Blog AnniversaryCelebrating 10 years of Jeyashri's Kitchen

Celebrating 10 years of Jeyashri’s Kitchen

Jeyashri’s Kitchen is turning 10 today, 19th August 2019. When I started Jeyashri’s Kitchen 10 years ago, I never knew that this journey will take to here. I am so grateful to you all who supported me from the beginning and traveling with me for these past 10 years.
An exciting journey with exploring new things everyday, and adapting to new technological changes has shaped me a lot. Living in Singapore, exposed to so many friends from different states of India, has given me a good exposure to variety of cuisines. I learnt  a lot and still a learning a lot from each and every person I meet.

Needless to say, this journey is never complete without the support of my family. Many times I am asked how my family helps me in my work. Many assume that my husband takes the pictures and makes videos. They generally don’t interfere in what I am doing and I am free to do anything without asking permission from anyone. This is a huge support for me as I was not questioned for any of my activity. Jeyashri’s kitchen is fully managed by me and from cutting veggies to cleaning the vessels and editing videos and taking pictures, is solely managed by me.

This space gave me many new friends and i gained much more confidence too in this journey. When I started Jeyashri’s kitchen 10 years back, I never thought that I will write cook books, do television shows, live cooking demos, cookery classes and all. Every new milestone, though I feel so nervous, it boosts my confidence and shapes me in a better way.

Trusting the grace of the Almighty which is carrying me in this entire journey, marching towards the new beginning and excited to share many more new recipes with you all in the coming up years.
Whenever I feel like quitting or giving up, the motivational messages I get from you all, gives me confidence. Feeling so responsible for all your love and I will continue to give my best in my work.
Looking forward to your continuous support as always.
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  1. Expecting New more and more in the coming decades too… So much proud of you jeyamma , and I feel all are the Part and parcel of PP


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