Cooking for GuestCooking for guests #6 - evening snacks menu - sago vada, carrot...

Cooking for guests #6 – evening snacks menu – sago vada, carrot halwa and more

This week, in cooking for guests recipe series, i have come up with a snack menu. When you have guests , who are coming during tea time, you can plan out this menu. I have planned the menu bit heavy and you can also skip any one item in this too.  I can suggest this same menu for a simple dinner too. Simple i meant is , with less items. You can add a Curd rice to this list and make it a Dinner menu also. So let’s move on to the Snack menu .

Snack menu for guests
I planned to keep on deep fried item ,one filling tiffin and a sweet. I made :

As i planned this menu, i boiled potatoes for sabudana vada and pav bhaji when i was coking in the morning. Vegetables for pav bhaji was cut in the morning itself.  Carrot halwa i made in the morning and kept in the refrigerator. I soaked sago after my lunch. I made the dough for vada and kept in a box around 3 pm. When the guests came around 5 pm, it is easy for me to make the sabudana vada hot and serve for them. Bhaji for Pav bhaji  is also ready by 4 pm. Only the Pav buns were toasted just before serving. Coffee or tea or juice , depending on the choice of the guest you can make and serve.
Enjoy your weekend. See you soon with interesting recipes in this cooking for guests series.

Cooking for guests recipes- snack menu

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  1. Nice Post Jeyashri. You have a wonderful blog.
    It is a great coincidence, I cooked the same for my guests too over the last weekend. I actually cooked dinner for few dutch people, I made Sabudhana vada, corn sundal as starters, Jeera rice , dal palak and tempered curd rice for main course and for dessert I made carrot Halwa with vanilla Icecream !! Was glad that they all liked the food.


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