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Paneer fried rice, manchurian, Lunch menu 23

by Jeyashri suresh

This week’s Lunch menu is an Indo Chinese menu. Fried rice and Manchurian combo takes place rarely in my Kitchen, as personally i am not a fan of big fan of it. I was left with Paneer and a packet of baby corn in my refrigerator, so decided to go for this combo. To make it complete, i made fruit custard, one of my most favorite dessert. Right from the childhood, i love fruit custard. My mom makes this so often during mango season. Those days it was so rare and unique and so we look forward to this custard a lot. I happened to see some mango in the market yesterday, so wanted to include this in the menu.

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On the plate

If you feel it is simple, you can make a sweet corn soup. From next week, till the end of navaratri, we will be featuring no onion no garlic recipes in Jeyashris kitchen. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes.

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