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Badusha|Balushahi yes you heard it right, i succeeded finally and got my perfect badusha . For the past 2 years i am trying badusha but somehow it was hard. Finally got it perfect when i made this 2 days back. I literally jumped out of joy . Thanks to my friend's mother in law (Mrs.Shanthalakshmi) who gave me confidence  and gave a lot of tips to make badusha. But like most of the mothers she doesn't follow perfect measurements. But still she gave me some approximate measurements. I am bit skeptical to follow the approximate measurements and was  confused. Sailu's kitchen gave me clarity as the recipe what mami gave was almost close to her and i adapted the flour measurements from her.
Now i can confidently say i can make Soft badusha, a perfect diwali sweet recipe. Try this badusha recipe for Diwali 2014. Check my  full collections of diwali recipes .


  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 55 Mins |   Yields: 14

     Maida     2 cups
     Baking soda   1/4 tsp
     Melted Ghee + Oil  1/4 cup
     Curd    2 tbslp
     Water    To make the dough
     Oil     to deep fry
     Pista |almond    for garnishing
   For sugar syrup
   Sugar    1 cup
   Water    1/2 cup
   Lemon juice    1/4 tsp
   Saffron    few strands


  • In a wide bowl add the ghee+ oil, baking soda and curd. Beat this well for 10 mins till they get incorporated very well.  Take  the flour in a wide bowl.
    flour oil+curd+soda
  • Add the beaten ghee curd mixture to the flour.
beat add-liquid
  • Mix this with your fingers and make it like a bread crumbs. Add water and make it a soft and non sticky dough without any cracks. This is very important. If you knead the dough hard, the badushas will not be soft or flaky.
  • Rest the dough for 10 minutes. Keep it covered. 
    bread-crumbs soft-dough
  • Make the sugar syrup by combining the sugar and water. Let it boil and form One string consistency.
  • Add lemon juice and saffron to this and switch if off.
add-water sugar-syrup
  • Make  the dough into equal lemon sized balls. Take one ball and flatten it with your palm.
Lemon-sizedballs flatten
  • Make dent in the center with your thumb and heat the  oil for deep frying the badushas.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of  the dough.
put-dent Badusha-dent
  • When the oil is hot switch off the flame and slowly put in the badusha into the oil. After few minutes the badhusha floats up on the top and switch on the flame.
oil fry-in-oil

    • Fry in medium low flame till they turns nice brown colour. Never fry in a hurry, it will not get cooked inside.
    fry-in oil take-out-from-oil
    • Dip it in the sugar syrup. Ensure that the syrup should be warm. Else you warm it for a minute and then dip in the syrup. Let it stay till you fry the next batch. Take it out from the syrup and place it on a plate.
    soaked in sugar syrup Badusha
    • I added saffron in the second batch and so you couldn’t  see in the above picture. I was bit nervous about the outcome of the badushas and so i forgot to add.
    • You can decorate with few coarsely pound almonds or pistas.
    • The badushas can be stored for 4-5 days at room temperature.
    • It tasted very nice and was soft and juicy the next day.
    1. Always fry the badusha in a low heat. Else inside will not get cooked.
    2. Do no add cooking soda more than the amount mentioned.
    3. Vanaspati |dalda will give a fantastic texture to the badusha.
    4. Always make the dough smooth and soft without any cracks.
    5. While heating the oil, to check whether it is perfect,pinch a small piece of dough into it and when it raises immediately, the oil is hot. Switch off the flame and put the badushas into it.
    6. Never over crowd the badushas into the oil.
    7. If the dough is cracked the badushas will get cracked while frying.
    8. You can add cardamom powder to the sugar syrup. If adding, just add a pinch.

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    1. Looks so nice, nice recipe and method as well :)

    2. one of my favorite sweets.. looks so well made...

    3. Looks so yum and nice .....looks very easy method ..:)

    4. so nicely explained. Thank you:)

    5. seriously mouth watering.... i'm gonna try this :)

    6. very well explained.. looks yumm..

    7. Neatly explained,neat presentation,and my fav sweet too

    8. Wow my favorite sweet Badusha, i like it

    9. Delicious looking it

    10. If adding dalad, v need not add ghee. Is it right and if so how much of dalda should v add. Thanks.

      1. Yes suganthi, if adding dalda no need to add ghee or oil. Just add only dalda

      2. Thanks jeyasri . Myself and my sister regularly follow u r website and look to u r method before trying anything new. Thanks once again

    11. very very nice looking and explained very well. Thank you

    12. Recipe says to add 1/4th cup of ghee and oil,then what's the proportion of both? Thanks jey.

      1. Its oil plus ghee 1/4th cup. I mentioned in the ingredients list. Will update clearly in the method too

    13. Soo it's 2 tbsp oil +2 tbsp melted ghee,for badhusha recipe?

    14. Thank u mam.. I am a new home maker and hate badudha.. I felt like eating after seeing ur preparation.. Felt Wow and immediately prepared it. Lil cracked.. But tasty.. May b i did nt mix it as u said. Next time will do it in a better way :) thank u guru

    15. superb n mouth watering recipie m gonna try it today itself

    16. Hi jeishree. Superb explanation & thanks for it. I tried it but badusha came very hard & became crisp like biscuit. Can u pls tell me where I went wrong.

      1. Thanks for trying.The reason may be either u must have over fried the badhushas. Or the dought may be very thick and not soft. Did you reduce the butter? Did the sugar syrup was warm when u dip in that?

    17. Homemade sweets is better than nothing. I prefer only homemade sweets and send sweets to india.

    18. i tried badhusa and turn out well.. thanks for ur recipe

    19. Hi Jeyashri,
      I made badhushas today and they turned out well, it looked really good but not as soft as the ones we normally get in shops.. Thanks! Looking forward to trying the Milagu Thattai .

    20. Hi Jayshri, instead of sugar can I use sugar substitutes like Splenda? Will it come out well? I want to do trow. Pls reply. TIA

      1. Oh i have never tried Splenda. Don't know how it will turn out

    21. Hi Jeyshri,its a wonderful recipe.But i have a doubt if we replace ghee and oil with dalda,how much quanity of dalda is used to prepare badushas

    22. Hi Jeyshri,it is a wonderful recipe.How much quantity of dalda is required if we replace ghee wih dalda

      1. You add only 1/4 cup of dalda. Just skip the oil and ghee. Let me know how it turned out

      2. Hi, I tried with dalda, it came out very well. Thank you Jeyashri. From: Suchi

    23. Hi. Great Site. Just wanted to check , is the cup size 200ml or 250ml?


    24. the pic itself is sooo tempting...wanna try this...Thanks


    Thank you all for visiting my blog