Home made ice-creamNutella banana ice cream | nutella recipes

Nutella banana ice cream | nutella recipes

Before going to the recipe of nutella banana ice cream let me tell that the texture of the ice cream will not be like usual ice cream as the recipe is without egg and cream and even milk.But trust me, it taste awesome and a best treat for chocolate lovers and when kids are around now during vacation, this is the best kids friendly recipe, which you can make in a jiffy. The texture will be fudgy and i had a tough time clicking the pictures. Over to the recipe of two ingredient , nutella banana ice cream.nutella banana ice cream   INGREDIENTS:

NUTS (Optional) 1 TBLSP

Nutella banana ice creamMETHOD:

  • Dry roast the nuts in a medium flame for few minutes without getting them burnt.
  • In a blender add the nutella and banana .
ice cream step 1 nutella banana
  • Blend this smoothly and add the toasted nuts. If you want you can chop the nuts finely and skip this step. Me being a lazy person , put this in the blender and pulsed it along with the nutella banana mix.
  • Pour this mixture in the freezer safe bowl. and freeze this overnight or 7-8hours.
nutella banana nutella banana
  • Freeze this overnight or 7-8hours.

nutella banana

  • Nutella banana ice cream is ready.

Nutella + banana + fudge ice cream Note:

  1. If you want a creamy texture like normal ice cream, add 1/2 cup of cream to the nutella and banana while blending. I tried this method long back and turned out pretty well.
  2. I used almonds and cashew nuts. If you want you can add one more banana , if you want the banana flavour to be more. but do not add more than that.

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Will be posting few more easy ice cream recipes soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. hi jeyashree
    iam making this today..i have some doubts…when i freeze it..should i keep it open?do i need to blend it every 2 hrs.i just put some cashews n blended it..i didnt not roast.will tell u finally…after the icecream s ready.thanks.

    • hi jayanthi,
      You close the box and freeze. no need to bled it every 2 hours as nutella will be creamy . roasting nuts is optional. Let me know how u liked it


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