Indian Lunch Menu ComboMethi Thepla, Aam ka panna, Lunch menu combo 4

Methi Thepla, Aam ka panna, Lunch menu combo 4

This week’s lunch menu combo comes with an simple yet interesting combo. We always get fresh methi leaves here in Singapore throughout the year. I pick a bunch of palak and methi leaves from the nearby Indian store and make pulao, dal out of it. Though i make Methi theplas for dinner, i generally prefer don’t prefer to include greens in my diet. Whenever i get a chance to make theplas for lunch i will make it.
Aam ka panna, yet another delicious raw mango drink.  We get raw mango in Singapore quite often. Since it is mango season everywhere i thought i will include this drink in this week’s lunch menu. I added jaggery instead of sugar in the aam ka panna.
Rajam, chole and other legumes will always be in stock in my freezer. So whenever i want to make anything with legume, i can make it without much planning. Please check my post on how to freeze legumes.

This week’s menu include

You can include curd rice in this menu too. I generally add curd rice in our Lunch menu, but today the family didn’t wanted it, so skipped making thayir sadam.

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  1. Hi Jayashree , great recipes and kudos to your dedication and frequent, regular posts. But as a next step towards professionalism, would suggest have a keen eye on your spelling errors. Hope you take in the right spirit. Thanks.


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