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Jeera rasam recipe and kovakkai (tindora) curry

Jeera rasam is a simple one which i make on a lazy weekends or sometimes when i make Parrupu usili i make this simple rasam. Jeera rasam is a traditional rasam which is made with jeera and cumin seeds as the main ingredients. This rasam doest not include any cooked dal.
Last weekend  i made jeera rasam and kovakkai curry for lunch. Check out my Kalyana rasam and Pineapple rasam recipe.

Jeera rasam recipe

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |Serves: 3-4

     Tomato   1
     Thin tamarind extract   1/2 cup
     Toor dal  1 tblsp
     Pepper  1 tblsp
    Cumin seeds(jeera rasam)  1 tsp
    Ghee   1 tsp
    Turmeric powder   1/4 tsp
    Salt  as needed
    Coriander leaves  few
    Curry leaves  few
    Mustard seeds  1/4 tsp 

jeera rasam


  • Soak the toordal in water for 15 mins.
  • After 15 mins. discard the water and grind it into a smooth paste with pepper and cumin seeds.
  • Grind the tomato separately into puree and keep it in a vessel.

tomato puree

  • Take 1/2 cup of tamarind extract by soaking a small goose berry size of tamarind in water.
  • Add this to the tomato puree.
  • Add salt and turmeric powder.
  • Allow this mixture to boil for 7-9 mins.
  • Meanwhile add 1 cup of water to the ground cumin seed,pepper and toor dal mixture and keep it aside.

  • Add this to the boiling tomato and tamarind mixture.
  • Do not allow it to boil.
  • Switch off the flame when it is frothing up.

  • Add ghee to a frying pan and temper with mustard seeds.
  • Transfer it to the rasam and add curry leaves and coriander leaves to this.

jeera rasam

  1. Do no add asafoetida(hing) to this rasam, as it will suppress the flavour of the pepper and jeera.


Kovakkai curry recipe

  Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 25 Mins |Serves: 2-3

     Kovakkai | tindora  300 gms
     Sambar powder  1-2 tsp
     Turmeric powder   1/4 tsp
     Salt   as needed
     Oil   1 tbslp
     Mustard seeds   1/4 tsp


  • Cut the kovakkai into round circles.

cut into circles

  • Heat oil in a kadai and add the mustard seeds.
  • When it crackles throw in the sambar powder,turmeric powder and salt.
  • Just saute for few seconds.

add sambar powder

  • Now add the kovakkai to this and mix well,so that the masala coats well with the curry evenly.


  • Cook in a medium flame by stirring it often till it turns into a light brown colour.
  • It took 20 mins for me to make this.
  • Do not cover and cook
  • Transfer to a serving bowl.

tindora curry

  • Sambar powder can be replaced with red chilli powder.


  1. Rasam is synonymous to soup with a lip-smacking taste. Give it to me in any flavor and I'll be back for seconds 🙂 I love the green tint in your rasam, lovely! Next time I make tindora stir-fry I'll use sambar powder-thanks to you!

  2. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower.
    I invite you to visit and follow my blog.

    God bless and have a nice Easter 🙂


  3. Hi jaya , this is new idea of grinding toor dal with pepper and cummin seeds.otherwise it looks similar to the rasam we prepare. But we used mash curry and coriander leaves along with garlic and add while frothing.
    Nice recepie thank u

  4. Hello Jeyashri – I tried this "Seeraga Rasam" and it was amazing for the climate that i am in. (close to -25 deg C. So i wanted this badly). In the first time i prepared, i used Toor dal little. Today, when i made, I dint have sufficient toor dal and hence substituted with the Rasam powder my mother gave. It tasted wonderful. Thanks for the recipe….

  5. hi jeyashri, generally all ur recepies hv worked out fabulously for me . I tried this recepie today i didnt come out so well jeeragam flavour was too over powering and the sour flavour too for the amnt f tamrind prescribed …what might hv went wrong …wondering

    • Hi Vandana , thanks for the feedback. May be i feel the tamarind water may be little thick . Generally for rasam we soak very little tamarind and extract thin juice without mashing the tamarind much. Jeera flavour will be slightly more in this rasam but not too much

  6. Hi Jeyashri. I am learning cooking & I am a great fan of your recepies. I have tried many successfully. But today this jeera rasam did not come out well. I have a query. You have mentioned 1 TBLSP for pepper & 1 TSP for Jeera. I was wondering whether it should be 1 TBLSP for Jeera & 1 TSP for pepper. Can you pl check up the measurements & guide me accordingly? (though my wife said it was ok, I have a feeling that I should have done it better)

    • Hi, Thanks for trying out. Generally if you add more jeera, it will give you a bitter medicinal taste. The ratio of pepper and jeera is right, not sure where you made wrong. Need any help message me here


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