Festival RecipesKarthigai Appam recipe | Sweet appam

Karthigai Appam recipe | Sweet appam

I actually wanted to post Vella adai recipe(will post tomorrow ) but while i was talking to my sister we both were casually sharing the memories about the  Karthigai sweet appam which my mom makes for Karthigai deepam. Also she makes it for Janmashtami too. Then only i realised i haven’t posted it here. I have posted the wheat appam recipe, the same one she will deep fry. As we used to gobble it when amma makes it. As i am not a big sweet lover, during my childhood days, especially all jaggery based sweets i hate, i love sweet appam one very much. The entire house filled with lights, we all wearing pattu pavadai, amma making appam wearing the traditional 9 yards saree and wearing all the traditional jewellery, this appam reminded me of all special moments. Being a nurse, by profession, she can’t wear bright and big nose rings daily, so she wears only during the festival. And she look very beautiful in that traditional costume and the jewellery. So always Karthigai deepam reminds me of this scene in our house in Madurai. Let me share the recipe of Karthigai sweet appam today. Check the Karthigai Deepam collections .

Karthigai appam

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 35 Mins |Makes: 20

     Wheat flour | atta     1 cup
      Rice flour    2 tblsp
      Jaggery    1/2 cup
      Coconut (scrapped)   1 tblsp
      Cardamom powder   a pinch
      Banana    half (optional)
      Oil    for deep frying
      Ghee   1 tsp

karthigai sweet appam

  • In a pan add jaggery and add 1/4 cup of water.
  • Let it boil and the jaggery gets dissolved.

sweet appam

  • Filter the impurities and and the jaggery water again to the pan.

sweet appam 2

  • In a pan add the wheat flour, rice flour, coconut and cardamom powder. Let the jaggery syrup boil for 3-4 minutes in a low flame.

sweet appam 3

  • Puree the banana in the mixer into a fine paste.

sweet appam 4

  • Add jaggery water and banana puree to the flour mixture.

sweet appam 5

  • Mix well, add water to get the right consistency.

sweet appam 6

  • Add ghee to this and mix well. The batter consistency should be little thinner than the idli batter and little thicker than dosa batter. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying. Take a small size deep ladle and take the batter in that.

sweet appam 7

  • Pour this carefully into the oil. Always pour one at at time. Do not pour more than one.
  • After putting into the oil, the appam will rise slowly and will be fluffy too.

sweet appam 8

  • Flip on the on the other side. Once it is cooked on both sides .take it out and drain them in a kitchen towel.

sweet appam

  • The appam tastes good when they are hot and also the when they are eaten after few hours. The next day it tastes even more nice.
Karthigai-appam recipe
  • If you want you can add 2 more tblsp of jaggery too. I found 1/2 cup perfect.
  • Do not keep the batter so thick, else the appams will be very hard after frying.
  • If you are not adding banana, add a pinch of cooking soda to the batter.

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