Festival RecipesModak | how to shape modagam using mould

Modak | how to shape modagam using mould

Modak | how to shape modagam using mould – with a short video on how to shape modakam using a mould.

Though I have seen modak moulds in shops, I never bought one for myself. Somehow I am comfortable making modakams in my hands, so never attempted to buy them. Also, my experience with the sweet somas or karanji mould is not so good and so I didn’t buy this modak mould too. When I got it for Raji too I never got one for me. But when my Maharashtrian friends were telling me about this mould a lot and also I got a request from a reader to post the procedure of how to make modak using mould, I thought I will post this recipe. I got these cute little modak moulds from my friend here and tried them at home this weekend. It turned out well and was a good experience making with these moulds too. Check out my other modakam | kozhukattai recipes.

modakam using mould


Modak using mould


modakam with mould
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Modakam using mould

Easy Kozhakattai using mould
Author Jeyashri suresh


For the outer covering

  • ½ cup Rice flour | Idiyappam Flour
  • Water as needed
  • 1 tsp Sesame oil 1 tsp

For the Poornam


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Here is the video of how to shape modakam using modakam mould



To make the outer covering:


  • Boil water in a pan and add the oil to this. If using homemade flour add salt to the oil. Idiyappam flour will have salt,so no need to add salt. Add the flour to a wide bowl. Add the water to it and mix with a spoon.

Outer cover for modakam

  • When it becomes warm and can handle with your hands, grease your hands with little sesame oil and knead it into a soft dough. Divide it into equal lemon-sized balls. Keep them covered with a damp cloth all the avoid dryness.

Outer cover

modak- using mould

  • Take a 3/4 th portion of the dough from one ball. Grease the inner portion of the mould with sesame oil. Put the dough into the mould.

modakam using mould

  • Using your fingers just spread the dough on the walls of the mould. Take a portion of the poornam.

modakam using mould

  • Place it into the mould and seal it with the remaining 1/4th portion of the dough.Seal it well. Else when you remove it from the mould it will have gaps and the filling may come out.

modakam using mould

  • Level the dough with your fingers. Carefully open the mould.

modakam using mould 5

  • Modakam is ready. Repeat this for the rest of the dough.

modakam using mould

  • Steam this in a greased idli mould for 10 minutes. Once they becomes glossy, switch it off and leave it for 3 minutes.

modakam using mould

  • Modakams are ready for neivedhyam.
Modak- using mould
  1. Grease the mould every time(for each kozhukattai) with little oil before making the modakam,
  2. Always keep the modakams covered, or else they will have cracks after they are cooked.

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  1. Great post! Appreciate if you could also mention where to buy these moulds in Singapore. I have been reading your blog and raks kitchen desperately looking if you both would mention that . Unfortunately you mentioned everything except that 🙁 . Happy Ganesh chathurthi

    • Haha , Sangi thanks for your words. But unfortunately i didn't explore and go to little india and check out it. My neighbor gave this mould to me. For sure you will get in Jothi stores. If i would have known about it , i would have surely mentioned about this in my post.


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