Indian Kitchen BasicsHomemade garam masala recipe | garam masala powder

Homemade garam masala recipe | garam masala powder

Garam -masala- recipe
Homemade garam masala , though i have heard from many of my friends that it smells so aromatic than the store bought garam masala. I have never tried on my own until recently i got a recipe of garam masala from my friend’s mother in law.  when i tried it at home, it turned out so aromatic and i am sure i will never go back to store bought garam masala again. Go ahead to make your own garam masala and make the dish more flavourful.


Home made garam masala

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Making Time : 20 Mins |   Yields : 1 cup

    Coriander Seeds 1/2 Cup
    Jeera 3 tblsp
    Black pepper 2 tblsp
    Cinnamon 6-7
    Big Elachi 10
    Cloves 1/2 Tbslp
    Mace 1-2
    Nutmeg 2
    Star Anise 5
    Small cardamom 1 tblsp


Garam- Masala


    • If you are living in a place where you can keep the whole garam masalas under sunlight then dry it in bright sunlight for 5-6 hours. Else dry roast them in a pan for 3-4 minutes. Do not make it burnt. Just keep in medium flame till  all the whole spices are warm when u touch it.

garam masala
garam masala

    • Grind this in a mixer into a fine powder. Sieve this again and make it into a fine powder again. Keep it in a dry airtight container.
    • Homemade garam masala is ready.

garam masala

  • Just add a dash of garam masala on the dishes which you like and enjoy the food.

Homemade-Garam -masala

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