Diwali 2014 is nearing very fast and i know you must be busy in planning what sweets and snacks for Diwali festival. Murukku | Thenkuzhal is a must one in all of the houses. Last year itself my friend told, her sister will make thenkuzhal by adding toor dal to the flour, while grinding. After that i completely forgot about that . Before we visited India in June, i happened to see a Kara thenkuzhal recipe in a cookbook which my friend gave me. I noted down the recipe and got the toor dal ground in the flour mill to make this for diwali. Though you can grind in the mixie, always flour mill grind flours are very smooth in texture. And made this murukku during navaratri, when i  visited my friend. It was very crispy and i loved the flavor of the thenkuzkal too. Try this kara thenkuzhal for a change from the usual murukku.
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Kara Thenkuzhal murukku

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |   Yields : 15 murukku

     Rice flour   3 Cups
     Toor dal     1/4 cup
     Urad dal    1/4 cup
     Red chilli powder   1 tsp
     Salt     as needed
    Cumin seeds   1/2 tsp
    Butter   2 tsp
    Hot oil    2 tsp
    Oil    for deep frying  

  • Combine the rice flour, toor dal flour(just powder in this mixie, no need to roast),urad dal flour, red chilli powder,salt, cumin seeds, butter and hot oil.
  • Add little water to this to make this into a smooth dough.
flour dough
  • Heat oil. Using the thenkuzhal achu in a murukku press sqeeze out the murukkus in hot oil.
  • If you are not used to directly  squeezing in hot oil, you can squeeze in a ladle an flip it to the oil.
thenkuzhal-achu deep-fry
  • Fry till the oil sound subsides. Take it out from the oil and drain in a kitchen towel.
  • Repeat this for rest of the dough.
deep-fry Kara-thenkuzhal
  • Store this crispy thenkuzhal in an airtight box. Perfect munch with tea/coffee.
  1. Always fry the murukku on medium heat, if it is too high murukku will turn redish fast and spoil the taste.
  2. If fried in very low flame, makes the murukku soggy and will drink oil.
  3. If by any chance you don't get toor dal flour, try replacing moong dal flour. Will taste very nice too.

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  1. crispy, crunchy murukku..love it

  2. I like anything with Kara as prefix :D

  3. just loving this beautiful snack dear i have setup an avent Meat lovers month if you are non veggie.. i would like to see your participation dear

  4. Nice recipe Jeyashri. Do we have to sieve the Tur and Urad dhal flour after grinding? Not sure because we are not roasting it.

    1. You can sieve all flours together for even mixing

  5. aahahaha.... i could munch on them for ever...

  6. Looks yummy Jeyashri!!!