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PARUPPU POORNAM KOZHUKATTAI modakam with video paruppu poornam kozhukatai fried modakam ellu kozhukattai DRY FRUITS MODAKAM Somasi
ULUNDU KOZHUKATTAI Kozhukattai maavu modakam using mould ammini kozhukattai with toor dal SUNDAL Moong dal modakam sesame ladoo

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Posting chaat recipes in cooking for guests series is my daughter's idea. Actually i made this for my kids as a snack when they came back from school. I made in small quantities and they finished all of them in few minutes . Generally they take some tiffin or variety rice  for lunch box and after coming back from school, they usually have full meal with rice, dal, curry and yogurt. So this will be filling for them as most of the days they go for some classes in the evening. If they have some snacks , both of them will feel hungry around 6 pm. But this snack was very filling for them and your guests can sure be pleased with this chaat menu for snack. They can easily have a light dinner after this filling chaat.
By the time i finished making, the kids reached home and i took the pictures in hurry.

The menu i have made was:
Have a great weekend with this interesting chaat recipes, and have fun with  your guests.
Planning to start a new series from next week on another interesting series . wish you all join me in that interesting series too and give a great response as always.

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  1. I have never tried anything like this. Everything looks so new to me. I'm guessing the only chaat I have tasted before is paani poori. Haha...if that counts as chaat. Where does this cuisine originate from??Definitely not south India right?

  2. wow... feeling so tempted...

  3. Chat is an all time fav.This looks so good.

  4. what a spread.. I am big fan of chaats.. this is really tempting me too much

  5. With a mango pudding on the side i can skip dinner and finish the whole thing .Wonderful

  6. wow!! drooling here:) All time fav dishes!!

  7. OMG.. these chaats tempting me a lot ;) .. however you are in hurry burry the clicks are so perfect :)

  8. Awesome spread!! Colorful pictures!!

  9. Hello jeya aunty. I love all your recipes. Pls post recipes for eggless cakes n desserts...

  10. Hello jeya aunty. I love all your recipes. Pls post recipes for eggless cakes n desserts...


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