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Ladies finger | okra | Bhindi generally we make curry, in south Indian way. I have also tried Kadai Bhindi and Kurkure Bhindi . All the recipes are done on stove top. This is the first time i have tried on Microwave. Actually i wanted to make this a  stuffed bhindi, but considering the bachelors, i want to make the recipe procedure very simple. So you can add the spices according to your own choice. Just roughly chop the ladies finger and sprinkle the masala and microwave it for some time. Enjoy this hot.
   I will be posting recipes in a combo of Indian microwave cooking, Indian kitchen basics and Bachelors recipe every weekend. Stay tuned for another interesting recipe next weekend.

Bhindi fry

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 12 Mins |   Yields : 1/2 cup

    Ladies Finger  10-12
   Coriander powder   2 pinches
   Jeera powder   2 pinches
   Chaat masala   A pinch
   Garam Masala   A pinch
   Red chilli powder  As per taste
   Oil     2 tsp
   Salt     To taste
   Coriander leaves  to garnish

Bhindi -fry
  • Combine the masala powders and mix it well along with salt. Remember the chaat masala has salt in it. So do not add more salt.
masala masala-mixed

  • Cut the ladies finger in medium  size. Sprinkle the masala powders on the cut ladies finger and combine well. Put them on a microwave safe plate.
  • Add oil and mix well.
sprinkle-masala add-oil

  • Microwave this for 10 to 12 minutes . Stir in between.
  • The bhendis wil start shrinking. And the raw smell of the masalas will go.
  • masala-bhendi
  • Take it out and serve hot by garnishing with chopped coriander leaves.
  • This is a great combo with rice and dal.

  1. You can add pepper powder instead of red chilli powder
  2. Amchoor powder can be replaced for Chaat masala.
  3. Do not add too much of spices, it will spoil the taste.
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  1. looks crispy.. Perfectly done nice combo of masala

  2. Thats a quick bhindi fry .Bhindi with the masalas coated looks perfect with sambhar rice .

  3. Healthy recipe Jayashri...simple and elegant!

  4. Easy and interesting recipe..

  5. Interesting and bhindi is nicely coated with masala's...

  6. Really missing ur cooking for series jey...most of te weekends i treat my hubby wt ur recipes...Indian microwave cooking also another milestone for ur blog...grt going...good luck

  7. That definitely is a quickie. Looks yummy.

  8. This is an awesome recipe. it was easy to make and quick one to make! my son loved them as snacks! I am happy as it is a healthy one! Thanks for such nice recipes! - Vasanthy Madhavan - Chennai


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