DrinksFilter coffee | south indian filter coffee recipe

Filter coffee | south indian filter coffee recipe

Filter coffee , the name itself makes me refreshing. Though we don’t have filter coffee everyday morning but it is a must at my place during weekends. But in my mom and mil’s place everyday we make filter coffee. I am pretty confident in making a good filter coffee and i learnt a few tips from my mom to make a perfect filter coffee. Though amma makes it normal stainless steel filter, i got introduced to the Electric coffee maker by my Mil. Now a days i use only the electric coffee maker only as it is easy to handle when it is very hot too. So i am sharing today the recipe of how to make filter coffee both in steel filter and electric coffee maker.  My sister was insisting me to write this post for a long time and finally i am sharing the recipe of filter coffee today. The making of filter coffee comes mainly by practise and knowing the do and don’ts involved in this recipe. The quality of coffee powder also plays an important role in this. Here in Singapore i use the Kothas coffee powder regularly and in India we get from particular shop in West mambalam, chennai who grinds the coffee beans freshly and give. Even the Cafe Coffee day powder also works out well for a good filter coffee.

I am just sharing the measurement of the coffee powder which i use here and it may slightly vary from the different varieties of powder available in the market.  Once u make continuously for 3- 4 days you come to know about your coffee powder.  INGREDIENTS:



  • Heat the upper part of the coffee filter ( the part with holes) for a 3-4 seconds.
  • Place it over the down part and add 1/4 tsp of sugar to top portion. Adding sugar is purely optional. If you have any diabetic people around do not add sugar. The addition of sugar is to give thickness to the decoction.
  • Add 1-2 tblsp of coffee powder to this and  bring the water (approx 1/4 cup) to a nice rolling boil. Add the very hot water to the filter and slightly cover this with the lid.
Filter coffee step 4 Filter coffee step 5
  • After few minutes the decoction will be ready. Boil the milk till it comes up and pour it to a tumbler. Add the decoction (generally the first decoction will be strong and so you can add little only.) to the milk. Add sugar. Do not add more than 1/2 tsp of sugar for 1 cup of milk . the more the sugar you add it will suppress the flavor of coffee. Even sometimes my mom skips adding sugar as we add sugar while making decoction.
Step 13 Step 14
  • Froth it up by nicely giving a mix using another tumbler. Do not over do as it may end up in cold coffeeOpen-mouthed smile.

Filter coffee 3 MAKING FILTER COFFEE IN ELECTRIC COFFEE MAKER: I use the preethi coffee maker for a so many years and it works out quite well. They give one small and big filters to wherein you have to put the coffee powder. Generally i use the small one , but if you are making for more than 5 people then use the bigger one.

  • Insert the small filter cup into the big one.

Filter coffee step 8

  • Add the coffee powder (approximately 2 tblsp)
  • Place it on the coffee maker.
Filter coffee step 9 Filter coffee step 10
  • Switch on the filter and it will just 3-4 minutes to get the decoction ready.
  • Switch off when the red light in the electric coffee maker turns off.

Step 12

  • Follow the same step as we followed in the last stage as boiling milk, adding sugar and decoction and froth it up.

Filter coffee 2  Notes:

  1. We generally use full cream milk for filter coffee.
  2. Do not more water to the filter as it will end up in making thin decoction.
  3. Never heat up the decoction , if you want to  heat it up just keep it in very hot water for few minutes.
  4. Always boil the milk freshly and the reheated milk will spoil the taste of fresh filter coffee.
  5. Even while reheating the milk too , do not do directly, just place the milk in a cup over a cup of water in a wide saucepan and heat the water .
  6. Never reheat the coffee too as it will not at all taste good.Do not add sugar to the milk while boiling.
  7. you can store the decoction in the fridge for a day.

Hope i have mentioned everything clearly in the post, have any queries feel free to write to me. the post made me for a craving of filter coffee now itself. So i am going to make afresh cup of filter coffee now.

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  1. Thats lovely. I am not a coffee person but loves the aroma each time my MIL makes it. I have my filter coffee post in my draft for long time.:-)Never used electronic coffee maker and seeing it for the first time.. nice..

  2. The whole family except me is a coffee addict…So we have filter coffee everyday…We too use teh Kothas powder only..the freshly ground powders also don't seem to give that flavor these days..Love your pictorial

  3. Can I know where I can buy kothas coffee powder in Singapore. I am a big coffee addict and I am using bru green label powder in the filter. . Though it's very aromatic just want to have another option. Hope u don't mind sharing .

  4. I bought the Cothas Coffee powder and tried your recipe, it turned out amazing! Im wondering where you buy that particular coffee beans and grind it in west mambalam..I would like to give that a try when I visit India. 🙂

  5. hey jaya,

    Thanks for the planning to buy a electric coffee maker and not sure which one makes the strong coffee as my mom likes coffee very strong. Confused between preethi and philips. Please suggest

    • thanks for the message . As far as i have seen preethi works out best for south indian coffee. I am using for almost 6 years and my mom is using more than that .You can go ahead with Preethi

  6. jeyashri, i bought preethi coffee maker few days back and am v. happy with results.on recommendation of a tamil friend i used 'mysore concerns'coffee powder available here un mumbai.its v. good.just one question,ideally 2tbsp coffee powder should be enough for 4people?also do you reuse powder?that is,do u again pour water without changing powder?when u use big cup,you do not place small cup in place at all?pl. answer my questions

    • Thanks for the message. Ideally 4tblsp coffee powder with 1 and 1/4 cup of water for 4 people. Generally i don't re use it again. I mean won't make second decoction. It won't be too good. Big cup is generally recommended for making coffee for large number of people.(around 10 plus) Ideally small cup is recommended for a small family. You should not use the small cup while using the big one.

  7. so to make coffee for 2 persons

    how much coffee powder should i add ??

    and how much water to add in the preethi coffee maker (in Ml) ???

  8. Some one had enquired a while back if coffee can be made without a filter. Actually, you can. We used to make coffee just for my FIL and my MIL used to use the hand held sieve. If you have ones with small holes it works good. Just use it like a regular filter. If you have bigger holes, maybe you can place a kitchen paper napkin inside first and then put in the coffee powder. Do not use the regular paper tissue as they tend to be very thin. Try this method. I have done it too and it works well..

  9. Wow, feel like drinking that coffee. I have a question. To make strong coffee, how much coffee powder should we add to one cup of water while making decoction in electric one? What will be the good proportion for it?

  10. the early morning aroma makes my day, even outside india i dont hesitate to spend some extra time making milk and sugar filter coffee.i am currently using jayanthi coffee for almost 5 years, my friends get it to me from india which has 15% chikory. I love the aroma. Where can i buy Kothas coffee?

  11. Interesting blog. Adding sugar in the filter does not make the decoction thick. My name is Narasu and I am the grandson of the Original Narasu`s coffee owners. We sell coffee powder in Chennai at Besant Nagar which gives an aroma that makes you swear by this coffee. Through years of experience we have arrived at a powder which gives you thick decoction without using chicory. You may contact me on my mobile +91 9840701672 and if there is somebody flying to Singapore I can send it. Try it and then give me a feedback.

    • Thank you sir for your feedback. I was told by the elders of my family that sugar is added to thicken the decoction.
      Will surely get a pack of filter coffee powder during my visit in december. Thanks for visiting my page.

  12. Have you tried the local coffee at the wet market in Singapore? Can we ask them for a similar mix as the southindian coffee powder? Do you know the proportion of which coffee beans and what roast?


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