Welcome to my Kitchen . Jeyashri’s Kitchen is authored by me, Jeyashri suresh.
Welcome to Jeyashri’s Kitchen! I am Jeyashri Suresh and my passion is to create healthy and tasty food and try out new recipes in my kitchen. The ingredient that I use the most – “love!”

In my childhood days, I was always told that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. Most activities revolved around the kitchen and I was awestruck by my grandmother and mother’s never-ending dedication to cooking. They were endlessly cooking a great variety and tasty dishes every day and for every occasion. My grandmother and mother were clearly my inspiration to ignite my love of cooking in me!
I was born and brought up in Madurai, a small town in Southern India famous for its colorful Hindu temples. I completed my education there with a Master’s Degree in Bank Management. I worked for an international bank for some time before my own family took precedence over my job after the birth of my first child. Today, I am happy to be blessed with 2 kids, who are 21 and 17, and enjoy being a full-time mom to them!

We moved to the beautiful, sunny island of Singapore in 2008. This is where I first discovered the world of blogging. Since the kids had grown up and gone to full-time school, I had some time on hand and decided to share my passion for cooking through blogging. Inspired and encouraged by my friend and fellow blogger Raji, one fine morning in August 2009, I made my entry into the blogging world and there has been no looking back!

It was not so easy in the beginning and I had to learn a lot through trials and tribulations. Also, I had to keep up with the changing technology. I ended up spending hours and hours improving my blog and learning new tricks. In 2019, we moved to Hongkong and presently I am blogging from Hongkong.Β 

The recipes on my blog are mostly what I learned from my grandmother, mother, and also my mother-in-law. These are the traditional family recipes that are passed from generation to generation and I hope to keep the tradition going. I have taken some cooking classes in Singapore and London. Apart from this, I love to try out different styles of cooking from different parts of the world. Being a strict vegetarian, I am proud to say that the variety of food for vegetarians is limitless! On my blog, I share the vegetarian version of the most popular international cuisine. All my recipes are tried by me in my kitchen before posting and I share step-by-step pictures for easy learning. I recently started sharing video demonstrations too.

Today, I am proud to say that with God’s grace and the love and support of my family and all my readers I have published Β 2 cookbooks in Tamil. One is a millet-based cookbook named “Neengalum Samaikalam Sirudhaniyam” and the other one is kid’s friendly recipe named “Kutties kitchen“. Both books are published by Tamilnadu’s popular publisher Vikatan Publications and are available in all popular bookstores and online too.

I hope I have inspired my readers to cook with confidence through my recipes and easy instructions. I would love to hear from and interact with you so please keep those comments, feedback, and queries coming at jeyashrikitchen@gmail.com


  1. Hi Jeyshri,
    I love your blog and have recommended to all of my friends and cousins. Some of the dishes are really innovative and unique which makes me very curious and want to try them out. Your step by step instructions and pictures will help anybody to cook well even a person who does not know how to cook. Thank you for your patience and bringing out the best in us. You inspire me.

  2. Hi, good to know more about you apart from the fact that you are a great cook :)…Looking forward for many more recipes straight from your kitchen Jeyshri :)!

  3. Great to hear about you, keep up your good job
    Jeyshri. I have been following your blog and have
    Tried a few recipes too, they are so fool proof.
    Well done and looking forward for more from you.

  4. i love raji’s and your blog… !! and love love your pictures…It was fun to meet you that day and would love to meet you and raji again..

  5. thank u for all ur receipes.they r great..a lot of my friends here in the US also use u’r blogs for receipes..keep up u’r great work…

  6. u r the best and awesome…through images and perfection in cooking style was so nice…i really loved ur receipies…thanx jeyashree…..keep gng on….

  7. I have always been curious to know the person who has been creative in both cooking and photography. Thanks for letting us know about you. Keep blogging πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes. I have tried so many of them and my friends here in Australia love them too. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Jeyashri,
    heard about your blog from a friend of mine. she gave the cookies which made from your recipe…..it was yummy. I love cooking and love photography too…….love the way you have explained your recipes…..can’t wait to try it myself

  10. I dont have much inclination towards cooking; however your recipes are easy, to the point and inspiring. Thanks a ton for taking out your time for this. This helps me and a many like me, a lot.

    Thanks once again, Happy Cooking. . . .


  11. Hi Jeyashri,

    Been following your blog for last 1.5 years. But never found time to write to you. Any cooking more than the cookbook Samaithu paar, i refer to your blog for real quick, easy and tasty recipies. πŸ™‚ I somehow feel good to try out your recipes as they match the tambrham taste buds.

    Thanks for your posts.. they are very helpful and easy for working women like me.. πŸ˜› all jiffy cooks.


  12. Hi Jeyashri,
    I happen to come across your blog while looking for some recipe.Indeed a very informative food blog. Can you tell me how to post a recipe for Guest Post? Can I link it directly from my blog??

  13. Hello Mam,
    I caught up with your blog while casual surfing for some receipes.I am a tamil iyer brought up in Mumbai and married to a Punjabi and now residing in US. After marraige I started cooking north Indian dishes for my husband and thats how I ended up with your blog..I had least experience with cooking before marriage, but with your site now I have become a good cook(As my friends say here, but I am sure I still need to work hard to get the actual picture perfect as urs.)The best thing about your receipes are they cover both south indian and north indian dishes and majorily I find them easier to cook quickly especially in the evening when I return tried from work.

    My favourite among urs is cheesless pasta white sauce which turned out to be yum and no one trusted me when i said its cheeseless
    Looking forward for more such receipes..(it encourages budding cooks like me)

  14. Hello Jeyashri,
    Your recipes are very precise with the ingrediant measurements and come out very well as you show them in the picture. It’s been very helpful for me. I learnt snacks like ribbon pakoda from this blog and have received great appreciation among friends who’ve started thinking I’m very good at snacks. Thanks to you. Hope to try many more of the yummy recipes listed here. Great job and thanks for all the effort in doing this.

  15. Hi jeyashri,

    Really lovely and precise receipes and i find very very helpful for foody people lk us!!!
    Great job yaa!!
    I jt love to cook varieties of dishes,surely m gonna try each and every receipe of ur blog esp RICE receipes as me and my husband kabeer,are rice lovers.

  16. Hi Jayshree,
    Learning to cook from you…tried some of your recipes…n they came out well…Since I am a south Indian, I savour most of ur recipes….Thanks, Deepa.

  17. Hello mam..
    I am Akila from madurai now at chennai.
    I’m new to cooking and blogging.
    Ur blog is very usefull for my cooking.
    I started to try some of ur recipe and it came well.
    pls do visit my blog and follow me

  18. Hello mam..
    I am Akila from madurai now at chennai.
    I’m new to cooking and blogging.
    Ur blog is very usefull for my cooking.
    I started to try some of ur recipe and it came well.
    pls do visit my blog and follow me

  19. Hi Jeyashri,

    I know many sites, but u r the best.. i tried kollu podi and milakai podi.. came out very well.. its typical brahmin taste.. ur pics are also very attractive..

    u r excellent! thanks for sharing all wonderful items.. esp green dot.. (VEG)

  20. Hi Jeyashri,
    U R the best! I came to know so many sites,, but urs is amazing..
    I tried kollu podi and milakai podi.. it came out very well..
    Urs pics also very attractive which making me to try diff items.
    I liked just because its green dot (VEG) πŸ™‚
    i am very happy to know u… keep posting .. all the best..

  21. Hi Jeyashri,
    have become a great fan of your blog.
    Visiting daily just to have a look at the pics..
    Going to try your version ob BBB this weekend..

  22. Hi Jeyashri..I just happened to stumble upon your blog and its a gold mine. M hugging myself in excitement for finding such simple and doable recipes. Thank you for being a blogger and writing such awesome stuff. Can’t wait to try out your recipes. And keep up the good work!! All the best!!

  23. OMG, this blog is so awesome akka… seriously. Love the recipes, you should get it as an app for smartphones…hahha… all the best n cheers.

    Do u hv any suggestions for Varalakshmi fast recipes?

    • hi,
      Thanks for the message. Will try to d the app soon. Reg varalakshmi pooja recipes, i have modakam, vadai,payasam,idli and sundal recipes in my blog.

  24. Hi jeyashri,
    I have never had success with sweets before. Yesterday I tried your besanladoo and rava Ladoo recipe. It was a super hit at my house. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes.

  25. Hi Jeyashri,
    yummy recipies list … lots of hardwork dedication.. you are inspiration to all the food lovers…. just wanted to let you know that i tried your mysore pak recipe and it really came out well for the first time… thank you ….

  26. You have a great blog here Jeyashri! Congratulations!
    I tried the simple malaadu – my Mom used to make it frequently when we were kids.
    It came out very well. Thanks!

  27. You have become encyclopedia of cooking, I used to refer your blog for any doubt and also advise all my friends the same. nice job. Keep posting

  28. You are outstanding. Keep it up. Do add something on Smoothies and Salads. Innovate and design new foods. Whatever you are presenting, add something new and point out this is new. Before putting it validate two three times from your own tongue and may be friends; and when something new and wonderful; post here. Slowly you shall have An Encyclopaedia on Indian Foods. Some day World Wide Reputation shall travel to your Doors. All the Best.

  29. Hi Jeyashri,

    I m really became a fan of your Blog..Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful recipies..I wish u all the very best for your future endeavours…i will try ur recipies for my newly born baby in her future…Thanks again

  30. Hi Jeyashri! Dropping off to your blog due to the Mango Jam! Liking your blog alot and definetly will be coming back for many many times. I lived in India for about 2 years, the utmost South that I could reach was Bangalore. I missed Indian food, and of course will learn most of the vegetarian dishes from you. Hopefully can see you in Singapore, or maybe when you are in Bali.

  31. Hi Jeyashree,

    Nice to see ur recipes,really inspired,going to check very often,I cook our traditional items but love to try a lot recently & becoming love to cook new recipes,thanks to u,feel happy & grt about u.

    Geetha Sambandam

  32. Yours is Awesome Jeya!! It really helps me to cook more and better.. Espl., I luv Guest recipes.It gives me more confident .Everyday in the mooring, first I check yours when i open laptop.Keep posting!!! Thanks a ton!!

  33. Stumbled across your website while surfing…This site is truly amazing…Brings back lot of memories when seeing the dishes..The step by step pictures are really useful and the final presentation is mind blowing…

    Please continue your noble work of encouraging people like me (bachelor living outside India) to cook.


  34. Hi Jaishree ,
    I accidentally found your blog when I searched for recipes online. Now I am visiting daily and I am trying as much as I can from your site. It’s really inspiring and most of all very tasty. Thanks for the lovely cooking and eye pleasing snaps. Keep it up. I reside in US now and I m enjoying your site really.

  35. Hello Jeyashri Ma’am! This is Archana and like so many avid fans you have, I have started becoming one. I live in Chicago, USA. Found your blog recently and started trying out the dishes and they have been very successful and delicious! It aroused the passion of cooking in me. Who knows, just like how you got inspired and started your own blog, I might start mine as well! πŸ™‚ Continue your good work – Thank you!


  36. Good evening madam
    i started cooking for the past six months with the help of your site, My son,relatives and Collogue all like my cooking and i keep trying new food every week end from your blog. i lost my wife recently. thanks for your blog. it is so simple and follow. now my son also joins me in the week end cooking.
    venkat chennai.

  37. Thank you Jayashri for your wonderful site. I am a foodie. I recently came to Nigeria and have ended up sharing room with an ISKON (No Onion No Garlic. No seeds, No non-veg, No red color, no black color. no this, no that, no, no, no) member. Its been 4 months I am compromising and trying to find recipes that would at least keep my taste buds alive/happy. Fortunately you have brought back a little happiness in me. I wholeheartedly thank you.

  38. Hi Jayasrhi
    I am Perambur Kumar from Chennai, Tamilnadu. This is my first visit to your blog.
    Wow Excellent Blog.
    I am eager to visit Singapore once in my life time hope that day not faraway. I will meet you and your hubby in Singapore. You can join me on Facebook and Google+. It’s wonderful to see Indians rocking in Blogging field.
    I am really proud of you. God bless you and your family.
    I have lot of blogging friends in Chennai.
    You can join our community so that we can share our thoughts.
    Thank you
    Have a Nice Day

  39. Dear Jeyashri:

    We love your blog and wish you well. I haven’t been to your blog last few months. The site layout is so attractive now. And thanks for posting the tomato sweet pachadi link. I

  40. Great work, Jeyashri. I appreciate the tremendous effort you have put in. I keep coming back to your blog which has given me the confidence to try out new recipes.

  41. Wanted to thank you for your wonderful posts. Its an inspiration source for me and a great reference point for my wife. I also admire your ability to bring out the best of the cooked dishes through high quality pictures – they truly speak a thousand words!

    Have you considered coming up with an App? An Android and iOS version of your recipes?

  42. Hi Jeyashri,
    I love your blog. Almost you have posted all recepies. I was searching for curry powder recepe,our traditional,simple one. Do you have that? I am also from Madurai.

  43. i feel very easy to cook when i am following ur steps.Really awesome.
    aparam nan kuda madurai ponnu tha.Kalaketega jeyashree.love u

  44. Not sure if I earlier message came through. Can you please be able to do some section on pregnancy eating? I find it very hard and running out of options now that I am pregnant.

  45. Nice collection. Thank you Jeyashri. My friend in India referred this blog. By the way, I am from Madurai too. Keep it up. Good Luck.

  46. Two days before only i saw this blog, such a fantastic blog sis, i like it very much, i am tempted by your step by step explanation and pictures. Today i tried kalyana sambar, it comes well sis. I planning to do muruku and boondhi ladoo for this diwali with your recipes. Thank you sis for this blog…..

  47. I have stopped asking my mom or chithi anyone for recipes. I directly check your website… Thanks for inspiring me to cook…

  48. Hi jeyashri mam
    Doing great job. Am new to cooking. Your website making me to do with more confidence. I didn’t try any of your receipes. Will try it soon and let me know the result

  49. Hi Jeyashri, Thanks for sharing all these amazing recipes. I come to your website a lot, as it has all the recipes I crave for now that I live outside India, and also, I just know your recipes will taste just like my amma’s. perfect!

  50. Hi jeyashri madam,
    I have been following your blog for 3 years. I knew nothing about cooking before and you taught me cooking with your easy to follow recipes. Thanks for such an amazing list of recipes. You are such an inspiration.

  51. Hi jeyashri madam,
    I have been following your blog for 3 years. I knew nothing about cooking before and you taught me cooking with your easy to follow recipes. The blog covers almost every Indian possible dishes.Thanks so much.

  52. Hi Jayshri

    I’ve been following your blog since 1 month. I made tomato rice without onion garlic and sent for my kids lunch box. It really tasted nice. As I don’t add onion on some days it’s a big problem for me to prepare lunch for my kids.your Jain recipes r great gives me a lot of ideas.
    I also tried your aloo Tikki chat n dhokla..both turned out very nice and my kids loved it.
    Your recipes r perfect and very well explained.
    U r an awesome blogger.
    Thank u so much and keep up the good work.

  53. Hi jeyashree…….I saw your receipes and tried out many for 2 years. Very nice. Especially beetroot pulao, mint pulao, paneer receipes and all other festival receipes i followed your receipe only. Its great work you are doing. My hubby like the dishes…. thanks for posting

  54. Hi Jeyashri, Your Blog is simple, prescriptive and really thought provoking as how a guide to cooking site should be.

    Good work, Really impressed.
    Keep going..

  55. Thanks for being an inspiration in the divine art of cooking…blessed to read your post and of course to have tasted your awesome preparations…
    You are a great cook in appreciating every other person’s cooking and encouraging them to post their variations to you…awesome blog with your greatest recipes…thank you so much

  56. Hi Jeyashri
    I started cooking after seeing your website and blog. My wife has referred your website to me. I am a full time working from home person. Your website really inspired me to learn cooking from basic and enjoying foods by your recipe. My kids and wife are really fan of your recipe too. It is so delicious and easy to learn who are new to cooking also. I got passionate and started cooking last 6 months. I feel myself more independent and confident in cooking. Cooking is a great art and everyone should learn regardless of gender.
    Thank you so much for your dedication and helping others. Be blessed by the divine.

    • Thank you so much for your appreciating words. So happy to know that. Keep visiting. Thanks a bunch for your wishes.

  57. you are definitely an inspiration! your site is my “go-to” for almost all the recipes. your’s is not only authentic but also trust worthy… Thanks for making my cooking easier and better

  58. Doing great work. Even at my age -68 yrs, I refer to your recepie if i need something and my wife not present. Best of luck and ashirwadams to you and your family…

  59. Its the first time I came across this blog and I loved this so much. Already noted few recipes to cook! You are so innovative in your cooking. Really your family is lucky! πŸ™‚

  60. I dont have much inclination towards cooking; however your recipes are easy, to the point and inspiring. Thanks a ton for taking out your time for this. This helps me and a many like me, a lot.

    Thanks once again, Happy Cooking


  61. Hi maa’m
    I am a regular follower of your blog and it helped me to became a better cook in past few years.beeing a vegetarian it was more than just helping people like me to survive with delicious veg recepies .
    thanks alot for your wonderful recepies

  62. Hello Mam, Its really good to connect with you back more than a decade. To my faded memory I think I connected with you in 2009 or 2010 and even exchanged couple of emails. Its really a nice feeling to be back to your site. With too many personal issues and health issues I was away from following my passion and now again with god’s blessings back to my form. I saw the post of RAW RASAM recipe which is Andhra cuisine. I prepared it along with Rava Upma and the entire family couldn’t believe that rasam can be done even without boiling the tamarind. Thank you so much and also went through your site in detail after so many years and good to see you have posted so many receipes with lots of love and blessings pouring in across the globe. Keep cooking and stay blessed always. Feeling good to be one of your fan from New Delhi, India.


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