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   I have been getting many requests to post baby food recipes in jeyashri's kitchen. Since my kids have grown up, (14 and 9), i am bit outdated with those recipes. Also i don't have any rememberance of giving them any innovative or interesting food. Thankfully both of them are not fussy eaters. But still i started collecting baby food recipes from my friends, relatives. Also my mom gave me few ideas , so i just compiled some recipe ideas here. If anything baby food recipe you  need in detail leave your mesaage in the comments section.
    I am not a professional in giving ideas, please consult your doctor before introducing any new food to the kid.
  6th month:
   Generally solid foods can be slowly introduced to the baby usually from 6 months. Doctors generally advise to give mother's milk only till 6 months. For my second kid, doctor told me give rice and moong dal porridge as a semi solid soup . To make this Rice and moongdal poriddge , wipe the ingredients in a clean cloth.
 Rice:  1 portion
 Yellow moong dal   1/4 cup
Roast it in a pan for 2 minutes without burning. Add 1/4 tsp of ajwain(omam) to this and grind it into a fine powder. You can grind in the mill too. 
This food has been given to the kids from starting from 5 months. 
To make poriddge, add 1 tblsp of powder and dilute with 1/4 cup of water and cook in a low flame till it gets nicely cooked. First day let it be watery like a soup. Slowly you can increase the quantity and make it in a semi solid consistency.You can add salt and a dash of asafoetida and small spoon of ghee. Slowly after a week you can add cooked carrot, potato, yellow pumpkin, beertoot, white pumpkin to the poriddge. You can cook the veggies and grind it in a blender and add it to the moong dal poriddge and give for the baby. Alternatively only the vegetable puree can be given to the baby too.
You can add 1 pod of garlic to the vegetables while cooking it. Apple can be cooked and made into a puree and can be given. If needed can add little sugar to it.
Start all new food in day time and also try giving little by little and increase 1 spoon day by day. For 1 week give in the same time. You can start giving banana at the end of 6th month. Mosambi juice with warm water can also be given.
7th month:
You can slowly start giving idli. Do not mash it mixie and give. Wash your hands nicely and add some rasam to this and give the idli. You can add any thin vegetable soup to it and give. You can give with sugar and ghee too.
You can start giving Ragi poriddge too . To make the Ragi poriddge powder for babies:
Wash Ragi and drain water Dry it in shade in a clean towel.
Let the water gets absorbed nicely . Roast it for 2 minutes. Grind it into a fine powder and keep it in a air tight box. Keep the powder in the fridge. Make porridge and add milk and little sugar to it. Once the baby is adapted to this, you can start increasing the quantity and make it into a semi thick poriddge like a khoozl.
You can start giving pongal, dal kichidi too. Soft dosa can also be given .
8th month:
Apart from the food items mentioned above, you can start giving homemade yogurt to the baby. Do not give in the evening.
You can start giving rice and dal. Do not mash in mixie. Pressure cook it nicely. You can start giving toor dal too. You can add rasam and some vegetable to the rice and add ghee. This is a filling food for kids.Towards the end of 8th month you can introduce all veggies
9th month:
You can start giving brinjal, (eggplant) and also sweet potato can be introduced. Paneer, spinach (keerai) can also be introduced in small portions,
You can start giving curd rice and oats can also be introduced to kids.

10th and 11th month you can give all the food mentioned above in sufficient quantities as the baby is able to eat. Do not over stuff.
12 th month
Bread can be given to kids. Parathas, chapathis with mild spices can be introduced.

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