SweetKaju katli | kaju katli recipe

Kaju katli | kaju katli recipe

Generally, Kaju katli we make during Diwali time as it is one a must recipe for diwali at my in laws place. But my mil makes in a different way which i have posted already as Kaju coconut burfi. I tried this version of Kaju katli 3 years back when i learned from my cousin. This method is extremely easy and doesn’t involve much of ghee as we use for other sweets and also it is mild in sweetness too.
Yesterday was my son Varun’s bithday and i asked what to make for his birthday . He is not a big fan of cake or sweets or ice creams and he told me to make the “diamond shaped sweet”. so i made Kaju katli and he loved it too. Over to the recipe of Kaju katli now:
Kaju Katli 3
This recipe i got from my cousin and followed few tips from Lavi’s blog also.


Kaju katli 1

  • Before starting the process keep the cashew nuts out from the refrigerator and pat dry it and bring it to normal room temperature. It should not contain any moisture while grinding else it will become soggy and not into a powder..
  • Grind the cashew into a fine powder , please ensure that the mixie should be dry.
  • Do not over do as the cashew nuts will start emitting oil and the powder will become soggy.
IMG_4479-001 IMG_4480-001
  • Take 1/2 cup of sugar and melt this in a wide pan with just 5-6 tblsp of water.
  • Do not add more water.
  • Heat till the sugar gets dissolved stirring in between.
  • Once sugar gets dissolved stop stirring and boil till this reach one string consistency.
  • You can check the one thread  consistency of the syrup between the thumb and the index finger. This step is important.
IMG_4482 IMG_4483
  • Once the consistency is reached you can add the cashew nut powder and start stirring it in a low flame. Keep doing this till it reaches a soft dough consistency. Overdoing this will result in hard burfis.
IMG_4484-001 IMG_4486-001
  • When done transfer it to a plate and when it is warm grease your hands with ghee and start kneading it into a  soft dough. I sprinkled a little milk as it was a bit dry. but my cousin told generally by practice we will come to know the right stage and adding more milk also reduces the shelf life of the burfis.
IMG_4487 IMG_4488-001
  • Once done, transfer it to a wide greased plate and start rolling it thinly with a rolling pin. Cut them into diamonds and the kaju katlis are ready to eat now.
IMG_4489-001 IMG_4490
  • My son loved this and he had a very nice birthday with his friends.

Kaju katli 2

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  1. Jey, katli's looks so perfect and smooth! Even Ranga is keeping on asking me! have to make it soon! again, iam just adoring your style of food photography!

  2. I am in abu dhabi. i tried today evening kaju katli, but ending i feel sugar crispiness in dough and also my dough is very silky cannot able to cut. i followed every step above you describe, by ending for hard dough you may also add table spoon of milk you have mentioned, so i followed that..
    where i did mistake, correct me… it will help to next try

  3. Hi am suguna ,I saw your recipes easy understandable. Today I tried kaju Katli the result is negative , it's not coming properly.i couldn't roll it soo sticky

    • Hi the reason may be the sugar syrup may have more water and not attained the right consistency.No worries, just cook this in the pan for few more minutes and then cool it and roll.


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