Indian Lunch Menu ComboDrumstick Sambar, Vendakkai thoran, Lunch menu combo 3

Drumstick Sambar, Vendakkai thoran, Lunch menu combo 3

In the series of Lunch menu ideas, this week lunch is a simple South Indian lunch. As most of the week days we make one pot meal and some variety rice, generally weekend is the only time we make a proper meal with Sambar, rasam, aviyal… So if you are not a South Indian, do you think how we are not bored with Sambar every week. The change of veggies in the sambar makes the taste totally different. And also we make Plain sambar and Archachuvitta sambar. So what all veggies which are commonly used for making South Indian Sambar? We make Sambar using Drumstick, Ladies finger, capsicum, Small onion, Keerai thandu, Karuvadam, Pumpkin and mix of brinjal, drumstick also.

This week’s lunch menu has

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