Diwali Snack RecipesMilagu thattai recipe | diwali snacks

Milagu thattai recipe | diwali snacks

I have been posting sweets recipes for Diwali 2014 last week and wanted to post few snacks recipes too in this week. Milagu thattai | Pepper flavoured thattai, is a very crispy snack and it tasted very similar to the Grand Snacks thattai. Those who have tasted the thattai from Grand sweets and snacks can relate to it. My sister tried this recipe and the recipe was originally from my chitti, who is an expert in making Bakshanams. She always huge packets of sweets and savories to her sons who are in US. My akka after trying her thattai, insisted me to try it and post it for diwali. It was very crunchy and melted in mouth. I made in small portions and it got over in a day. Check out my Thattai recipe with video 



  Preparation Time : 25 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |   Yields : 20

     Rice flour    6 portion*
     Pottukadalai | Chutney dal  1 portion
     Peanuts  2 tsp (de skinned)
     Butter    2 tsp
     Hot oil   2 tsp
     Black Pepper   6-7
     Asafoetida   a pinch
     Curry leaves   few
     Oil    for deep frying
     Salt    to taste

* I tried with 6 tbslp of rice flour and 1 tblsp of pottukadalai flour

  • In a wide bowl add the rice flour, pottukadalai flour, peanuts, salt, butter, hot oil. Pulse the curry leaves, black pepper , curry leaves and asafoetida once to make it coarse powder.
  • Add this to the bowl. Make this into a soft  dough by adding little water.Make dough without adding cracks.
ingredients dough
  • Keep it covered . Take a small lemon sized ball. Flatten it with your palms to make a small round. You can prick it with fork. Repeat this for the rest of the dough and dry these thaatis on a clean white cloth.
  • After making 10 thattais, you can even start frying.
make -round spread-in cloth
  • Heat oil and when it is hot put the flattened thattais into the oil. Fry in medium flame till the shhh sound subsides.
  • These thattais will not turn golden brown. So when the sound of the oil subsides take out the thattai.
fry Thattai
  • Store this thattai in a airtight container. Crispy thattais are ready to eat with hot coffee or hot tea.



  1. You can soak channa dal for 30 minutes and add it to the dough.
  2. Do no flatten the thattais too thin, it will tear while frying.
  3. Flattening it too thick will make it undercooked while frying.
  4. Do not add pottukadalai flour more than the amount mentioned. The thattais will get drink too much oil and may have chances of dissolving into the oil.

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