BakingCustard powder cookies recipe | recipe without egg and butter

Custard powder cookies recipe | recipe without egg and butter

When Varsha told me to bake some cookies for Teacher’s day celebration at her school, I was searching for some eggless cookies and my google search ends when i saw these eggless Vanilla custard powder cookies in Sowmya’s blog. I like her baking recipes a lot. I loved the recipe as it is doesn’t have butter too. For me taking out the butter before hand and handling them in the measuring cup is a lazy job!!. This recipe has used oil and they turned out totally awesome. No where i could find the oil taste in the cookie.
The place where I did the mistake was i over baked the first batch , though she mentioned in the recipe not to do that, and i got many of them burnt. But the second batch i took out in the right time and they really melted in the mouth.Click here for the original recipe. She used whole wheat flour too but i used only All purpose flour.
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custard powder cookies



custard powder COOKIES

  • Combine the flour, custard powder(i used Vanilla flavor) baking soda and baking powder.
  • If you want for even mixing just sieve them together.


  • Combine the sugar and oil and mix this till the sugar gets dissolved.
  • I wanted to make it easy and  put them both in a mixer and whipped for a minute.
  • Slowly add this to the dry ingredients(flour mixture) and combine well.
  • Make it into a smooth dough.
IMG_7649 IMG_7651
  • Pinch small portion of your dough. Make it into a smooth ball and flatten it. I just made lines with fork which is just optional.


  • Line the baking tray with Parchment paper(butter paper)
  • Place the cookies slightly away from each other. Mine slightly expanded while baking. Bake it for 10 minutes at 170 degree C.
  • Take out from the oven and cool them in a wire rack.
  • IMG_7654
  • These are the first batch of my cookies which are slightly over baked.
  • The cookies were soft when u take out from the oven. Once completely cooled they will become firm and crispy.
  • Though these cookies were made with oil, they just melted in the mouth.

custard powder cookies

  • Never over bake the cookies. Take out them when they are soft.
  • If the dough is stiff while kneading add a tblsp of cold milk or water to make it a smooth dough.
  • Chocolate chips or tutti fruity can be garnished on the top before baking the cookies.
  • I used Vanilla custard powder, and i love to try this again with butter scotch flavor too.

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  1. Great treat for the little girl and her friends! Very nicely doe. And yes we tend to burn a few because these cookies do not brown while baking and we assume they are under-baked.
    You have baked them beautifully.

  2. hi jeyashree
    i will make them..somehow i have tried some cookies but always over baked them…n they became hard…so will try…n ask if i have any doubts.

  3. I have never seen custard powder and now I'm very intrigued! Next trip to the grocery store, I'm going to seek it out so that I can try your cookie recipe and also a new-to-me ingredient. Your cookies look fun and delicious!

  4. Hi jeyashri, I made these cookies and they came good. I have a doubt. After 10 mins how does it look? They look like they are still uncooked. Is there any way to check? thanks.

    • Hi abarna,
      After 10 minutes the cookies will look uncooked and soft only. But allow it to cool completely, they will become hard and crispy. But the cooking time varies from oven to oven. But on the safer side to avoid overcooking of the cookies, take it out after 10 minutes and allow it to cool, after that if you still feel it it is very soft then bake for another 3 to 4 minutes.
      Any other queries feel free to ask

  5. Hi again. Tried the cookies for the second time and they came out well. I baked in the microwave convection mode. Took only about 8 minutes.they came out well.wanted to ask you if we could substitute custard powder with chocolate powder and still get the same result?

  6. Another query maam, does your one cup measure, 200 ml or 240 ml?in a recipe how do we know which cup is the cook using? I just got to know that American cups measure 240 mlore where as Indian cups 200.which one do you refer in your recipes?

    • Thanks for the message. My 1 cup holds a liquid measure of 200 ml. Generally we can refer tot he side bar where normally the chefs will give . But even though it won't make much difference. I have tried so many baking recipes from other blog where they have used 240 ml cup size. Need any query message me. thanks

  7. hey they turned out the same as i put in the oven 🙁 and tasted same as dough..wht do i do now??? i preheated it for 170 and baked for 10 min as u said..plz help me out

  8. Hi jeyashri, thanks for this lovely recipe…i actually try lot of recipes from your blog. First time I tried to make cookies and it came out so well. My son just loved it. It got over just within a day. Thanks once again.


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