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Carrot dal fry recipe | side dish for roti|chapati

by Jeyashri suresh
Dal is a very staple food at our house and all of us love to have dal with plain rice or roti too. Especially kids will eat dal without any complaints. When i shared 30 recipes for Aval vikatan magazine, i gave this recipe of carrot dal too. In the normal dal ,which we make i added carrots and used masoor dal in the place of normal dal. While making this post again for blog, i don’t have masoor dal at home , so replaced with yellow moong dal. Check out my masoor dal tadka. 

Carrot dal fry

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 25 Mins |   Serves :2-3

     Yellow moong dal | masoor dal 1/4 cup
     Carrot      1
     Onion      1
     Tomato       1
     Garlic      4 pods(optional)
     Green chilli    1-2
    Oil |Ghee   1/2 tblsp
    Salt    to taste
    Lemon juice     2 tsp
    Mustard seeds   1/4 tsp
    Curry leaves and coriander leaves     few

  • Soak the dal for 10 minutes. Chop thecarrots, finely chop the onion, tomato and peel the skin of the garlic.
  • Add this to the soaked dal and add the turmeric powder.
onion+tomato+carrot+garlic dal
  • Pressure cook this for 4-5 whistles. In a pan add the ghee| oil and add in the mustard seeds,slit green chilli and curry leaves.
  • Add the cooked dal to this and the salt.
  • Add water to get the right consistency.
  • Allow this to boil for 2-3 minutes and switch off the flame.
Dal+tomato+carrot dal
  • Add lemon juice to this and mix well. Add coriander leaves to this.
  • Serve hot with rice or roti


  1. Do not add the lemon juice while dal is boiling. It will make the dal bitter.
  2. You can add a pinch of garam masala in the last to enhance the flavor.
  3.   Adding kasoori methi in the last will enhance the flavor.

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sankar saranya September 8, 2014 - 6:03 am

Very easy, healthy dish for kids

Rafeeda AR September 8, 2014 - 6:16 am

really good way to include carrots...

Sowmya Madhavan September 8, 2014 - 7:49 am

A little amchur powder in masoor dal tastes great !! A staple at my home too!!

ramachandran narayanasamy September 8, 2014 - 11:57 pm

simple and easy recipe

Ramya Venkateswaran September 9, 2014 - 2:59 am

delicious dal

Ree Kasirajh September 9, 2014 - 3:22 am

Carrot dhal sounds delicious

umasundar May 16, 2016 - 3:47 pm

so so delicious.simple to prepare.thank u so much dheedi

Sudha Sreedhar November 14, 2017 - 12:55 pm

Prepared it today. Tasted very good. Thx.


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