Kothavarangai kotu

Kothavarangai | Cluster beans , the veggie i am buying and tasting for the first time. Yes, i have never seen my mom cooking this veggie and even at my in laws place they won't cook this vegetable. When i went for vegetable shopping with my friend , she was telling that she will make kootu out of cluster beans. When she explained the method i too picked up some cluster beans and made this kootu. It turned out very nice . Try out this simple kootu. It doesn't involve any pressure cooking of dal as we do for other kootu varieties.

Cluster Beans Kootu

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20Mins |   Serves : 3

    Cluster Beans |Kothavarangai -  200 gms
    Moong Dal  - 1 and 1/2 tblsp
    Black whole pepper - 7-8
    Red chilli -1-2
    Coconut (scrapped) -  2 tblsp
    Salt   -  as needed
    Turmeric Powder -  1/4 tsp
    Oil  - 1 tsp
    Mustard Seeds  - 1/4 tsp
    Curry Leaves -Few
    Asafoetida    2 pinches

Cluster beans kootu
  • Wash the kothavarangai and chop them . 
  • In a pan add the chopped vegetable and add little water. Add turmeric powder, asafoetida and salt.
  • Cook this till the vegetables becomes soft. Cluster beans will get cooked in 10-12 minutes.cut veggies Cluster beans
  • Meanwhile roast the moong dal, black pepper and red chilli in a dry pan till the dalgives out a nice aroma and changes into golden brown colour.
  • When cool, grind this into a fine paste along with coconut.
  • Add the ground paste to the cooked veggie.
Ground coconut mixture Kothavarangai kootu
  • Mix well and add little water to this to get a kootu consistency.  The kootu will get thicken when it is cool as we have added moong dal in the ground paste.
  • So even if it is little watery it is ok.
  • Temper mustard seeds and curry leaves on the top.
Kothavarangai kootu kootu
  • Serve with rice and any spicy curry. We had with Potato Curry.
Kothavarangai -kootu

  1. Do not increase the quantity of moong dal more than the amount mentioned. The kootu will be very thick and the texture will not be nice.

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  1. Always make only usili with cluster beans...the kootu sounds interesting....looks yummy

  2. I have never tried kootu with kothavarangai... Looks so delicious and healthy..

  3. lovely kootu...i didnt taste this much in specific...it was always a added vegetable in kootu

  4. Wow I didn't know v could make kootu with this jeyashri lovely must be so yumm and flavorful

  5. I do it but I add tomato also

  6. i just add a hand full of moong dal rest ofthe procedure are same.. too good

  7. Delicious, Drooling here

  8. Kootu without Toordal? Sounds interesting..

  9. I made it as per ur recipe ..it was excellent ..

  10. Hi....just wanted to ask can this be made with any other vegetable?

    1. You can try with cucumber too

    2. kootu with cucumber? thats new to me.

  11. Just made it. Was amazing. I just moved to the US.. And your blog is keeping me alive. Respect

  12. I made this recipe day before yesterday and liked it. Good way to include lentil in vegetables.