Biryani, Pulao and fried rice varietiesCoriander pulao recipe | Coriander Pulav

Coriander pulao recipe | Coriander Pulav

Coriander pulao with video
Coriander pulao | Pulav is an easy  pulao recipe, serves as a Lunch box recipe and quick dinner recipe too. The fresh coriander leaves and coconut with other spices makes the pulao so aromatic. I have already posted coriander rice recipe. This recipe was passed on to me from my cousin, who sent me a you tube link for this recipe reference. I found the recipe simple and nice and tried it at home last week. The pulao was huge hit at home. So tried it again today, to make a post on how to make coriander pulao. I enjoyed the pulav with onion raita for my lunch today. Try out this easy pulao recipe and let me know how it turned out.
coriander pulao

Coriander pulao recipe

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |Serves: 3

    To grind
Coriander leaves  a small bunch
Green chili  3
Coconut   1 cup
Other ingredients
Basmati rice    1 cup
Oil   1 tblsp
Ghee  2 tsp
Cardamom  2 pods
Cinnamon   a small piece
Green chili   1
Ginger garlic paste   1 tsp
Onion   1
Water   1 cup
Salt  as needed
Green peas   1/4 cup

Video on how to make Coriander pulao


Coriander pulao

  • Wash the basmati rice and soak it in 1 cup water for 10 minutes.
  • Grind the coriander leaves, green chili and coconut into a fine paste using the 3/4 the cup of soaked water.
coriander pulao recipe 1
  • Squeeze out the extract and strain it and keep aside.
coriander pulao recipe 2
  • Add remaining soaked water and grind the mixture once again. Squeeze out the extract and discard the residue.
  • We need only the coriander coconut milk.
coriander pulao recipe 3
  • In a pressure cooker, add oil + ghee. Add the green chili(slit), cinnamon and cardamom. You can add 1 bay leaf too.
  • Add ginger garlic paste to this.
  • Saute for a minute in low flame.
  • chop the onions into thin slices. Add it to the cooker.
coriander pulao recipe 4
  • Saute for a minute. Add salt to this.
  • Add green peas to this . If you want you can add cubed potatoes too. Paneer cubes can also be added.
coriander pulao recipe 5
  • Add the soaked rice to this and saute for a minute.
  • Add the Coriander coconut extract to this and cover the cooker.
  • Pressure cook for a whistle and keep in a very low flame for 5 minutes.
coriander pulao recipe 6
  • Open the cooker and gently mix the rice.
Kothamalli pulav
  1. Instead of grinding coconut and coriander and extracting the juice, you can grind little coriander and 1 green chili and add 1 cup of thin coconut milk to the pulao.
  2. As we are discarding the ground paste and using the juice only, you can add 3 chilies for 1 cup rice. It was medium spicy only.
  3. You can add some roasted cashew nuts in the last just before serving.
  4. You can add potato, paneer or carrots to the pulao along with peas.
  5. Few mint leaves can be added while grinding to enhance the flavour.

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