Monday, February 27, 2017

Parangikai kuzhambu | Pumpkin kuzhambu recipe

South Indian gravy recipes

Parangikaai- getti-kuzhambu

Parangikaai | pumpkin we used to put in sambar or vatha kuzhambu and personally i love parangikaai vatha kuzhambu very much. The natural sweetness of the parangikaai gives a delicious taste to the spicy south indian gravy. Recently when i was chatting with my friends, one of them shared the recipe of parangikai getti kuzhambu (thick gravy). The recipe sounded so easy and i have all the ingredients in hand and tried it on the same day. It was a super hit at home. I have shared this in jeyashris kitchen instagram too. Follow me on instagram and get daily updates on what's happening in my kitchen.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Paneer pizza recipe |Home made pizza recipe

Tandoori - paneer pizza

Paneer pizza | paneer tikka pizza is a Indian version of veg pizza. Here in Singapore we get only one option for vegetarian in Pizza hut. So whenever we go to India we ordere paneer pizza and enjoy. A very good friend of mine who always bakes cake for all occasions, is an expert in making pizza too. Recently she gave us a pizza party for her husband's surprise birthday party. The tandoori paneer pizza was the highlight of all the pizzas. She followed the recipe from Tarla dalal recipe book and passed on the book to me. Also she patiently explained all my doubts and gave me few tips to get the pizza perfect. I adapted the pizza base recipe from The Kitchn, and the paneer topping recipe from the tarla dalal book. I was literally jumping out of joy as my pizza turned out so perfect. My food crictic in my home, my daughter Varsha gave me  πŸ‘πŸ‘for this paneer pizza. What else do i need. We are here enjoying our rainy day dinner with pumpkin soup, pizza and fruit custard.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dabeli recipe | How to make dabeli

Dabeli is a popular Gujarati street food snack, similar to a sandwich | burger. I have heard about this kutchi dabeli but tasted this for the first time on my birthday, last month. My friends and family organised a surprise birthday party for me and they ordered food from outside. All the items in the menu tasted very yum and i loved the dabeli which was there in that. From that day onwards i wanted to try this dabeli at home, finally made this and everyone at home loved it. I checked few you tube videos and finally settled with my own version, it tasted almost similar to the one which i tasted on the party.  Though the recipe may sound elaborate, if you have every thing ready in hands, this is a perfect party snack. Keep all chutneys, potato masala and buns ready and arrange the dabeli just before serving and toast bread and serve.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Channa dal Salad | Easy Salad recipes

Channa dal salad

Channa dal salad is a easy and healthy salad recipe, made with cooked channa dal and other veggies. I have also added papad | appalam to this to make it crunchy too.  This  channa dal i have tasted during our Delhi trip 3 years back. After that i tried it at home and we all loved it very much.  I have given this recipe for Kungumam thozi supplement which got published in Dec 2014.  After that, though i made this channa dal salad few times, but never clicked it. If you are a salad lover, Check out my

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dry fruits milkshake recipe

Milkshake recipe without ice cream 

Dry fruits milkshake is a healthy drink for kids as they are rich in protein.Even adults can have this milkshake by adding the nuts of their choice. Generally people make this on vrat days | fasting days. I had some left over dates after making eggless dates cake for my friend on her birthday. So yesterday made this and served for kids in the evening when they were back from school, along with a club sandwich. I had time only to take picture of the dry fruits milkshake only. The kids loved the milkshake a lot. Kick start your day with this healthy dry fruits milkshake and stay fresh.
Dry fruits milkshake

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ragi rava idli recipe | Easy breakfast recipes

Ragi rava idli is a healthy South Indian breakfast recipe made quickly and also packed for kids lunch box too. I have given this recipe in my Millet cook in Tamil, which got published by Vikatan publications, 2 years back . The book has successfully crossed 2 editions and the 3rd edition is now doing very well in the market. Coming to this recipe, i got inspired by the idea of MTR Ragi rava idli recipe, when saw a pack of this in a local shop in chennai nearby my mom's house. That time i was planning to compile a book on Millet recipes. Just randomnly tried the recipe of ragi rava idli at home and it turned out so well. I have made this few time for guests too. You can make this as mini rava idlis and impress the kids too. Enjoy your breakfast with this healthy recipe.
Ragi rava idli

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Donut mug cake recipe | Easy eggless desserts

Donut mug cake is an easy microwave mug cake recipe topped with chocolate ganache. This is perfect dessert for a valentines day celebrations. Valentines day is more special to us as it is out little Prince Varun's birthday too. I have planned to make eggless doughnuts for him but i had to attend to few other work, which was not planned before. So made this donut mug cake for valentines day and an eggless double chocolate chip cake for his birthday. I decorated the cake with whipped cream icing and m and m candies. Will surely post the recipe of doughnuts soon. On this occasion of Valentines day, i extend my love to all my dear readers, who all make this journey so complete. Celebrate love.
Donut mug cake

Friday, February 10, 2017

Aval puttu recipe | aval vella puttu

Aval vella puttu is a traditional dish made with poha and jaggery as a main ingredient. I have already posted arisi vella puttu recipe with video, this is even more easier on made using aval. Though i have tried this few years back, i didn't get the consistency right that time. But now after asking tips on making puttu from one of our close family friend , I tried at home yesterday. It turned out well and was too soft too. As today being thai velli and pournami (full moon day) i thought i will post the recipe of aval vella puttu, as we call in tamil. If you are a sweet lover just make this easy recipe at home and enjoy the puttu.
aval puttu recipe in tamil

Monday, February 6, 2017

Zucchini Masala Rice recipe | Lunch box recipes

Zucchini Masala rice is similar to the vaangi bath recipe. I used the same masala which i used for stuffed brinjal recipe. I have 2 cups of left over rice from last night dinner. Usually i make curd rice out of this the next day but i have a small box of onion raita also, so wanted to make a variety rice. I bought zucchini to try out an interesting recipe (stay tuned) but took a portion of it and made this zucchini masala rice. It tasted so nice and paired well with onion raita. Try this for kids lunch box and i am sure they will love this rice.
Zucchini masala rice

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pattanam Pakoda recipe | Easy snacks recipes

Pattanam pakoda | pattinam pakoda is an instant version of pakoda, generally available in road side tea shops in Tamilnadu. I haven't seen this in Chennai, but seen in many shops in my hometown Madurai. I have no clue of how the pakoda is made but got the idea about the recipe through an youtube video of a TV channel. Generally we make pakodas with kadalaimaavu |besan, but this pattanam pakoda is made using chutney dal flour | pottukadalai flour. This is an instant one we can make for guests and it doesn't require any side dish or pre preparation. Try out this yummy pakoda and let me know how it turned out. Follow jeyashri's kitchen and facebook and instagram for live updates.
pattanam pakoda

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lauki kofta curry recipe | Side dish for roti

Lauki kofta gravy is a tomato based creamy gravy pairs well withe roti | jeera rice . Lauki | bottle gourd| sorakkai| dhoodi, it's a very healthy vegetable and lauki koftas are very popular too. I tried this lauki kofta 2 weeks back, when my friend and her mom visited us for lunch one day. I couldn't click pictures of the kofta curry on that day as i was in a hurry to finish my work.  This is a healthy version of koftas which is not deep fried but cooked in appe pan. Check out the detailed post on how to make lauki kofta curry with step by step pictures. 
Recipes using lauki