Friday, September 30, 2016

Navaratri Neivedyam recipes | Navaratri recipes

Navaratri recipes

Navaratri 2016 is starting from tomorrow, Oct 2nd. People keep Golu and do pooja to Godesess and also offer sundal and sweet as neivedhyam. Daily we make one Sundal and one sweet during Navaratri. I have alreay posted a Navaratri Combo menu, for guests, in my cooking for guests series. This post comes with an idea on what to make for neivedhyam on each day of Navaratri. I have just made a combo to give an idea. Feel free to alter according to your preference. check out my sister's post on how to keep Navaratri Golu
 Before going on to this post, let me tell you few general rules we follow during this festival. The spice powder which we make for sundal, should not be made in bulk and used. Once you do neivedyam with that podi, the next day you can not use the same for neivdhyam. You can use it up in curries or sambar. Once the food is offered as neivedhyam, it should not be altered even salt is less or spice is more or sweet is less.. no alterations recommended. Check out my complete list of navaratri recipes.
Click on the name of the recipe to get the link for the full recipe.
Wishing you all a very happy Navaratri . Let this festival brings abundance of joy, health and wealth.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Javarisi Sundal recipe | Navaratri Sundal recipes

Sago Sundal with video

Javarisi sundal | sago sundal is a new variety of sundal with javarisi and moong dal as main ingredients. I usually make moong dal sundal at home but this one with javarisi is quite new to me. I saw this in subbus kitchen few years back. When i was talking about Navaratri recipes my friend Shriprada passed on this recipe to me. She is a good cook and also cooks all traditional tamil brahmin recipes very well. Also her Golu is always a classic one and mostly theme based too. It tasted quite well and we had it for evening snack. You can make this for Navaratri too for neivedhyam. Check out my other Navaratri sundal and sweets recipes too. I have given a similar recipe with poha in my Kutties kitchen cook book and also in a thozi supplement book 3 years ago.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Keerai Molagootal recipe | Palakkad recipes

Keerai molagootal

Keerai Molagootal is a traditional Palakkad recipe, which i wanted to post here for a very long time. Many readers asked me to post this molagootal recipe and even i have seen readers seraching for Keerai molagootal jeyashri's kitchen. This is nothing but a poricha kootu made with keerai. Though the name has molagu in this, we don't have molagu | pepper in this recipe. This kootu is a simple yet healthy South Indian gravy made with spinach and served with hot rice. Try out this palakkad speical keerai molagootal at home.  Check out my Vazhaipoo kootu , Mambazha pulissery.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tomato Gojju recipe | Side dish for idli | dosa

tomato Gojju

Tomato Gojju is a simple yet tasty recipe and a perfect side dish for idli | dosa | ven pongal. Gojju | gotsu recipe is a typical karnataka recipe which i learnt from my friend some time back. When i was running out of ideas as what side dish to make for Ven pongal, suddenly this idea of making tomato gojju came to my mind. It tasted very yum with pongal. Then later i made it again to make this tomato gojju post. Traditionally it is made with rasam powder, but since i don't have in stock i used home made sambar powder. Check out my collection of side dish for idli |dosa

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pav bhaji | Mumbai pav bhaji without onion and garlic

pav bhaji recipe

Pav bhaji is a popular mumbai street food. I have already posted pav bhaji recipe with step wise pictures, but this pav bhaji recipe is without onion and garlic. I have also given a full video of the recipe of pav bhaji masala. I wanted  to post the recipe of home made pav bhaji masala powder too but will share it soon here. Jain version of pav bhaji is different from this one as authentic jain pav bhaji will not include potatoes too. Try this no onion no garlic pav bhaji recipe at home and let me know how it turned out. My kids enjoyed it after coming back from school and didn't realise the difference in taste without onions. Check out my other  no onion no garlic recipes .  I have given the same recipe in my kungumam thozi supplement book which got published 2 years back.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cabbage Masala vadai | no onion no garlic recipes

cabbage vadai

Cabbage masala vadai is basically the paruppu vadai | masal vadai we make with channa dal. Last friday i made Varalakshmi pooja at home  i made this cabbage masala vadai in the evening for my guests along with puliyodarai, coconut rice, apple kheer and curd rice. Everyone loved the cabbage masala vadai. As it is a pooja invite i made everything without onion and garlic. When everyone asked me about the vada recipe i told them that it is the usual paruppu vadai with cabbage. But still many of them requested to post the recipe of cabbage masala vadai in jeyashris kitchen. So i made this on Sunday again and clicked the pictures and video. From now till the end of Navaratri Jeyashri's Kitchen will feature only no onion no garlic recipes. stay tuned for more interesting jain recipes coming up . Check out my complete collection of no onion no garlic recipes. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hotel sambar recipe | Sambar recipe

hotel sambar

Sambar is the staple in the main coruse menu in all South Indian homes. I have already posted murungakkai sambar, arachuvitta sambar, kalyana sambar and many more in jeyashris kitchen. This sambar recipe is the same recipe in my sambar rice recipe. During my interaction with a marriage caterer for the recipe of vendakkai puli mandi, he told me few tips also and one among them is cooking the spices for the sambar in ghee. I have tried out few times after and it was a super duper hit at home. Varun, my little one who always eats idli | dosa with molagapodi loves this sambar a lot and he drank the remaining sambar in the bowl. Since this sambar is with toor dal, it goes well with rice and tiffin items too.  This exactly tasted like the hotel sambar. If you skip the onions it will taste more like kalyana sambar. Try it out at home and let me know how it turned out. I added mullangi | radish to the sambar.
Check out
Instant tiffin sambar                          Kalyana Sambar
 Instant tiffin sambar
  Kalyana sambar

Monday, September 12, 2016

Kerala Paal Payasam recipe | Onam sadhya recipes

Kerala paal payasam

Paal payasam is a popular south Indian dessert and it is always served in South Indian weddings. I have already posted paal payasam recipe, my special first post in jeyashris kitchen. This Kerala paal paysam is a special recipe served in Onam sadhya menu. I have already posted  palada payasam and ada pradaman recipe which is served in Onam sadhya menu. This recipe my friend Raji  taught me,  and also was sweet enough to pass the Kerala unakkalari rice too. Wishing all Malayalee friends a Happy Onam . Let this festival brings a lot of abundance and joy.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Olan recipe | Onam sadya recipes

Olan recipe

Olan | kerala olan recipe is a important recipe in the kerala onam sadhya menu. Other than sadhya it takes place in day to day cooking in Palakkad samayal. I have very less palakkad based recipes in jeyashris kitchen. Since i don't have any base and also surrounded by very less palakkad friends too. Recently one friend who shifted to my apartment, who hails from palakkad brahmin family, gave me the recipe of Olan and also the white pumpkin and karamani which is the key ingredient of olan.  So i just moved on and tried this easy recipe of Olan and it turned out well. It tasted like South Indian Aviyal and paired up well with rice and papad. Check out my other kerala recipes below.
Chakka pradaman       Palada prayasam
Chakka pradaman palada payasam

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kuska recipe | Kuska biryani recipe

Kuska | kuska biryani is a plain biryani done without any veggies. This kuska biryani is quite popular in Tamilnadu.  I was introduced to this kuska biryani by neighbour aunty in Madurai. She is an awesome cook and i have posted recipes which i learnt from her. This kuska biryani is generally accompanied by a simple raita and sometimes with a kurma. Kuska is a variety of biryani made without adding any veggies. Everyone has their own way of making kuska, and i exactly followed aunty's method. Her daughter passed on the recipe to me over phone last month. As many festivals were lined up i didn't hav time to try out this kuska recipe. Finally tried it yesterday and loved the flavour and taste of the biryani very much. I served with peas kurma and onion raita. Generally this kuska biryani is made with seeraga samba arisi, which we get in most of the grocery shops in South India. Alternatively you can use basmati rice too. This seeraga samba rice can be used for maing thakkali biryani and paal payasam too.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Panchakhdya recipe - recipe | Ganesh Chaturthi recipes


Panchakhadya is a tradtionally a Mahastrian Ganpathi prasad. Maharastrians make this using dried dates, rasins and nuts. Traditionally it is like the panchamirtham we make with five ingredients.In karnataka also they make a similar one like this with different ingredients. I have tasted this many times in my friend's place, but never asked her for the recipe. This year i wanted to post this simple recipe for ganesh chaturthi and asked her for the recipe. I just made the way she told and it tasted nice too. Wishing all my readers a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May this festival brings you all a  lot of abundance and joy. Check out my ganesh chaturthi recipes collections. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to make Kozhukattai maavu - 4 ways | Ganesh chaturthi recipes

kozhukattai maavu
Vinayagar chaturthi | Ganesh chaturthi | pillayar chaturthi, the main prasadh made for this ganesha festival for neivedyam is modak | modakam. Though we make different varities of modakam | kozhukattai, the base for making all kozhukattai is the outer cover made with rice flour. Traditionally the rice flour is processed at home for this festival. I have given the recipe of home made rice flour. Few readers asked me as how to avoid cracks while making the outer cover. When i was explaining them, i felt like making a detailed post on the same. So took the step wise pictures of making the outer cover of the kozhakattai. While i finished making the pictures, suddenly remembered of my very close friend Mythili, she is an expert in making in the outer cover of the modakam. I called her up to add up any tips from her side. Then only she shared her way of making the outer cover for kozhukattai. That was totally different and i never heard about that too. So i added up in this post too.  Check out my Ganesh chaturthi recipe collections. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Elai kozhukattai recipe | Green moong dal kara kozhakattai

 With green moong dal poornam

Elai kozhukattai | green moong dal savory kozhukattai, is a different one i learnt from Venkatesh bhat's cookery show last year. He showed with ulundu poornam stuffing in that show. It was quite easy and interesting. Even you can tell your kids to join the fun of making this elai kozhukattai. Check out my complete collection of ganesh chaturthi recipes. While i was thinking what to stuff inside the elai kozhukattai, the idea of stuffing green moong dal was told by my friend yesterday when we are having a chat. Also one of my friend told me a different procedure for making the outer cover too, which i have given in this recipe. The kozhukattais were very soft and tasted well too. Stay tuned for more ganesha chathurthi recieps coming up on jeyashri's kitchen. Also tried another method of making outer cover, which i will share with more tips in my next post.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kesari Modak recipe | Ganesh chathurthi recipes

Kesari modak

Kesari modak | sheera modak is modak made with sooji ka halwa | kesari as stuffing. I have this in my to do list last year itself, but finally made this today for ganesha chathurthi 2016. This tasted quite awesome. I have made this using my paal kesari recipe. If you want to make it with usual kesari also go head and make it. Check out my full collection of ganesh chathurthi recipes. Stay tuned for more interesting ganesha chathurti recipes coming up on jeyashri's kitchen.  Check out my Video recipes for Ganesh chathurthi too.