BakingEggless chocolate cake in microwave | 2 minutes mug cake

Eggless chocolate cake in microwave | 2 minutes mug cake

   To bake a  Chocolate cake in microwave , is my long time due. I don’t have a microwave at home and so i was postponing to make this cake.   As valentines day is nearing, it thought it is the right time to post this eggless chocolate mug cake in microwave.  I baked this cake in my friend’s place and it took exactly 2 minutes for me to bake this cake. If you are craving for an chocolate cake or kids are asking for a quick snack just make this cake in just 2 minutes.The cake turned out super soft and moist. The recipe i have adapted from Here.

2 minutes mug cake

Chocolate cake in microwave

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 2-3 Mins |   Serves : 1

     All purpose flour   4 tblsp
    Cocoa Powder       1 tblsp
    Milk        3 tblsp
    Oil    3 tblsp
    Baking powder  1/4 tsp
    Sugar    2 tblsp
   Vanilla essence   1/4 tsp


  • In a bowl, combine the all puropse flour (maida), cocoa powder, and baking powder.
  • Add sugar , vanilla essence , oil and milk to this.


  • Mix well . Grease a microwave mug with oil and pour this mixture into the mug.
  • The cake batter should fill half of the mug. The cake will rise on baking.
  • I made in a cup which holds a liquid of 250ml.

Chocolate cake
chocolate mug cake

  • Microwave high for 2 minutes.  The cake will get cooked in 2 minutes.Insert a tooth pick to see whether it is cooked inside or not.
  • I just topped with chocolate shavings.
  • You can add 1/4 tsp of instant coffee powder .
  • You can serve this with Vanilla ice cream too.
  • Chocolate chips can be added to the batter or can be added as an topping too.

See you soon with another chocolate recipe in my next post.

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  1. Absolutely wondrous recipe, really felt like cake one afternoon so gave this a try. I was suprised how well it came out, seeing as I didn't use the correct ingredients (I used instant hot chocolate -you have to add extra for it to be chocolate-y, mine just had a sweet cocoa tinge- instead of cocoa, missed out the vanilla extract and didnt have any milk!)

    My mum is a vegetarian and is vegan when she can be, so the eggless essence of this meant that we didn't have to waste money on eggs 🙂

    One thing I will add is mine (with my adapted ingredients) came out a little tough at the bottom. I'm not sure what caused this (the lack of milk? Even though I add 4 tbs water to substitute? or instant hot chocolate?) but I would recommend leaving it in for 1 minute 30 sec and then judge how much longer it needs from there.

    Other wise, thank you! It was absolutely delicious x

  2. Hi jeyashree….this recipe I tried today …it was soft initially and later became little hard..can I know the reason pls….the taste was superb..thanks for sharing


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