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Sunday, October 4, 2015


No onion no garlic menu

no onion- no garlic menu
I know i have been not regular in cooking for guests series. Though i have lots of friends visited me in the past few weeks, but somehow don't have time to click the platter before they come.But will make a collage of that and post it in the coming weeks. Since i have been posting no onion no garlic recipes in the blog for this month, i thought i will post a South Indian and North Indian menu without onion and garlic. For me it is easy to make a South Indian menu without onion and garlic. But planning a North Indian menu is a bit tough for me. But now i can say with a good collection of no onion no garlic recipes ,it is possible to some extent. Let us see in detail about the menu which i have shared . This menu includes, Coriander lemon soup, Roti, Paneer butter Masala, Channa masala, roti and gulab jamun.

no onion no garlic recipes 
This menu includes:

  • I used store bought jamun here. But if you are making Khoya jamun, make it the previous day.
  • If needed chp the veggies for soup and rice and keep it inside the refrigerator.
  • Soak the chole overnight.
  • Next day boil the chole in the pressure cooker till 6-7 whistles. If you are making curd rice, keep rice also in a separate vessel along with the chole.
  • Prepare the coriander lemon stock for the soup.  
  • Make dough for the roti and keep it aside.
  • Soak the rice for pulao.
  • Start making the paneer butter masala .
  • Once it is done, make the channa masala.
  • Make the coriander lemon soup with the stock which we made.
  • You can reheat the soup before serving.
  • Keep the pulao in the pressure cooker.
  • Start rolling the rotis. 
If making curd rice make it once the rice is cooked and cooled.
A simple yet delightful menu for guests is ready to serve.
 North indian- menu 
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