Festival RecipesAchu murukku recipe | Eggless rose cookies

Achu murukku recipe | Eggless rose cookies

Achu murukku| Achappam| rose cookies , is the most requested recipe from my readers and though i tried this last year but i can’t confidently say that i got it perfect. So i didn’t post. But this year i wanted to post the achu murukku recipe for diwali itself but still i was not fully confident as it turned out well for the first 4-5 batches and then i couldn’t get it perfect. Finally after making few attempts, i cracked the perfect recipe of making eggless achu murukku. I thank my friend Erlean who always happily gave her mould whenever i asked for it. Try out this achu murukku recipe and let me know it turned out.

achu murukku

Achu murukku recipe

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 35 Mins |Makes: 16-18

     Rice flour  1/2 cup
     Powdered sugar  1/4 cup
     Corn flour   2 tblsp
     Maida | plain flour  2 tblsp
     Oil   for deep frying
     Sesame seeds  1/4 tsp (optional)
     Water or coconut milk  1/2 cup or little more 
                                        Video of how to make achu murukku


achu murukku
Before we start, let’s learn the tips to be followed to season the achu murukku mould. The achu murukku mould | rose cookies mould can be available easily in India. I got mine from Ratna stores, chennai. Even here in Singapore we get in mustafa center, jothi stores and karthiga stores in little India.

  • Wash the mould well and pat dry this using a towel. Leave it inside a bowl of oil (cooking oil) overnight and take it out and drain the excess oil.
  • Using lemon wedges, rub this nicely for few minutes and wash it again.
  • Dry this and put this back into oil again and leave it for 2 days.
  • Repeat this step twice.
  • If you have the habit of baking, keep the greased mould into the oven and let this be into the baking oven, while the cake is baking keep the mould also into the oven.
  • This method really worked out well for me.
  • I just kept my aluminum mould for 20 minutes inside the oven and it turned out quite well. Below is the picture of the murukku which i tried last year using my mould.
Achu murukku mould
  • But as the shape of my mould is bit different i used my friend’s mould for making the achu murukku.
  • The one i used is the iron mould, which was quite good. If you haven’t bought your mould, i recommend to buy this iron or brass mould, which are heavy.
  • This is the mould which i used this time.
achappam mould
  • Proper seasoning of the mould will give perfect cookies and the murukku will come out easily from the mould without any mess.
Let’s see how to make achu murukku | achappam | rose cookies (without egg) 
  • Add the rice flour, powdered sugar (measure after powdering 3 tblsp of sugar), corn flour, maida in a bowl.
  • Corn flour is the one helps in binding and works as an egg replacer in this eggless version of achu murukku. 
  • After few trials of making the achu murukku, finally i cracked this trick of adding corn flour to the batter.
  • Mix well and add necessary water or coconut milk (second milk) to bring it to a dosa batter consistency. If by mistake you have added more water, just add 1-2 tblsp of rice flour to this and bring it to a perfect consistency.


  • If the batter is too watery the mixture will dissolve into the oil, if it is thick the murukku will not come out from the mould.
  • Grind this batter into a smooth paste in a mixie. Do not skip this step, this will ensure in even mixing of the ingredients and thereby brings out even browning of the achu murukku.
  • If adding sesame seeds add it now and mix well.
  • Heat oil in the pan and put the achu murukku mould into the oil.
  • Once the oil is hot, switch off the flame. The oil should not be too hot to make this achu murukku.
  • This should be done on a slow flame and we should maintain the same temperature throughout.
  • Take out the mould from oil and dip it in the batter. Do not immerse fully, immerse it 3/4 th only.
  • Immediately put it back into the oil.
  • Let this cook for few seconds, either slowly shake it or using a sharp knife or stick slightly pull the edges out.
  • Start pulling it out from the mould once it is half cooked. Else it will get tear.
  • A well seasoned mould will automatically push off the murukku from the mould. If the mould is not seasoned well, the batter will stick to the mould and will not come off.
  • Please follow the tips on how to season the mould for achu murukku before your start.
  • Once it comes out from the mould, let it cook in the oil till it gets a nice amber colour.
  •  Always repeat the same in low flame only.
  • If the mould is too hot, the batter will get cooked while dipping the mould into the batter.
  • If it is less than the right temperature then the batter will not stick to the mould.
  • So maintain the right temperature by switching off the flame when it is more hot and switch on again when it is less hot.
  • While repeating the steps the batter will become thick and may form lumps due to immersion of hot mould into the batter. So beat this in the mixie to get a smooth mixture and proceed again.
  • Add little water if the mixture is too thick.
  • The video i have posted is not full, as my gas refill got exhausted while i was taking the video and i didn’t stock up as we are going to India in 3 days.
  • Will update with full video till the last part of the batter once i come back from holidays.
  • For the past 2 years i have been thinking to make a perfect achu murukku recipe, finally made this year. I can say i feel so accomplished after making several attempts of making this and got the tips and tricks of making a perfect achu murukku.

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  1. Jeyashri, you are very passionate about cooking as well as meeting the needs and queries of your readers.
    I never thought an eggless Rose Cookie would turn out as beautiful as the one with egg. Really looks beautiful!

  2. True jey a long due recipe . I remember having requested this recipe too. One of my friends mom used to make it during Christmas .
    U recipe is in detail and It looks so beautiful and

    I used the non stick achappam which came out well too.


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