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I was been thinking for a while to complie a diet plan . Finally with a help of my dear friend, who is a certified dietician in a leading hospital in Chennai. When i was discussing with her regarding this diet plan with South Indian food, she was so happy to do it for me. I have complied a diet for a 2 weeks here. Apart from this go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day and do some mild exercise for 10 minutes. Avoid fatty food and sweets. Stay fit. If you need to visit the dietitian in Chennai, please mail me to . Will mail you her details. Please visit Jeyashri’s kitchen Android mobile app for more healthy recipes

Week 1

DAY 1Black teaOats idli (1 cup) with chutney and sambarButtermilk+ papaya-3/4 cupMint pulao, Vazhaithandu kootu, raithaTea | coffee 2sliceswhole wheatbreadPesarattu -3 with chutney
DAY 2Green teaMillet tomato dosai(2) with chutneyTomato soup datesBrown rice, morkuzhambhu rasam, sprouts salad, curdFruit chaat| tea/coffeeMethi paratha (3), raitha
DAY 3Amla JuiceOats idli(3)| kara chutneySweet corn veg soup, appleVaragu arisi Kara kuzhambu, rasam | Beans curry, curdchanna sundal | tea coffeeOats dosa(3) | tomato chutney
DAY 4Skimmed milk (without sugar)Ragi dosai | Mint chutneyLentil soupRice 1 cup Kadamba sambar| Garlic rasam | Keerai kootu| kosumalli, curdMillet dhokla | grapes 20|tea /coffeeBroken wheat upma– 1 cup | sambar
DAY 5Lemon juice(without sugar)Ven pongal(1 cup) with sambarjaljeeraRice, arai puli kuzhambhu, beetroot curry, jeera rasam, curdtea /coffee sweet corn sundalMint paratha 3 with raita
DAY 6Home made porridgeSamai upma- 1 cupCoriander lemon soup – 1 cupRice 1 cup lemon rasam chow chow kootu veg saladtea /coffee peanut sundalMillet adai -2
DAY 7Lemon teaKambu koozh– 2 cupsNeer mor – 1 cupRice – 1 cup Kadamba sambar jeera rasam keerai poriyalTea/coffee PomegranateGodhumai dosai and onion chutney

Week 2

DAY 1Oats porridge 1 cupPoha idli (3) Coriander leaves chutneyBroccoli soupPalak pulao 1 cup Carrot capsicum raithaTea/coffee 1 appleUpma kozhukattai (6) onion chutney
DAY 2Black coffeeMoong dal puttu- 1 cupCoriander lemon soupVendaya keerai sambar, Rice 1 cup,Beans curryTea/coffee Thinai saladCurry leaves idiyappam– 1 cup+ buttermilk
DAY 3Black teaKodo millet idli (3)Hot and sour soupDal palak+ 2 roti+ baby corn stir fryTea/ coffee Beetroot saladMillet upma adai (6)+ buttermilk
DAY 4Green teaMini Masala uttapam(7) + carrot chutneyPeanut sundalSamai rice 1 cup + tomato dal, broccoli stir fryTea/coffee Oats tikki 2Jowar roti(3) + masoor dal tadka
DAY 5Lemon teaBroken wheat upma 1 cupVazhaithandu mor 1 cupRice 1 cup Beetroot vathakuzhambu+ Keeraithnadu morkootu, kosumalliOats chaatBajra roti+ green moong dal
DAY 6Ragi porridge Pori upma 1 cupWatermelon 1/2 cupBrown rice 1 cup Lauki channa dal kootu, cauliflower pepper fryMillet tikki-3Mooli ka paratha -2 (small) , masala chaas 1 cup
DAY 7Green teaMillet Ven pongalMoong dal sundal – 1/4 cupVaragu rice + Paruppu urundai kuzhambu+Carrot poriyal +Vepampoo rasamTea | coffee + 2 digestive biscuits +2 almondsIdiyappam+ kurma + butter milk 1 cup


  1. Hi Jeyashri, this page looks very informative. Your work for this blog is amazing. Please complete this page, as I am sure lots of people will benefit from it. Welldone for the good job.

  2. It looks like an amazing diet plan. I live in Mumbai and am a Gujarati but we love South Indian food.
    i am going to try your diet plan and we cook a lot of south indian food at home.

    Your authentic tamil brahmin recipe booknis sold out and onkynin Tamil, can you not publish in
    English too?



    Chaitaly Mehta

  3. Hi Jayashree, I follow your blog and an ardent fan of your posts! I live in Abu Dhabi and have always longed for a diet plan with south Indian recipes!!! Finally I got one through you! Thanks. We appreciate all your hard work you have put in here. I have tried many reipes from here and even repost them to my friends and sisters! God Bless you!

    Leena Jayakumar

  4. Hello Jayashree,

    I am very much worried about my fat reduction. This sight is helpful for my diet. Please suggest more healthy diets to cut my fat. Great JOB you have done. Thank You.

  5. sister,
    I am from Pondicherry. Excellent diet plan. I am going to follow it.
    Now a days most of them are taking medicines as food.
    Mostly girls have lot of issues (like irregular periods,hormone imbalance, thyroid, pcos, infertility …)
    I am also struggling for the past 10years to get pregnant. can you suggest some more foods that support fertility.

    thank you,


  6. Hi. I am a silent appreciator of your work for decades. I would like to suggest as a web developer that if in the above table you make a link to those recipes it would be helpful.

    Best Regards.

    One who practically uses your website for 3/4 of each week to serve food for the family.


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