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My mom, though a nurse by profession, but mostly tell us many home remedies. I want to treasure those home remedies of her. When she was here for a month, i told her to note down the home remedies in a paper in Tamil. Finally before she leave from here she gave me the paper. I am just translating the contents here for my readers. These are just home made remedies, consult a doctor for all your major ailments.
 I will update this pagewith cookery tips too.

  1. For headache, grind few cloves (krambu) into a fine paste. Heat this and when it is mild warm apply this on your forehead.
  2. When taking steam for headache, add 2 pinches of coffee powder and take the steam. You will get immediate relief from headache.
  3. Eating dates and honey daily will lessen the iron deficiency.
  4. Pregnant ladies if they take mint juice vomitting will be arrested.
  5. For cough, powder palm sugar and whole pepper and mix with warm milk or water and drink. This will lessen the cough.
  6. Agatikeerai will reduce ulcer.
  7. Lactating mothers if they take cabbage, garlic, surraikai(bottle gourd), drumstick leaves.oats in their diet, it will increase the milk.
  8. Little Nutmeg(jaadikaai) and khuskhus grind and  mixed with milk, if taken in night will give good sleep.
  9. During summer to reduce body heat and to reduce irritation while passing urine, apply sunnambu on the big toes or put a drop of castor oil in the center of the head and navel.
  10. If you have any summer boils, mix turmeric powder and sunnambu and apply on that. It will ripe and burst on its own,
  11. Young pomegranate is good for diarrhoea. Grind this and mix with buttermilk and drink.
  12. Dry cough will be redcued when betel leaves are chewed with cloves.
  13. For pregnancy pains, dry roast cumin seeds and add water to this and boil for 2 minutes. Add a tsp of butter to this and drink hot. If it is false pains it will stop. 
  14. Manathakkali keerai is very good for mouth ulcers.
  15. Boil water and add Ginger, dhaniya seeds, pepper and jeera. Filer the water and add honey to this and drink. This will help in digestion.
  16. Methi seeds |vendayam is the best remedy for periods pain. Daily take 1/2 tsp of vendayam in empty stomach. Take with water, no need to soak. 


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