SweetKaaparisi recipe | a traditional sweet

Kaaparisi recipe | a traditional sweet

Kaaprisi is a traditional sweet made in our home during the naming ceremony of the new born child . Generally we do the Punyavachanam (naming ceremony) for the baby on the 11th day from the day it is born. Kaaparisi we make and give for all ladies along with the haldi kumkum (vettathallai pakku). This is made with rice and jaggery which has a crispy texture, roasted dal and coconuts adds extra taste to this. During my India trip i asked my mom for the recipe and  she instructed me the method and i made this kaaparisi under my mom’s supervision.

Kaaparisi recipe

  Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 15Mins |   Serves : 1 Cup

    Raw Rice   1/4 cup
    Jaggery  1/4 cup
    Pottukadalai 1/8 cup 
    Peanuts  1 tblsp (optional)
    Coconut bits    2 tsp
    Ghee 1 tsp
   Cardamom powder   A pinch



    • Wash and soak the rice for 15 minutes and drain the water.


    • In a pan dry roast the rice in smaller lots till they become golden brown. (Porichu edukanum)

roasted rice

  • Keep it aside. Roast the coconut bits and keep aside.
  • Melt jaggery and filter the impurities.
  • Add the roasted coconut bits.

melting jaggery

  • Let the jaggery comes to the consistency which we generally make for pori urundai. Keep water in a cup and add jaggery syrup to this. When you could able to make a hard ball out of this. That is the right consistency.
  • Pulse the roasted rice once . In a wide bowl add the pulsed rice, roasted gram, and cardamom powder. If adding peanuts deskin it , roast and add now.
  • Pour the jaggery syrup over this.

ground rice
adding jaggery

    • Mix well.


  • Kaaparisi is ready.
Kaaparisi - 3


  1. The ratio of rice , roasted  dal : jaggery is  3:1. For 3 portions of the mixture 1 portion of jaggery is enough.

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  1. Thank you so much for this Mrs. Jayashree. We are preparing for our nephews first birthday and one of the essentials will be this. This morning my mother-in-law realised she had forgotten her recipe book in our native place and was a little unsure about the proportions. Having consulted your blog multiple times for typical Telugu recipes, I assured her that I would check with you.
    She is very impressed that you have given the instructions in a manner she understands. (By volume portions, the paagu consistency a pori urundai equivalent which she does regularly, etc etc)

    So together we thank you and hope you keep smiling and blogging.


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