Indian Kitchen BasicsMicrowave bread pizza | microwave recipes

Microwave bread pizza | microwave recipes

Bread pizza is a easy and yummy one and a super hit among kids too. I have already posted Pizza recipe , but this is a Microwave version of Bread Pizza. A perfect snack for kids after they are back from school. Just 1 minute microwave bread pizza is ready . With just easily available ingredients at home pizza is ready in few minutes.
Microwave bread pizza

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 1 Min |Serves: 4

     Pasta Sauce     2 tblsp
     Bread Slices    4
     Onion      1
     Capsicum  1/2
     Chili flakes  few
     Oreganao | Italian Seasoning   few
     Grated Cheese   3-4 tblsp

  • Spread pasta sauce in bread . Chop the onions and capsicum according to your choice.
  • Arrange the veggies according to your choice.
Add-sauce Add-veggies
  • Spread cheese and add chili flakes and oregano on the bread.
  • Microwave high for 1 minute till the cheese melts.
Add-cheese bread-pizza
  • Bread Pizza is ready to serve.



  1. Toppings will be purely of your choice.
  2. Olives, baby corn, corn kernels can also be added.
  3. You can add even Paneer too.

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