Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Kulfi- ice cream Wishing you all a very Happy New year 2014. Let this new year brings lots of abundance and joy in your life. Kulif ice cream i was planning to post to post for a long time . While i was scheduling clicks to post during my vacation time in chennai, suddenly i realized ,New year will be coming in between and for that i want to post a Sweet recipe. Suddenly Kulfi came into my mind and a reader also requested for this recipe long back. So made Kulfi ice crema just before the day we are about to leave from home and clicked it. the ice cream turned out super creamy and everyone loved it a lot.
Celebrate this New year with Kulfi Ice cream and see you soon with more interesting recipes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Yam Curry Recipe

Yam | Sennai kizhangu |Elephant foot , is one among my favorite vegetable but unfortunately my kids and Suresh doesn't like this much and hence i don't make this at home. I have already posted a recipe of Yam Tawa Fry. Last week during my stay at my mom's place one of our childhood friend came to meet me and me, my friend and my sister had a super fun time, remembering our childhood memories. During our chatting session we were talking about the yam curry which my friend's mom used to make for us. We decided to make it the next day as my sister was also a big fan of yam and her kids and hubby were not!! Amma cooked for the meal and my sister made this yam curry and of course i assisted her by clicking pictures to share with you all. 
Stay tuned for more interesting recipes.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate  Mousse recipe without eggs or gelatin, i wanted to try for a long time and finally i tried 2 weeks back at home as a dessert when i invited few kids after their exams got over. I made a kids meal which i will be posting this weekend. I made this Chocolate Mousse for dessert. All the kids enjoyed it very much. Make this easy dessert this Christmas. Wish all my readers a Merry Christmas.
 See you soon with more interesting recipes soon. Right now i am staying in my mom's place and for the first time clicking from here. Making some new recipes from here, learning many new recipes from my mom and my mom's sisters who are here with me.
This recipe i have adapted from Here.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Indo Chinese Menu

Indo Chinese menu is always liked by everyone at my home. For a change with usual chapathis this indo chinese menu with fried rice, manchurian, spring rolls, biscuit pudding and Ice lemon Tea, this combo is always a super hit among my kids and  guests. I made Spring rolls for starter. You can make Gobi Manchurian too. I made Spring rolls and put in a zip lock cover and kept in the freezer. I just fried before serving. Biscuit pudding also you can make ahead and keep it chilled the before day. Ice lemon tea can be made in the morning and kept in the refrigerator. Generally it is preferred to serve Ice lemon Tea if guests are coming for Lunch. Serve it before 7 if they are coming for dinner.

Thursday, December 19, 2013



Bread Sandwich |Vegetable Sandwich , though everyone have their own versions, i tasted this version in Kailash Parbhat in Singapore. When me and Raji visited Kailash Parbhat during our Diwali shopping time i ordered the this Bread sandwich which they "College Girl Sandwich". though i have sandwich maker i made it in tawa so that it will be easy for all who do not  own a sandwich maker.
   I have been postponing to post this as i am not happy with the pictures which were took on a rainy day noon. I don't have time to re click but sometimes i feel if the  recipes turn out fantastic and if the pictures are not satisfactory as i expected i some how manage to make it up and post. I don't want my readers to miss out some yummy recipes. I am enjoying my vacation in Chennai and have very little time to spend on Blogging. So please bear with any delay in replying query. Over to Vegetable  Bread Sandwich recipe.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Tortilla pizza
Pizza , the name itself makes the mouth water for  almost all of us. Though we know it is high in calorie we still enjoy pizza and especially kids love pizza the most. All the time it is not economical to buy pizza for them at Pizza outlets and not good for health too. This tortilla pizza is the easiest way of making pizza. If you have ready made tortilla at home just go ahead and make this pizza. Even you can make this with left over Chapathi too. I made in Oven and 2 days back i tried this tortilla pizza in tawa too. It turned out well. so even if you don't have oven at home also you can still make this pizza.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


North indian meal

Whenever i call anybody for dinner i generally make a north Indian meal as it is liked by everyone . Generally i make the dessert the previous day . If making rotis i make the dough in the afternoon after lunch and will make all the dishes and roll the rotis in the last. Last week when the exams got over for kids and the school holidays started. As we all are in a relaxed mood and it was raining badly i planned to prepare an elaborate meal for dinner. I had soaked Channa in the morning as my son wanted Poori with Chole for Dinner. I made poori only for him and for the rest of us i made Roti.
We are going to India for 2 weeks and i will be posting the rest of the posts for this month from Chennai, for the first time. Generally i schedule posts, before vacation. I couldn't make it this time. I am prepared with my clicks and posts will come as usual.
Here is what i made on a rainy day for dinner. Click on the links below to see the recipes.

Cooking for guest

 See you all with an interesting Guest Series in the coming week.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Cranberry -granola Granola i generally buy from supermarket. When Suresh completed his full marathon last week i though i will make something super healthy for him at home. I have a big box of Rolled Oats lying down in the kitchen shelf , which i bought for making my Oats Tikki . I bought apricots, almonds,cranberry in bulk as he started preparing for the marathon. So tried this Cranberry granola at home and it turned out super yummy and i have stopped buying Granola from super market now a days. Try this super easy recipe and enjoy your breakfast.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Samosa -recipe Samosas, generally we order as a tea time snack or as a starter for birthday parties . I have never attempted to make this at home as i always felt it is time consuming. My friend's mom makes delicious Onion samosas , which she makes for all of us whenever she visits her daughter. when she came 2 weeks back to Singapore i have decided to go to her place and learn how to make samosa. I made the potato filling for samosa and made the dough too at home and took to her place. Aunty very patiently taught me how to make samosa and i clicked the step wise pictures and i too learnt the process of making samosas.  Though the process may seem bit laborious but actually it is not and you will end up getting super tasty samosas. Unlike the punjabi samosas this one is quite light and not too heavy to eat.
  Go ahead and make you own filling  for the samosa. I will post some samosa recipes with other filling too later. Will post a video also soon.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Garam -masala- recipe
Homemade garam masala , though i have heard from many of my friends that it smells so aromatic than the store bought garam masala. I have never tried on my own until recently i got a recipe of garam masala from my friend's mother in law.  when i tried it at home, it turned out so aromatic and i am sure i will never go back to store bought garam masala again. Go ahead to make your own garam masala and make the dish more flavourful.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


South-indian-vegetarian-mealAtithi Devo Bhavah - which in sanskrit means "The Guest is God". I have grown up seeing my mom and patti treating guests coming to our house very nicely and my house is always filled with guests and my native place Madurai , city of Temple and our relatives and friends visit our place so often and stay for a day or a week to see nearby temples. My mom being a working women always pampered guests and never cooked a simple menu when guests are around. Those days we don't have maid at home too. As grown up in that situation i never missed a chance to invite people to home whenever i have time and cook elaborately for them. In fact i started this blog upon the sweet condition of Rak's as i have to send an entry for her event Cooking for Guests which she hosted on my request. 
Though now a days due to kids studies, my own personal work and hubby's office work weekends i never get time to call people to home but if i time permits and i call any of my friend's here i never miss to cook an elaborate meal for them . Though it is a big effort when they happily eat and say they enjoyed the food , that gives me a lot of happiness. 
Every time when i invite i break my head what to cook for them and so i started this Cooking for guest series. I will be posting the menu plans and it will be a mix of Lunch, dinner , breakfast or evening Tiffin. Even you can alter few items and can cook the menu for your family too if you don't have guests at home.   
Whatever you cook, cook with happiness and serve with lot of love, even though the menu is simple and not very hot , the love will make the guest feel completely satisfied. I think all of you agree with this . Happy cooking and happy hosting.
So my dear readers, be my Guest and join this journey for a visual treat. With your all your support i hope we all will enjoy this journey. Let me start with the South Indian lunch meal today. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


Baby Corn pulao is the one of the easiest one pot meal and can be packed  for lunchbox too. Last week during the kids exam time, for a weeknight dinner i made this baby corn puloa as i find it very easy and it took less than 30 minutes to make this easy and super tasty pulao. the recipe was suggested by my friend few weeks back and kids enjoyed it so well and even we too. So lets move on the recipe of how to make baby corn pulao

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Corn cheese balls
Corn and cheese a wonderful combo , which i never knew until i have tasted this last year in Cream centre Chennai. After that i wanted to try it at home but some how forgot. Few weeks back i got two requests from readers to post the recipe of Corn cheese balls i suddenly remembered this and made it at home last week and it turned out super perfect. Though i made it in the noon, when the kids came in the evening it was not soggy and they enjoyed it very much. Without boring you much  let me move on the recipe of how to make corn cheese balls.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Bread -channa
Bread channa is an easy snack which i generally make for myself on the days which i make chole | channa masala in the morning for lunch box and bored to make rotis for me in the noon!. Few days back when i made this for my kids when they returned back from school , they loved it and from that time i wanted to post this super simple recipe. I have already posted two versions of channa masala in the blog. So just make the channa and go ahead with this Easy bread channa recipe. Even if you have guests coming for evening tiffin , you can make chole in advance and make bread channa for them . Just keep the channa masala a bit thick for this bread channa.
Scroll down for more variations.