Monthly Indian Grocery list planner

Monthly grocery list planner| Indian Pantry essentials, i have been planning to share this for a long time. I have seen my mom who always meticulously plan everything. Not only the grocery but be it the veggies shopping, budget planning, wedding planning.. she does everything so well. And she maintains a record of everything for her own reference. I always order Monthly grocery for my family. Only vegetables i buy weekly once. But how much ever i plan i somehow miss few items and finally go to the shop for the missed items. Last time when i was talking to my mom i was telling her this and she told, keep a list of all grocery items and then check your pantry every month and place the order. The idea sounded brilliant and thought i will share with you all the list of Grocery items. Of course the quantity depends on the number of family members and the usage. This list contains the grocery list for a South Indian family, any things if i had missed out please mention in the comments section.
Also my Instagram friend Arch shared her list of Grocery in our common group few days back. I added few items to my list after seeing her list.
Indian grocery list planner

For my friends in Singapore, i order my Monthly grocery from Sri Murugan stores Singapore. Though they have the convenient option of ordering over phone, i still love to go to the shop and select my own grocery. I will make the bill and they will do the home delivery. We can order through Sri Murugan  iOs app and android app too. All the items mentioned in the list are available in Sri Murugan stores.
I am not mentioning the quantity in this posts. Plan it to suit your family's preference. I will soon a make a downloadable pdf on this

Rice Varieties
Ponni par boiled rice (Sapaatu puzhangal arisi)
Raw rice (pacharisi | sona masoori rice)
Basmati rice 
Millet varieties ( samai, thinai, varagu, kuthiraivali, whole ragi)
Idli dosai rice

Oil varieties
Cooking oil (refined oil, cold pressed peanut oil)
Sesame oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Mustard oil
Lamp oil

Dhal and lentil varieties
Toor dal
Moong dal
Urad dal
Chana dal
Split urad dal
Black urad dal
Rajma | red kidney beans
Karamani (black and red)
White and green peas
Green gram dal ( pachai payaru)
Chick peas( vellai konda kadalai)
Black chana ( karuppu konda kadalai)
Masoor dal
Chutney dal (pottukadalai)
Kollu (horse gram)
Peanuts (verkadalai)

Masala spice powder
Asafoetida (perungayam)
Red chilli powder
Sambar powder
Idli milgai powder
Turmeric powder
Garam masala | kitchen king masala
Pav bhaji masala
Chaat masala
Tea masala
Aamchoor powder
Biryani masala
Dahi vada raita masala
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Kasoori methi
Fennel seed powder ( sombu podi)

Whole spices
Mustard seeds (kadugu)
Cumin seeds (jeeragam)
Coriander seeds ( dhaniya)
Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam)
Pepper (Milagu)
Sesame seeds (ellu, both white and black)
Dry Red chili (long and round ones)
Shah jeera ( karunjeeragam)
Fennel seeds (sombu)
Cardamom (elakkai)
Ajwain seeds (omam)
Cloves (krambu)
Cinnamom (pattai)
Nutmeg (Jathikaai)
Star anise (annasipoo)
Stone flower ( kalpaasi)
Dry ginger (Sukku)
Kandanthippi, arisi thippili

Whole wheat flour | atta
Besan | gram flour| kadalai maavu
Rice flour
Idiyappam flour
Corn flour
Ragi flour

Sooji | semolina (rava)
Poha | aval |rice flakes
Sago | javarisi
Semiya | vermicelli
Instant sevai
Pori | Murmura
Broken wheat rava (samba godhumai ravai)

Tea powder
Coffee powder
Raw sugar
Jaggery | vellam
Karupatti | palm jaggery
Black salt
Rock salt
Tomato ketchup
Ginger garlic paste
Soya sauce
PAsta sauce
Appalam | papad
Vathal varieties

Baking essentials and nuts
Baking powder
Baking soda
Vanilla essence
Cocoa powder
Cashew nuts

If you feel anything important i have left out, please post in the comments section. I will update in the post.
P.S: I don't buy each and every item mentioned in the post in my grocery shopping. This post is basically for people who want to plan their grocery and not to miss out anything in their monthly shopping.

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  2. this list is a lot. Do a family of four consume all in the shop. Instead of the list ask Murugan stores to give 1 packet of all they have:(

    1. Thanks for the comment. This clearly shows that you didn't read the post fully. I clearly mentioned that it is a planner and i don't buy all the items in the list. Since i miss out some things in my usual list i made this planner, as how my mom does. Sri Murugan has much more things than i mentioned in the list. Request you to please read it before leaving any sarcastic comments. Thanks

  3. not a rocket science to refer a list to buy. For indian uneducated moms this is just on top of their mind. My granny & Mum never over or under bough. They always had everything in their mind. Being in social network do some good by helping with budget or cheap buying. Your cookery is very simple and good to follow but not this list which is just a store list that anyone can get

    1. Again i mentioned it clearly the reason for this post, as i usually forget and go the shop in the middle to buy stuff. The new generation make an excel sheet, make notes in the mobile but the previous generation made a list for everything. It is nothing to do with educated or uneducated. My grandmother tells any recipe by heart whenever i ask her with measurements, but i can't remember everything and i refer my own blog for traditional recipes made for festival.
      Budget and cheap buying may be i will do in future but the purpose of this post is different. May be it will be useful for some and for people who are super organised, it may not be.
      And Thanks for your words on my recipes.

  4. This is a brilliant list , thank you jeyahshri for compiling it .

  5. This is a super organized list which covers everything needed to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can definitely help being a checklist for those who think its exhaustive.

    1. You could also mention it as Pantry checklist than monthly list.

    2. Thanks a lot, yes will update that.

  6. This is great and helpful for a person like me���� Thank you!!

  7. Really its very useful for youngsters like me who are still in guidance of mother or mother-in-law....Thank you

    1. Thanks a lot. Glad to know that it is useful to you

  8. Jayashree, Clearly it's for those like like me who like to be super organised and not keep popping into shops all the time. A very useful post. Not everyone especially abroad, has a store list ready at home for reference. This can be customised from our end as you have covered most options, ofcourse nobody wants to buy the full list and that's not what you suggested.

    1. Yes the purpose of this post is that. I keep forgetting things and go to the shop weekly twice or thrice, but after keeping this master list, my grocery store trip is much organised. Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Jeyashri, I am a frequent visitor to your site. I have tried many of your recipes and all of them have come out very well. This grocery list is so well organised, when I was reading it, I had a smile on my face because these items are what I order and like you, forget many times and run to the shop. Thanks a lot to you and your mom for this super list. Keep up the good work.