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      Maida-rava sweet paniyaram is a highly addictive sweet recipe and quite easy to make too. I had tasted this in a friend's place 2 years back  during navaratri. I suddenly remembered of that and tried this at home. It turned out super awesome and it is quite addictive sweet too. A tasty and different sweet recipe to try for navaratri. Definitely this sweet paniayaram will be a super hit among your guests too. Check out my  other Navaratri recipes

Maida sweet paniyaram

  Preparation Time : 10 + Soaking time 30  mins |   Cooking Time : 20 Mins |   Yields: 12

    Rava| Sooji  1/4 cup
    Maida | all purpose flour  1/2 cup
    Sugar     4 tblsp
    Baking Soda  a pinch
    Cardamon powder  a pinch 
    Oil   for deep frying  

  • Soak rava in little water for 30 minutes.There should not be any water floating on the top. If so, drain it.
  • After that add the maida , sugar and the baking soda to this.
rava add-sugar-maida
  • Add little water to this and mix it to a idli batter consistency. Ensure not to add more water. Just slowly add water.
  • The batter should be in dropping consistency.
mix-well Batter-ready
  • Add cardamom powder and mix well. Heat oil for deep frying.
Add elachi Batter
  • When the oil is hot add the batter with a spoon.Cook in a medium flame on both sides till golden brown.
fry deep-fry
  • Drain it in a kitchen towel. Repeat this for the rest of the batter.
  • The paniyarams were very crispy outside and very soft inside.
  • The sweet level was perfect, if you want more sweet add 1-2 tblsp extra sugar.
  • Do not add more water, let it be like a vada batter.
  • Always fry in a medium low flame.
  • If it is more watery, it will disintegrate after putting in oil.
  • You can add little maida if it turns watery.
  • You can add a small banana to the batter to make it more softer.
  • Do not add more baking soda than the quantity mentioned.
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  1. we also make this when we crave for something for chai but don't want anything elaborate... looks so yum...

  2. Very easy and delicious snack..

  3. Paniyaram looks delicious and tempting.

  4. paniyaram looks yummy and very simple sweet

  5. Instead of deep frying shall v pour batter in paniyaram pan....

    1. You can do it, but let the batter be little thick, also it will take more time to cook


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