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  1. I am new to cooking, and was surfing the net when I chanced upon your blog. Complete with pictures and videos, I found your explanation easy.I think it's a good place to start off with for new comers like me.
    Haven't tried any of your recipes yet, but will definitely do, and let you know how it came out.
    Keep up the good work, and thanks mam!

  2. Very beautiful South Indian food blog indeed! Have tried couple of your recipes like Soft Idli, Tomato Rasam and Kadai Bhendi and all turned out to be absolutely awesome… appreciate your hard work in posting great authentic recipes from South!! I love South Indian cuisine. Thanks a ton.
    Supriya Banerjee, New Delhi

  3. Tried the nombu adai, came out very good ….thanks for posting ….going to try the fried rice..will let u know how it turns out….your work is awesome…

  4. hi jeyashri aunty!
    i am a thirteen year old girl and i love your recipes as i am a newbie to cooking and am a training baker. i loved your baking recipes and the drinks, i tried a few…they came out pretty good. i wanted to request you to add some more chocolate recipes, sorry but i am a chocolate lover! 😛
    i know you don't do choc. much but still would love to read more recipes of it so that i can mess the kitchen slabs more often during the new experiences! 😛

    loved all your hard work, specially thanks for making this blog! 🙂

    – Sejal

    • Thank you so much Sejal for your sweet words.Good to know that you are interested in cooking. Thanks for the comment and will surely try to include chocolate recipes in my blog.

  5. Hi Jeya,

    Simply a biggg… WOW to ur site and all ur hardwork done in doing this recipe index. Ppl who are new to cooking this site helps them a lot. i have read most of ur posts will be trying them 1 by 1. i really liked ur site a lot. keep going i'll follow ur posts. Grt job and very usefull recipe index and easily to locate.

  6. Hi, Jayashree,
    Thanks a lot for your blog.Offers very tasty dishes, told i a simple manner with pictures.very easy to follow.Please keep up the good work.Will definetly try out your recipes.loved the soup segemnt.
    Meena Iyer

  7. Hi Jeyashri,

    I have tried most of the recipes and everything turned out great. I really appreciate your effort and also thank you for helping me to work on cooking skills.

    I have a request would love to learn the Saag Paneer a Punjabi dish.

    In the meanwhile I will continue to try more dishes.

    Thank you again!!

  8. Hi I tried pepper aval first. Ve to explore all others also. And ur oder of arranging all menus are superb to search and find out easily … Great job….

  9. Ramya30/7/13 1:50 PM
    Hi, I am Ramya from chennai. I have been following your blog for almost a month now. I first visited your blog to check the receipe for paneer payasam. The step wise photos and explanations made me very comfortable and after that I started visiting your blog on a daily basis. Every time I wish to share my views, someway or other it gets missed out. Today I tried your corn rice for my kids lunch box and it turned out really well. First of all I wish to thank you for giving us such a wonderful blog. Ur photos and explanations makes it quite confident to try out new receipes. U have now become a part of our family. Every time I run out of ideas as to what to do for dinner and if I ask my kids( 5 yrs old twin daughters) the answer I receive is check with jeyashri aunty in your iPad. I tried lot of your recipes especially sweets like rasamalai, carrot kheer and cauliflower Partha etc. everything came out really well. Especially your kalyana rasam was excellent. My husband who doesn't prefer rasam much, enjoyed it a lot. Due to your blog It has become easy for me to cook as I never have to worry as to what to cook. I just log into ur blog select a receipe and my job is done. One again, thank you sooooo much, and please do keep posting lots of new receipes.


    • Hi ramya,
      thank you so much.I saw ur comment on Corn rice recipe. Very happy to know that you and ur family are enjoying the recipes. Thanks a lot and convey my love to your kiddos. Keep visiting for more recipes

    • Hi dear its lovely.I saw ur site today d roja.newly married.I will try today.I want to make happy and satisfy my husband while he take food

  10. Hi Jeyashri,

    I have tried many of side dishes for chappathi.I visit your site very frequently. Me and my family love your kovil puliyodarai and hyderabadi okra recipe.Thanks for all your simple recipes with stepwise pics.


  11. Hey,
    Jeyashri I am meera from chennai.i work with ur cousin jayanthi.i love ur blog.i made two three items from ur Krishna jayanthi recipes.they were good n tasted awesome.thanx.i visit ur site daily.great job


  12. Hi,
    Every othr day I open your Blog and choose a Veg recipe, unfortunately today I wanted to cook plantain ( Valakai) porial or varuval I could't find recipe. PLease add one, Your Blog is very helpful person like me at the age of 60 (widower) cook myself. Thanks a lot.


  13. Hi Jeyashri

    I happend to visit your page today while chatting with my mom. I so enjoyed glancing through your page and i must say you have a variety of dishes . I am definitely going to try them all one by one.



  14. Hi Jeyashri, i'm your follower on Facebook. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes. I have a request. Can you please share appalam and sandige (kannada) basically home made papads. Thanks

  15. Your recipes sounds to be really gud.. I thought of gathering the whole recipes from different website to learn cooking. But everything cooked up under a single page. Really amazing.!! Thank you for your recipes.

  16. HI Jayshree,

    What an amazing collection of Brahmin veg recipes. My mom used to make all these but I never got to learn from her. Now I am sure your blog will help me with my cooking.


  17. Its been 2 years since i ve been following your blog. And its now like every day i try out new receipe, my husband claims it would be from ur blog.. Methods are so simple, and every receipe turns out really well. Thank you so much, i have learnt so many traditional dishes at ease from you. You're just awesome!!!!!!!

    Srisquare :))))

  18. im a great fan of ur receipe's..i tried most of ur dishes and outcome was really gud..even got so many appreciations..actually i dnt know anything abt cooking few months back but with help of ur blog now i called as a gud cook in my home…thanks a lot…

  19. Hi Jeyshri,tks for all your Singaporean living in Sweden love your cooking method simple yet delicious.keep posting for more recipes.Merry X'mas and Happy New Year 2014

  20. Hi jayashri mam @ sisy!!!happy to see your blog!!simply superb and a fresh hand to cook and started only a few days back with help of your bolg 🙂 am a girl who is going to get married soon 🙂 and your blog gives me the full support to enter the hearts of my in-laws 🙂 awaiting for much recps…..

  21. Hi Jeyashri

    Your recipes are amazing. I tried a few of them and they did come out well. Your simple and neat presentation with appropriate pictures are really easy to review the recipes while trying them out. Keep up the good work and keep posting innovative recipes. I love trying out all your recipes!

    PS: Loved your cute lil jute bag!

  22. I am so impressed with your website which contains many dishes and it is explained well with pictures. You have put so much effort in making the website with delicious dishes for us. So proud of you. Definitely you are an awesome kitchen queen. Thank you so much.

  23. Hi.. the cooking for guests series is so well planned and presented… I always refer quickly for ideas when i plan my dinner… Thanks! Great job with the recipes

  24. Hi jeyashri,
    I have always referred to ur site for cooking after my marriage. And it's been very's more than a yr nw..but hav nvr written to u thanking hw much it was helpful.
    I hav a request, is it possible for u to put receipes for making karu vadams and appalams..

  25. Hi Jeyashri. Its been 2 years now, is started following your blog. Awesome recipies & detailed step wise pictures attracts to give a try atleat once 🙂 It would be great if you could post some easy diet foods too. Keep up the good work. Im going to try Badam Halwa and will post my comments on that.

  26. Hello Jayashri,

    Wow!!!! Amazed to see lot of new recipes. I could see lot of new and interesting recipes in ur blog. Hats of to u sister… keep going this way and love ur passion of cooking.

  27. Hi Jeyashri.. your recipes are just awesome.. I'm referring your blogs everyday 🙂 🙂 your step wise instructions along with pictures are very easy to follow.. keep up your excellent work.. 🙂 🙂

  28. Hello Jeyashri,
    Its so good to finally find a blog with a south indian perspective. Your compilations and groupings are noteworthy, really to the point. We all have one or two aged books from when we got marired or came to study on our own, but they have different techniques comapred to whats practised in Tambram houses. Yours hits close to home. Not sure how I missed yours in the last 7 years, I have used subbus kitchen before, anyway for our Navarathri golu celebration, I used 7 recipes , one window for each and used them side by side while cooking. It was amazing to have pictorial explantion, I always need clarification whether I got the consistency right while boiling or finishing and so the pics help. I like the way you put ingredient list in caps on top, traditional but to the point. Anyway great work with this blog, so many authetic recipes and compilations for festivals and no garlic recipes. You are indeed a great cook looks like. Thank you for sharing all thses ideas and recipes. Keep up the good work!.- Ramya ( a new follower)

  29. Excellent work Jeyashri!! You have meticulously written down each and every step along with pictures, making it easy for us to experiment new dishes in kitchen. Quick question, how do you decide when to use channa dal or urud dal during making thogaiyals/kootu?

  30. Hello Jeyashri, This is the first time I am visiting your blog. It is well organized and easy to follow. Very useful for new cooks.
    Do you have any baked appetizer recipes? If so could you please upload some.
    Thank you. Keep up the good work

  31. Excellent blog! Congratulations! When I click the brown boxes titled Diabetic Diet Recipe and other similar boxes, the hyperlink takes me to further sites which do not seem to have exactly what I want. Can you please advise? Thanks Nandini

  32. Hi mam!

    I am falling in love with your blog and the recipes.

    Can you please tell me the recipe of fondant?
    My younger ones bday is falling near and i want to make fondant cake for her on my own. If u can please post its fool proof recipe.

    I tried the whipped cream recipe of yours and that was way too good … 🙂

    Nitasha 🙂

  33. Hi Jayashree ,
    I am surfing ur website past one year and I feel ur website is great I have improved a lot and also trying lot of ur recipes which inspires me lot . Thanks for such wonderful recipe
    Regards ,

  34. Hi Jeyashri, I am following your recipes for past few months. I have tried few of them and all came out with a great taste. I am so amazed with your work. Thank for sharing your wonderful recipes. Making us from ordinary cook to good cook 🙂 Keep up your good work.

  35. Dear Jeyashri,
    I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time, but somehow got missed. Just a biiiiiig thank you from myself and my sisters for all the wonderful recipes you have in your website. They are all absolutely brilliantly worded and your pictures n descriptions we just cannot not try making them. Your website is like a bible for our family. Be it if am hosting a party for loads of ppl or having a surprise guest or just feel like treating myself the 'go to' place is your website. All my deepavali bakshanams including marundhu is from your website. We sisters refer to your website so often n discuss as well to the extent we all feel as though we already know you Anyways keep rocking n continue your sterling job. God bless you n ur family, happy deepavali. – Ramya

  36. Hi Jeyashri…
    I have made so many recipes of yours.I never failed..everything came out v.well.I your great fan..n so our I made fruit yogurt parfait.especially I like your cooking for guest series..lunch menu ideas..-gomathy

  37. Hi. All the receipes are very nice with neat explanation and demo. I like it very much. I tried your receipe seppankizhangu fry. But when i deep fry that sambar powder become separately and spreaded over the oil. What can i do for that. Any idea.

  38. Hi this is me Priya from us. I found your blog very easy and with detailed explanation . u follow the same procedure of cooking that my family does . I have tried many of ur recipes.I iniatially saw ur blog for evening snacks for my husband . He liked the leftover rice pakoda. I also like the way u present dishes . ESP the lunch menu ideas and guest series that u have written really amazing . Keep continuing . ����

  39. You have made me one very happy person at the moment 🙂
    I was nervous thinking about what to cook when my parents arrive here in Australia to stay with me for 2 months. They are landing today and nervously I was checking the internet for recipes and I found your website. Right now I feel like I have won a huge lottery looking at your recipes.
    Your recipes are so full of nutrients,tradition and flavour.
    May god bless you and may you continue to spread the love with your amazing recipes.
    Thank you very much and god bless you and your family.
    Sonia Monteiro.

  40. Hi mam your recipes are really amazing easy for us to learn. am a great fan of your recipes it very neatly explained. I learnt many items from you only and am very proud in sharing this too

  41. Hi admin,
    I regularly use this website for all my cooking tips and needs. This is my first go to page for anything related to cooking.
    The rearrangement of the receipe index page is painful now. I cant find any receipe just by giving the name of an item. I am trying to find how to make soya chunks and I cant find it on this page. Need to click on each category and search.
    Can you provide a link to the old page for receipe index? That would be very helpful.

    • Hi Jayashree
      Thank you so much for your comment. I can understand your pain but the current setup is like that and we can’t bring the old recipe index here. You can use the search bar on the top to search for any recipes. It will give you all related recipes.
      Thanks for your kind understanding.


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