Sunday, October 30, 2016

Boondi Ladoo with Khoya | Diwali sweet recipes

Boondi ladoo with khoya
I have already posted boondi ladoo and motichoor ladoo recipe here. When my sister was telling me about the mothi pak which she happened to see in a sweet shop in chennai, i casually googled for that recipe. It is a type of ladoo burfi with the addition of khoya in that. I tried in the same way as motichoor ladoo adding khoya to the mixture and set it as burfi. Though the taste was very nice, somehow the burfis were not firm and i am not satisfied with the output. Later again when i was casually browsing for something else, i came across a Bengali Style boondi ladoo called Dorbesh, which is similar to our boondi ladoo but with the addition of khoya. Most of the time they make it in orange colour or it will be colourful. So i decided to go with colour boondis. The ladoos turned out extremely well and was very rich in taste too. Check out my Diwali collection recipes. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cham cham recipe | Instant cham cham | Easy diwali sweets

Cham cham | Chum chum is a traditional Bengali recipe, which is made with chena and  stuffed with malai | khoya. We used to get this from a famous sweet shop in my hometown  Madurai, Zam Zam sweets. The juicy cham cham are our most favorite ones. Traditionally they are made in oblong shape and slit and stuffed with khoya and nuts. Sometimes they are just rolled on desicatted coconut. Sometimes they are just served as it is garnished with pistachios. It is more like the dry jamun, we can say dry rasgulla. I wanted to try this at home from scratch but was thought in the last minute if i post some easy and instant sweet recipes, that will be helpful for all. Especially working women, bachelors and women with small kids and elderly people at home who can't spend much time in the kitchen, can do this exoctic sweet for this diwali. Check out my 5 easy diwali recipes. Also check the instant rasmalai recipe too.
I used haldirams rasgulla and store bought khoya, you can use homemade rasgulla and instant khoya too. Even you can use store bought palkova too else check out my 10 min palkova recipe too.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Potato Murukku recipe | Instant murukku recipe | Diwali snacks recipes

Potato murukku recipe with Video

Potato murukku recipe | Instant murukku  is an easy snack made with potato and rice flour as the main ingredients. For working women or bachelors who are looking for instant murukku recipe to make it in the last minute,try out this easy potato murukku recipe. Also people who live in places where you do not get chutney dal or urad dal or besan to make instant murukku, you can try this potato chakli. I have given this potato murukku for Aval kitchen, Diwali speical last year and got published under 10 murukku recipes. I have bookmarked this recipe from here long ago, and it turned out very well. I loved the flavour of the murukku and kids loved it too. Try out this easy murukku recipe for diwali. For jains who want to try this murukku, you can replace potato with raw banana | Vazhakkai. My mami does this version and it will come out quite crispy and tasty too.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Asoka halwa recipe | Easy Diwali sweets | Ashoka halwa

Asoka halwa

Asoka halwa| ashoka halwa  is a traditional recipe of Thiruvaiyaru, a small town in Tamilnadu, South India. It is generally served in Tamil brahmin weddings, on the day of the wedding during breakfast. In my mom's side everyone is a huge fan of asoka halwa but it it quite surprising that no one knows how to make asoka halwa. When i was in trichy this July for my niece wedding, i asked all the elders at home regarding the recipe but none of them replied positively. Last month during Navaratri, while i was casually talking to my friend Shriprada's mom, i asked her whether she know the recipe of asoka halwa. She immediately replied that it is one of her signature dish and passed on the recipe with perfect measurements. I tried it out during navaratri itself and it turned out very well and it is quite easy too. I made this last week for my skype class students and it was a super hit among them. Try this easy traditional thiruvaiyaru asoka halwa for this diwali . Check out my full collection of deepavali recipes.
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 Godhumai halwa Kasi halwa

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sweet Boondi recipe | Easy Diwali recipes

How to make perfect boondi

Sweet boondi recipe

Sweet boondi i have very fond memories of eating that from a famous sweet shop in my native place. Though i have posted Boondi ladoo (with video) and motichoor ladoo recipe, the tiny tiny separate sweet boondis are my favorite. My appa used to get this for us and they are usually wrapped in a paper cover. Also those boondis were in different colours like green, orange and yellow. Many may think that the boondi ladoo and sweet boondi procedures are but it is not so. For boondi ladoo, boondis are not fried fully and taken when they are soft. But for this sweet boondi they are fried crisp and soaked in sugar syrup. These sweet boondis are made in temple and given as prasad too. Also in Tamil brahmin weddings boondis are served on the day of marriage along with other sweets. I got hooked by this recipe of sweet boondi by nisha madhulika and tweaked it a bit and made it 2 days back. It was a super hit recipe and turned out perfect. Try out this sweet boondi for Diwali and impress your family and friends. Check out my full collection of diwali recipes. Stay tuned of few more interesting recipes coming up for deepavali.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Diwali Party menu ideas | Diwali recipes

Diwali party menu ideas

Diwali 2016 is on Oct 29th and we have one more week left for diwali. I have posted many diwali recipes and few more recipes coming up in the next week. I know many people must have planned to host party for diwali. I thought i will give some ideas on the recipe list, so that you can plan your diwali dinner lunch menu or dinner menu. I have given a list of popular Indian party recipes which i have posted in Jeyashri's kitchen. Choose from a wide range of starters, main course, curries, subzis, dals and desserts and make your diwali party a super hit. Check out my full collection of diwali recipes.  Click on the pictures given below for the recipes. Check out my complete recipe index list to view all the recipes from Jeyashri's kitchen. Also check out my cooking for guests series to get more ideas.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Potato Chivda recipe | Easy diwali snacks recipes | Aloo chivda

potato chivda

Potato Chivda | aloo chivda| potato mixture recipe is an easy diwali snack recipe, and also can be had as and teatime snack. I have posted poha chiwda recipe ,which is best suitable diwali recipe for diabetic patients. But this potato chivda is a deep fried one and I am sure kids will love this for sure, even adults too. When we went for the Europe trip this June, we took a package trip to visit european countries. We had a big gang a gujarati families with us, and they packed a huge bag of chivdas, masala pooris, and many other namkeens for all us. The entire trip was awesome with the chit chats, munching of these namkeens and all. I tried to recreate the same gujarati chivda replacing poha with potato. I saw this chivda recipe in Sanjeev kapoor's and tried a similar chivda. The potato chivda turned out so well and it has a good blend of sweet and spices. Check out my full collection of  Diwali recipes. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mathri recipe | How to make Mathri | Diwali recipes

Recipe with video of how to make mathri

Mathri recipe

Mathri recipe is a popular north Indian snack, which is made during Diwali. It is similar to our south Indian thattai, but made with maida, ajwain as the basic ingredients. There are many variations to this recipe and i have shared the basic recipe of how to make mathri. I have once helped my friend in making these, which was some 5 years back. So i called her up and asked for the recipe. She shared the basic mathri recipe and shared me few tips on how to make it perfectly. Thanks Archana for the recipe. These mathris turned out very crispy and i am quite impressed by the taste. If you want to try something new and different one for this diwali, try this addictive mathri recipe. Check out the notes section to find out many variations. Check out my full collection of diwali recipes.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mohanthal recipe (with video) | Diwali sweets recipes

Mohanthal recipe

Mohanthal is a delicious and rich, melt in mouth, burfi type sweet recipe made with besan, khoya, sugar and ghee as the main ingredients. It is similar to the besan burfi or our south Indian Mysore pak. It is a  Gujarathi sweet. I have tasted this very long back and also tried this at home 2 years back. This Mohanthal can be made with using condensed milk or khoya too. I have used khoya | mawa in this recipe. The Mohanthal turned out perfect, except the thing i took it out from the pan 5 minutes before it formed a correct consistency. Still i wanted to post this recipe as, it can be corrected easily by stirring it few more minutes extra. Many of you while making burfis will feel it is soft and didn't set well, do not worry it can be easily rectified . So i purposely made this post live, without making it for the second time. If it is not set well, it is not an end, you can still alter it. So go ahead and make this Mohanthal recipe for Diwali. I got to know the method of making mohanthal from my mami, but the exact measurements i have referred here and altered it for small proportions. Check out my full collection of Diwali recipes.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

12 Easy Ladoo recipes | Diwali special recipes

Ladoo recipes - Diwali special recipes

12 easy ladoo recipes ,with step wise pictures and video for few laddu recipes. Diwali 2016 is coming up on Oct 29th and i have started sharing Diwali recipes in Jeyashri's kitchen. I have few collections |varieties of Ladoo recipes and thought of compiling all the recipes in one place. Ladoo recipe, in tamil we call லட்டு, we make it for diwali and many other festival too. In weddings also ladoo is made. I have posted boondi ladoo, besan ladoo, mothichoor ladoo, rava ladoo, maladoo and many more ladoo recipes. Click on the pictures for the ladoo recipes. Stay tuned for new interesting diwali recipes coming up. Also check out the full collection of diwali collections. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Chakli recipe with video | Diwali recipes| How to make Maharashtrian chakli

Maharashtrian chakli

Maharashtrian Chakli, i have tasted it few times but never explored the recipe for the same. As Diwali 2016 is coming up, i have started exploring for new interesting variety of sweets and savories. This Maharastrian Chakli recipe i asked my friends Manasi and Janani and both of them shared their own version of making this chakli. I finally chose one among them and made the chakkli. The chakkli tasted very nice and it was totally different from the South Indian murukku | thenkuzhal. Bookmark this recipe for diwali and i am sure you will get appreciations from the family and friends. Check out my collection of diwali recipes. Stay tuned for more diwali recipes from Jeyashris kitchen.
For my readers in Singapore, scroll down to know about the details of flour mill near simei bedok area.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Coriander Chutney recipe | Side dish for idli dosa

No onion no garlic recipes

Dhaniya chutney

Coriander chutney | Kothamalli chutney| dhaniya chutney, is made with coriander leaves and a perfect side dish for idli | dosa. My mom's signature chutney and my family's favorite too. Few days back only i realised i have not posted my mom's version of kothamalli chutney recipe. We call it as pacha kothamalli chutney or pykara chutney (do not know why this name !!) . This suits perfect for working women and bachelors too. My appa loves to have this with dosa and  bajji too.  Try this easy and yummy chutney recipe . Check out my Collection of Chutney recipes. 
Stay tuned for Diwali recipes from jeyashris kitchen.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Thakkali sadam recipe| South Indian style tomato rice

Thakkali sadam

Navaratri 2016 is keeping me quite busy, though we don't keep Golu at home, i am visiting my friends here almost everyday. Thakkali sadam | south indian style tomato rice is a recipe without onion garlic, recently i tasted in one of the friend's house during a navaratri brunch. I first thought this as puliyodarai and then she told it is tomato rice. So i noted down the recipe of thakkali sadam and tried it home the very next day. I packed it for Suresh's lunch box and got good feedback too. Also many readers of Jeyashri's kitchen who are residing in Singapore, are inviting me to their house for Navaratri. As for as possible i am going but too far places i couldn't make it. One among them told me to post few more recipe ideas to serve for guests during Navaratri. This thakkali sadam is a fantastic recipe and you can replace the rice with sevai too. Also this is a perfect travel food and stay good for a day. Check out my other Navaratri recipes too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Besan kheer recipe | Easy Kheer recipes

Besan kheer

Besan kheer | kadalamaavu payasam is a creamy and nutty flavored payasam | kheer with besan, ghee, milk and sugar as the main ingredients. The slow roasting of besan in ghee, as we do for besan ladoo, emits a nice nutty flavour and adds a nice flavour to the kheer. A quick and easy kheer recipe which you can make during Navaratri  neivedhyam and also serve for guests. Check out my complete collection of Navaratri recipes.   These cute bowls are gifted by my blogger friend anu, she sent this through her sister who stays nearby my house.
The besan kheer tasted very nice after it was kept in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fruit Sundal recipe | Navaratri sundal recipes with video

Fruit sundal

Fruit Sundal is a new and different variety of sundal which i tried recently. Few years back i tried a pineapple salad in Hotel Green park ,chennai. I loved it very much and also tried at home. I have given the recipe in my Kungumam Thozi supplement 2 years back. I just added some chickpeas and other fruits to the same recipe and it turned out very well. Try this healthy and easy sundal at home for navaratri. The flavour of the curry leaves and the crunchiness of the urad dal compliments the sundal.  Check out my other Navaratri sundal recipes too.