Dry CurryDrumstick leaves poriyal recipe | murungai keerai poriyal

Drumstick leaves poriyal recipe | murungai keerai poriyal

Murungai keerai |drumstick leaves is a very good for health but due to laziness to clean the leaves i buy this rarely. Also whenever i visit little india only especially if in the evenings only i get fresh leaves. Recently i made frequent trips to the Indian store i bought this murungai keerai. I love this in adai and also the curry|poriyal. During our child hood days we used to have the drumstick tree at home and whenever we want just pluck the leaves from it and make fresh curry. The fresh murungai ilai amma used to put in the home made ghee, wow i could recollect the smell still now.
Childhood days stories are never ending. Let me continue to the post. How to make drumstick leaves poriyal | murungai keerai poriyal. This is best for lactating mothers.

Murungai keerai poriyal
  Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 10 Mins |   Serves : 3-4

    Drumstick leaves  3 cups
    Small onion     10
    Red chili    1
    Yellow moong dal   2 tblsp (optional)
    Salt    to taste
    Sugar    1/4 tsp
    Oil    1 tsp
    Coconut  2 tblsp
   Mustard seeds  1/4 tsp
   Urad dal   1/4 tsp 

murungai keerai-poriyal

  • Wash the murungai keerai and take out the leaves one by one without any sticks or yellow leaves. Both are not good for tummy.
  • Slice the small onion into round slices. You can use big onions to. But small onions give awesome taste to the poriyal.  Soak the moong dal in water for 15 minutes.
keerai sliced onion
  • Heat a pan and add oil. Add the mustard seeds,urad dal and red chili. Add in the onions and cook till they turn pink.
  • Add the drumstick leaves and add salt and sugar. Adding sugar retains color and also balance the bitterness of the drumstick leaves.
add-onion add-keerai
  • Cook for 2 minutes and add the soaked moong dal. Drain the water and add.
  • Mix well and cook for 3-5 minutes. Sprinkle little water.
add - moong dal cook
  • Add the coconut and mix well. Switch off the flame.
  • Transfer it to a serving bowl.
add coocnut poriyal
  • Murungai keerai poriyal is ready to serve. This can be had with hot rice and also rasam and sambar are a good combo for this poriyal.

drumstick leaves-poriyal


  1. Small onions|shallots enhance the taste of the poriyal.
  2. Adding moong dal is optional but gives volume and taste to the poriyal.
  3. Addition of sugar retains the colour and balances the bitterness of the keerai.

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  1. its THE VILLAGERS PORIYAL…. at times when we don't find any veg's to cook, we simply turn to our Murungakai trees behind our house…. we usually make it without the yellow dhals…. rumor is that, drinking water boiled with Murungakai leaves helps improve stamina !!! We also make Murungai Eai Mulagooshyam with green moong dhal.


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