Pongal RecipesThayir vadai recipe | south indian style curd vadai

Thayir vadai recipe | south indian style curd vadai

Thayir vadai | Dahi Vada |Curd vadai recipe is made at most of the homes with leftover Vadais, but my mom always makes Thayir vadai with freshly made Vadais as we all love curd vadais. Today I am sharing the recipe of how to make South Indian style curd vadai. I couldn’t make a very detailed step wise instructions as how to make vadais. Please follow my Medhu vadai recipe and just omit the onions in the recipe and follow the rest of the procedure. Check out my Rasa vadai and Sambar vadai recipe too. Also check the north indian style dahi bhalla too

Thayir vadai recipe

  Preparation Time : 15 mins + 1 hour soaking time| Cooking Time : 45 Mins |Serves: 4

     Ulundu vadai   4
     Scrapped coconut   4 tblsp
     Cashew nuts   6-7
     Curd |yogurt    1/2 cup + little extra if needed
     Milk   2 tblsp
     Cumin seeds | jeera  1/4 tsp
     Salt   to taste
     Oil   1 tsp
     Mustard seeds   1/4 tsp 
     Carrot grated   2 tblsp
     Boondi  2 tblsp (to garnish)
     Coriander leaves    few 
     Curry leaves   few
     Asafoetida  2 pinches  

curd vada

  • Check out my Ulundu vadai recipe for detailed instructions on how to make vada.
  • After making vadais ,drain the excess oil in a kitchen towel.
  • Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan.  When the water starts boiling, switch off the flame and pour the water into a wide bowl.
  • Immerse the vadais into the water.
  • Let the vadais get soaked for 10 minutes. The vadas will get double in size after getting immersed in the hot water.
  • Take out the vadas from water and gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • This process is to make the vadais more soft and to absorb the curd into it.
sambar vadai 8

  • Soak the cashew in hot water for 10 minutes . Drain the water and grind the coconut, cashew, green chili and cumin seeds into a fine paste. Add little water or milk for grinding. You can use yogurt also for grinding.
thayir vada
  • Beat the rest of the yogurt with a hand beater and mix the ground coconut mixture to the yogurt. Add salt. Temper with mustard seeds,asafoetida and curry leaves.
  • Ensure the yogurt is not sour. If it is slightly sour, add 2 tblsp of full cream milk to this.
  • Ensure the curd mixture is chilled.
thayir vadai 2

  • Place the soaked, squeezed vadas in a serving plate. Pour the yogurt mixture to this.
thayir vadai 3.
  • Add grated carrot and boondi to this. Serve immediately.
thayir vadai 4
  • After adding the coconut mixture if you feel the consistency if thick, add few tblsp of beaten yogurt to this while serving.
Thayir vadai


  1. After dipping the vadai in hot water, you can soak it in butter milk to infuse little extra curd to the vadais.
  2. Never use too sour yogurt to make thayir vadais.
  3. You can make this in advance say 3-4 hours before serving. Just before serving add some more seasoned yogurt and garnish with carrot,coriander leaves and boondi.

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  1. My husband will writafy his whole swathu if he is served thayir vadai in pakku mattai cup topped with karaboondi. I have never tried thayir vadai 🙂 hope he doesnt see this post ;). Looks absolutely delicious, Jey!! 🙂


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