Mango RecipeMango paratha recipe | Mango recipes

Mango paratha recipe | Mango recipes

Mango paratha is a interesting recipe which flashed me, while i was having my lunch with my friends yesterday. We went out for lunch yesterday in Kailash parbat restaurant here, and they have a wide variety of fresh mango recipes in their menu card. Being a hardcore fan of mangoes, i was simple gazing at the list and one of my friend ordered a mango drink from that list. Though it is a juice, they added little crushed cumin seeds in that. I tasted that and was quite impressed by its taste. On our way back picked up of big bag full of mangoes and today morning, with my own creativity, did this simple mango paratha. It turned out pretty good and i had this for my lunch with boondi raitha. Try this out at home and enjoy the summer with mangoes. Stay tuned for more mango recipes coming up on Jeyashri’s kitchen.

Mango paratha recipe

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |Yields: 6

    Mango puree | pulp  1/2 cup
    Whole wheat flour | atta  1 cup
     Red chili powder  1 tsp
     Cumin seeds | jeera  1/2 tsp
     Salt  2 pinches
     Ghee  as needed to make parathas

Mango paratha

  • Peel the skin of the mango and slice it. I used 1 small alphonso mango. You can use any variety of mango.
  • Grind this into a fine paste, without adding any water.

mango paratha 1

  • In a wide bowl add the flour, mango puree, cumin seeds, red chili powder and salt.
  • Knead this into a pliable soft dough, as how we make for parathas.
  • I used the entire mango pulp. Add mango pulp little by little as it may differ according to the texture of the flour and also the size of the mango.
  • If you feel the dough is dry, sprinkle few drops of milk and knead the dough.

mango paratha 2

  • Divide the dough into equal big lemon sized balls. Gently dust it on the plain flour| atta.

mango paratha 3

  • Roll it into thick parathas. I used a sharp lid of a box to make it into a even round sized parathas.
  • Heat a tawa and place the paratha on the tawa.

mango paratha 4

  • Cook on both sides and add little ghee and take it out from the pan.

mango paratha 5

  • Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the dough.
  • Serve with any raitha or with any spicy gravy too.
Mango paratha
  1. You can add little more red chili powder if you want this more spicy, than dominating sweetness of the mango.
  2. These parathas didn’t taste too sweet, but was good with a flavour of mangoes.
  3. A pinch of chaat masala is added to the dough for a variation.
  4. If you want it more sweeter, add 1 tblsp of sugar while grinding the mango.
  5. Cumin seeds can be replaced with cumin powder.

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