Festival RecipesSukku vellam recipe | sukku velam for krishna jayanthi

Sukku vellam recipe | sukku velam for krishna jayanthi

Sukku Vellam | dry ginger mixed with jaggery, is a compulsory one we keep it for Krishna jayanthi neivedhyam. I never thought to post thsi as a recipe as it doesn’t involve any procedure. But a reader mailed me for this and i  replied to her in mail the recipe with measurements. Then i thought this will be useful for beginners , so here i post the recipe of Sukku Vellam for Gokulashtami. The main purpose of keeping this for neivedhyam is after eating lot of oily batchanams | sweets to make the digestion fully and to avoid any tummy aches, sukku vellam should be consumed. Also my Patti says, Lord Krishnar will be eating lot of oily food in all homes so thsi will aid in good digestion for Lord Krishna. Check out my entire  janmashtami | Krishna jayanthi recipe colletions 

Sukku Vellam

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : Nil |Makes: 1/4 cup

     Sukku | Dry ginger*   a small piece
     Jaggery      3 tblsp
 *If using dry ginger powder use 2 tblsp of dry ginger powder.    

Sukku- vellam

  • If using  sukku powder just pulse the sukku podi and jaggery in a mixer.
  • If using a piece of sukku just pulse it in mixer .

sukku -vellam

  • Add the jaggery to this and pulse it once. Sukku vellam is done.

sukku- vellam

  • You can either make it into small balls or keep it as such too.

sukku- vellam

  • You keep this Sukku vellam also for Neivedhyam.

Sukku vellam

  1. Do not consume it more in a day. Sukku will cause tummy ache if consumed too much in a day.

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