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Thayir idli recipe | curd idli recipe

Thayir Vadai is a very popular south indian recipe. I have blogged this thayir vadai | curd vadai some time back.  My nephew is very fond of thayir vadai and my sister too makes it at home for him. Since making vadai frequently is not so healthy , she was bit worried and when we were discussing ,suddenly this thought of Thayir idli came to my mind. It worked out very well and now it is so easy to make and quite healthy too. Best one to have in the summer.  Try out this Thayir idli | curd idli and i am sure  you will love this one.
Check out my North indian style Dahi vada too.


Thayir idli

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time :10 mins |   Serves : 1
     Mini idli   12
     Yogurt | curd  1/2 cup
     Green chilli 1
     Ginger   1 small piece
     Cumin seeds    1/4 tsp
     Green chilli     1/2
      Grated coconut   1 tblsp 
     Cashew nuts   4 ( optional)
     Milk  2 tblsp
     Salt    To taste
     Carrot  to garnish
     Boondi    To garnish
Coriander leaves   few


  • Make mini idlis  and keep it aside.

Mini idlis

  • Grind the coconut, cumin seeds, green chilli, ginger and cashew nuts(if adding) by adding milk while grinding.


  • Whisk the yogurt and add the ground mixture to the yogurt. Add salt. Keep this chilled. Just 15 minutes before serving,  in the serving bowl add the idlis and pour the chilled yogurt mixture.

Idli - yogurt

  • Garnish with grated carrots, coriander leaves and boondi just before serving.

Curd - idli

  • Serve immediately. Enjoy healthy thayir idli as an evening snack.
  1. As idli is always soft no need to soak in hot water before adding as we do for Thayir vadai.
  2. Adding cashew nuts gives a nice creamy texture.
  3. If you want you can temper mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves to the yogurt mixture.
  4. If you feel the thayir idlis are too thick while serving, add little whisked yogurt. Do not add water.
  5. You can cut normal idlis and do this too.
  6. you can make the north indian style of dahi vada too.

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