Karthigai Deepam recipes

No onion no garlic recipes

Karthigai Deepam festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Tamil month, Karthigai . We lit lamps inside and outside the house for 3 days. Evening also we keep a small diya outside the house throughout the month. Generally married women keep fasting for the whole day and after doing pooja in the evening and lighting lamps they have the food . Mainly for karthigai deepam we make Pori urundai, appam and payasam for neivedyam. My mil makes verkadalai urundai and pottukadalai urundai too.  My grandmother makes adai too, but in mil's house though mil keeps fasting, she never insist us to keep fast. She always tell us to have some tiffin as we have small kids and it will be tiring if we keep fast. So generally adai is made on the day and we have this for lunch. My mil's mil taught me the recipe of milagu adai during my first Karthigai after marriage. But later i also forgot the recipe and i  make it on my own style. But the nly thing i remember is urad dal will be more for the recipe of Milagu adai as compared to normal adai. I tried the recipe of milagu adai from here last year itself, but in the last minute, do not have time to post. So make this for Karthigai Deepam 2015 which falls on Nov.25th this year. Check out my Karthigai deepam recipes  . This can be made for normal day breakfast too. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beach Sundal gravy | Pattani sundal gravy

Pattani sundal gravy
Beach style sundal gravy is basically a sundal gravy, topped with masala vadai and chutney. This recipe was first introduced to me by my nephew when i visited chennai few months back. He bought a box full of this sundal gravy from a nearby shop and told me to taste this. He told that is a south Indian version of Ragda Patties or Masala poori chaat. I was totally addicted by the taste of the gravy and decided to post the recipe of this beach sundal gravy here soon. But somehow, it couldn't happen. Just the day before the starting of Navaratri, a very good friend of hubby and who is quite close to all of us, messaged me, if i have the recipe of Beach sundal gravy in Jeyashri's Kitchen. And since i decided to post only no onion no garlic recipes during that time, i told i will try it and send you the recipe the next day. As promised, for the first time, i sent the recipe to him before publishing it in the website. An exclusive preview show. I have never done this before but he being special to all of us, i did this for him. This recipe was a super hit at home and everyone enjoyed this. Check out my beach style thenga maanga pattani sundal recipe too.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Chettinad Karuveppilai Kuzhambu | South Indian kuzhambu recipes

Chettinad karuvepillai kuzhambu
After all festive food and work, it took little time for me to come back to routine. So today i will be sharing the recipe of Chettinad style Karuveppillai Kuzhambu| Curry leaves kulambu. This authentic South Indian gravy recipe, was passed to me by a reader Ceyizhai Pari, sometime back. so i thought i will try it and post this today. So after the festive food this simple karuveppillai kuzhambu with hot rice and beans curry was totally a bliss for me. Check out my other version of karuvepillai kuzhambu too which i posted long back.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Deepavali Wishes | Happy Diwali

Jeyashri's Kitchen wish you all a very HAPPY DEEPAVALI. May this festival of lights brings lot of abundance and joy . Thanks you all for the overwhelming support. Keep visiting for more interesting recipes coming up.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Suzhiyan Recipe| Seeyam| Diwali recipes

Suzhiyan|Inippu seeyam, is generally made during deepavali in most of the houses in Tamilnadu. Adirasam and seeyam is made early in the morning. We always get it from our neighbour aunty along with kurunai vadai. Amma had never made suzhiyan at home. So i have also never tried it at home. since few readers asked for the recipe of suzhiyan, i thought i will post . My frined's mom helped me out with the recipe and i followed my channa dal poornam kozhukattai recipe for the poornam. Check out my full collection of diwali recipes . Follow jeyashri's kitchen on facebook too. Send your tried recipe pictures to

Suzhiyan| Seeyam

  Preparation Time : 10 mins+ 2 hours soaking time | Cooking Time : 30 Mins |Yields:7

     For Outer cover:
Idli rice   1/2 cup
Urad dal   1/4 cup
   For the stuffing|filling:
Channa dal   1/4 cup
Coconut   1/4 cup
Jaggery     1/4 cup+2 tblsp 
Cardamom powder   2 pinches
Ghee   1 tsp
    Oil     for Deep frying

  • Soak rice and urad dal separately. Let them soak for 2 hours.
suzhiyan 2
  • Dry roast the channa dal for 2 minutes.
  • Pressure cook this till 3 whistles by adding 1/2 cup of water.
  • Grind the urad dal in the grinder for 5 minutes and once it is grinding, add the soaked rice and start grinding. Add water little by little. Do not add much water. The consistency should be little looser than the vadai batter.
suzhiyan 3
  • Drain the water completely from the channa dal and grind coconut, elachi powder,channa dal and jaggery together. You can first grind the channa dal and coconut first and then in the last round add jaggery and pulse once. 
suzhiyan 4
  • Divide the ground paste into equal sized balls. Mine came to 7 balls.
suzhiyan 5
  • Heat oil for deep frying. No need to ferment the batter.
  • Dip the channa dal ball into the batter and cover it fully and carefully put it into the oil. 
  • Do  not over crowd the pan. 
suzhiyan 6
  • Fry till golden brown and drain in a kitchen towel.
suzhiyan 7
  • Repeat this for the rest of the balls.
  • Suzhiyan is ready.
Diwali - Suzhiyan
  1. Always ensure that the channa dal poornam is not watery. If you feel it is slightly loose, add a tsp of ghee in a pan and cook it for 3-4 minutes and allow it to cool. It will be perfect.
  2. The batter i have soaked is bit extra for the poornam. So either you double the poornam or in the left over batter add finely chopped onions, red chili powder, salt, coriander leaves and curry leaves and mix well.
  3. spoon the batter inside the dough and make it as masala seeyam.
  4. The entire suzhiyan can be made with fermented idli | dosa batter as the outer cover too.
  5. The oute cover can be instantly made with maida and rice flour batter too.  

Friday, November 6, 2015

Jalebi recipe| Diwali Sweet Recipes

jalebi recipe
Jalebi is a popular Indian Sweet, made using maida, sugar and ghee as the ingredient. I have tasted it in many occasions, but never tried it at home. Once i have helped a friend when she did with the instant jalebi mix. When i get requests to post Jalebi recipe for Diwali, i explored for recipes and finally ended up with this recipe here.  It was a  super hit at home and everyone loved it. Though in the original recipe it is not mentioned to ferment, many chefs insisted about the fermentation of the batter. So i fermented the batter and it came out very well. So make this Jalebi for diwali 2015 and surprise your family with a delicious sweet. Check my diwali recipe collection.  Follow Jeyashri's kitchen on facebook for recent updates.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kaju Pista Roll recipe| Diwali sweets

Kaju pista roll
Kaju Pista Roll, it brings back lot of memories to me. As we have seen the kaju pista roll in mithai shops, it is always tempting . I first say this in Krishna sweets when i was in chennai. Also the different shapes of kaju katli like apple, watermelon will be very fascinating for me. Actually i wanted to do the kaju watermelon but thought first will post the kaju pista roll as i am confident in that, because i have tried this 3 years back too. A reader requested for kaju watermelon too, but will post how to shape into watermelon with a different recipe, and not with kaju.
Coming to this kaju pista roll,as i said i have tried this 2 year back for a  Navaratri. One of my very close friend, who now moved back to India, invited all the friends for Navaratri. Since i don't have the custom of keeping golu at my house, i used to help her out with few things on the day she invites everybody. After breaking our head too much finally we decided to make kaju pista roll for a big crowd of 35-40 people. The beauty is both of us haven't tried the recipe before. I know how to make kaju katli, but never attempted the kaju pista rolls. With some guts we started with large quantity of cashew and pista and made the dough. The recipe she has in her handwritten cookbook, copied from snajeev kapoor's website. Just orally she told how to roll it and we both started making it in my home. I still have have the pictures in my album too. I started rolling it too thick and the kaju pista rolls are coming so big like logs. We both were laughing on seeing such logs and the entire project was totally fun. We laughed and laughed and finished making so much of kaju pista rolls spending more than 3 hours.Later we packed also some  rolls to few close friends as there were many. But taste wise they turned out very perfect. Even if i think about that i will laugh. When i told my friend i am going to post kaju pista roll, she too recalled all the sweet memories we had.
Actually i made this 2 weeks back for an event, but didn't have time to click. Made this again for my friend's son who is very fond of kaju katlis.
Check out my full Diwali collection recipes.  Follow Jeyashris Kitchen on Facebook for latest updates.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Traditional Mysore Pak | Diwali Sweet recipes

Mysore- pak
Mysore pak is a traditional sweet made in Tamil brahmin weddings. The Mysore pak served in weddings will be hard and loaded with ghee. The porous texture of the mysore pak is the highlight of the traditional mysore pak. The perfect one depends upon the ghee we use and of course the besan|kadalaimaavu too. I have already posted a super easy Mysore pak recipe , similar to Sri Krishna sweets soft Mysore Pak, few years ago. That was a super hit sweet recipe, tried even by bachelors too. That Mysore Pak recipe involve less ghee and sugar. But still i wanted to try the traditional mysore pak recipe too. During this Navaratri, when i visited one of my friend's house, she served me super yummy lemon sevai, chutney and mysore pak too. The next day i messaged her and asked about the recipe of mysore pak. She told that her mother only made that and after few minutes, aunty called me and told me the recipe.Thank you so much aunty, for patiently clearing my doubts and elaborately explaining the recipe. Though it was loaded with sugar and ghee, the method was very easy only. So i tried it during last weekend and it turned out pretty well. My step wise pictures were not satisfactory, as i was bit tensed about the outcome. The Mysore pak were very nice and tasted the same as i had in her place. I used store bought ghee and besan. If you have access to rice mill, get your besan done at home by grinding channa dal in rice mill. Also make ghee at home or use the Aavin ghee if you get. This will give  perfect colour for the Mysore pak.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Moong Dal Omapodi | Diwali snacks recipes

Diwali 2015 recipes

omapodi- recipe
Omapodi | Sev is a snack which is generally added to South Indian mixture. Basically it is made with besan| kadalaimaavu. I still remember during our childhood, we eat these omapodis crazily and finally end up with stomach upset as the besan  too much consumed will give that effect. I have already posted the omapodi recipe in jeyashri's kitchen When i come across the moong dal omapodi recipe here, it sounded very nice. When i tried it yesterday, it turned out awesome and was a super hit at home too. If not for Diwali, this ompaodi is a perfect tea time snack too. The aroma of ajwain| omam and the moong dal flour enhances the taste of the omapodi. Check out my full collections of diwali recipes.