Compiled PostsNavaratri recipes - cooking for guests- 9 combos for 9 days

Navaratri recipes – cooking for guests- 9 combos for 9 days

Navaratri recipes – cooking for guests- 9 combos for 9 days

Navaratri 2014 is starting from September 25 and for those keeping Golu will be super busy inviting people the home everyday evening. Actually, in my hubby’s house, we don’t have the practice of keeping golu, but my mom keeps an elaborate golu.
We love to help out our mom in keeping the Golu and making the park. Those are very nice and wonderful memories. We generally go to each other’s house and get sundal , which is generally folded and given in a newspaper. Nobody will give any fancy return gifts and if any elders come they will be given Blouse bits along with the manjal kumkumam.
But nowadays Navaratri is a huge festival.  Especially people living in abroad, they make it a big get-together by calling each set of friends on a particular day and almost a mini dinner is served there.
I have a few of my close friends who do run out of ideas as to what to make for their guests on Navaratri evenings. I generally call my friends Varalakshmi Pooja for which I serve a mini dinner too.
To lessen the job of planning the menu for the guests I have compiled 9 combos of recipes from Jeyashri’s kitchen and given them here. All recipes are no onion no garlic recipes. I wish this will be useful for those who plan a snack menu for Navaratri for their guests.
You can add or omit any items from the combo and make it either simple or elaborate. Any other requests for navaratri, please leave a comment. A few interesting recipes for navaratri sundal and payasam recipes are coming up soon.

The above golu pictures are contributed by my friends. The left one with a coffee brown background is Aarti’s Golu. Aarti is a very artistic person and she does bead jewelry too she has a facebook page for her Shreyathi creations. If you remember my Butter Murukku  post, the cute jute bag is made by her only.
The picture on the right is Akila’s Golu . She got introduced to me very recently and while talking she casually told me that she keeps a big golu. When I asked her for the pictures she sent this divine temple Golu picture to me.
Even my very good friends Shriprada, Janani, and Kirthika also keep Golu every year elaborately. But they didn’t have any pictures to fit on my site.
Check out my Collection of  Navaratri Recipes which i posted last year.
Scroll down till the end of the post to see many more alternate options too.
Check out my Navaratri combo series vlog
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                                           NAVARATRI COMBO – 1



The combo which you can plan out for week one is
Mini idlis
Urad dal vadai  – Skip onions in the recipe
Aval kesari
Kalyana Sambar
Peanut sundal


navaratri-recipes-combo 2

Kanchipuram idli
Aloo bonda – Omit onion in the recipe
Kalyana Gotsu
Kovil Sakkarai pongal
Pasi paruppu sundal

combo 6

Pidi Kozhukattai
Cabbage pakoda
Kalyana sambar
Rava ladoo
Green Peas Sundal


combo 7

Coriander rice
Ammini kozhukattai
Sago vadai
Dates kheer
Channa dal sundal
————————————————————————————————————————-                                              NAVARATRI COMBO – 5

combo 5

Mysore bonda
Paal kesari
Coconut sevai
Drumstick Sambar
Vella puttu

————————————————————————————————————————–                                                                 NAVARATRI COMBO – 6

navratri-recipe combo

Karuvepillai sevai
Thavala Vadai
Carrot kheer
Kalyana sambar
Karamani vella sundal

navaratri-recipes -combo 7

Chole masala – recipe without garlic and onion

navaratri-recipes-combo 8

Puli aval
Arisi vadai
Thayir vadai
Rava payasam
Kondakadalai sundal

navaratri-recipes combo 9

Rava idli
Coriander chutney
Badam kheer
Apart from this, there are many more sweet recipes which you can replace in any one of the combos and also if you want to make it very simple you can pick a sweet and a sundal recipe and make that only.

  • Some Tiffin or rice recipes :

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