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Bye Bye Singapore

Yes, the title says it all, more than a decade of living in this beautiful city, we are now moving out from Singapore. Why that needs a blog post! This is the place where i got a major breakthrough in my life. After i got pregnant with my first kid, i quit my job. While i was thinking i should start again, we moved to Singapore in 2008. Though people call it a concrete jungle, i loved this place so much. The place where we lived was a high rise building.

Every day i will stand near the window and admire the beauty of the city. Computers were new to me at that time and i would browse on and off. I came to know about food blogging. After having a frequent conversation with Raks over the phone, I started Jeyashri’s kitchen one fine day. Though i have a great passion for cooking, i don’t have any technical skills. Slowly started learning that art and from August 2009 till date i am actively running Jeyashri’s kitchen. This place gave me lots of new exposure and more than anything i got loads of good friends. To be loved is a very special emotion. The love poured by friends is truly overwhelming and most of them are now like a family.

I wrote 2 cookbooks in Tamil for Vikatan publications and both are best sellers. I used to write for leading popular Tamil magazines in India and also for a local English newspaper here in Singapore. Apart from that did few live cookery demos and conducted cookery classes at home too. Both the kids grew up here and most of their schooling, they did here only. It’s definitely going to be a huge change for all of us but excited to explore the new place. As the work demands a change, happily agreed to move from this beautiful city. Thank you all for your wonderful support and do keep following Jeyashris kitchen. Bye-bye Singapore, Hongkong here we come to experience the beautiful city.

Stay tuned for more posts in this December holiday. For my readers in Singapore, we are moving out this Saturday, 14th December morning.

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  1. Wow , that’s amazing, hope you get to taste and explore new flavors and teach us new recipes, wishing you all good luck and loads of happiness

  2. Life is always beautiful and gives us more experience! Wishing you good luck on your move!! Keeping discovering more recipes. Happy cooking

  3. Hello Jeyashri..!! I am Mrs. Hema Mohan, your food blog follower..I love your recipes and your cooking demos.. I am little sad to hear that you are leaving Singapore..Wish you all success ..!! Waiting for your new recipe..!! Tks

  4. All the best Jayashri. I used to refer your recipe for everything (powder variety, Sabjis, snacks, sweet, etc.,) as you are giving the measurements for small quantities. I am a regular follower of your blog.

    Hong Kong is a nice place. Enjoy the new atmosphere. Keep trying and posting new recipes.

  5. Good Luck Jeyashri. Have been following your tips and recipes for almost 6-7 years. Love your ratios and I feel confident that it will turn out good. Best wishes to you and your family.

  6. All the very best on your move! May Hong Kong be favorable for you and may you see more growth on your blogging…

    • Hi jeyshri mam! All the best for your journey to HK. Wherever we go, whomever we meet, our heart will remain unchanged. The memories, friends, experiences will always be etched in our mind. I pray to God to bless you with more friends and accolades in your work. Have fun!!!

  7. Hii Jeyashri!! Wish u all the best..I am a regular follower of ur blog! U r recipes r great! I learned quite new varieties in cooking from u! Thank u..Happy moving!! Hope u love the new city!! Have a Great time..

  8. Hi Jeyashri,
    I hope this move will bring you a lot of good memories and happiness. My cousin lives in HK too. Your website has been my to go place lately for so many recipes. All the best to you and your family.

  9. I found you on Instagram one day. Started cooking in college because could not handle the hostel food . I am a vegetarian too . And your recipe help me a lot !
    The ones easy to make at hostel I already mastered, waiting for more easy recipes from you

    • Hi Jeyashri,
      I’m Seetha.
      Welcome to Hong Kong.
      I used follow your blogs to learn and improve my cooking.
      Im inspired by your blogs and thinking of starting a blog myself.
      I live in HK Western district. You already moved to HK?

  10. Change is inevitable in the life. It’s nice you moved to Hong Kong. Explore the city and cuisines. Best wishes and have a nice time Jeyashri Mam


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