International RecipesVietnamese Fresh Spring rolls recipe| Recipe with video

Vietnamese Fresh Spring rolls recipe| Recipe with video

Vietnamese veg spring roll with video

 Vietnamese Spring roll is a bunch of fresh vegetables rolled in rice sheets and served with peanut sauce. Last week i did a cookery show for Mother’s day  here, and for that show i made this Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. This recipe was a super hit in that show and everyone liked it. It is very easy to make and quite healthy too. I have given a basic idea for the filling, you feel free to make your own filling and enjoy this healthy vietnamese spring roll. I will post the other recipes which i made in the show in the coming up posts. Check out my fried Spring roll recipe too.
As i have enquired with my friends in chennai, the sheets are available in Amma nana shop in alwarpet. If you find this in your city, please update the place with the name of the shop in the comments section below. In Singapore, we get this rice sheets in Fair price in the dried food section.
Vietnamese Fresh spring roll

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 5 mins |Serves: 3

     Vietnamese Rice sheets  6
      Carrot  1
      Cucumber  1 small
      Capsicum | bell pepper  1/2
      Tofu   a small portion 
      Garlic  1 pod
      Soy sauce  2 drops
      Olive oil  2 drops
      Mint leaves or basil leaves  few
      Rice noodles   little   
      Hot water   to dip the rice sheets
      Salt  as needed
      Pepper powder   2 pinches
For the sauce
Peanut butter    2-3 tblsp
Red chili flakes  few
Honey  2-3 drops

Soya sauce  few drops


Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

  • Cut the carrots, cucumber and capsicum into thin strips. As asked by the moms who attended the show, i have shown “how to cut the carrots into thins strips” in the video.
  • Add salt and sprinkle the pepper powder. Mix well.
  • You can add cabbage, lettuce and add few drops of lemon juice too.

vietnamese roll 1

  • Using tofu is optional. If using, cut the tofu into long and chop the garlic into fine pieces.
  • In a bowl add tofu, garlic and soya sauce, mix well and marinate this for 10 minutes.

vietnamese roll 2

  • In a pan add olive oil and saute this marinated tofu for 5 minutes.

vietnamese roll 5

  • Put the rice noodles in hot water for 2 minutes and drain the water.

vietnamese roll 3

  • The rice sheets will be stiff and once you put that into the hot water it will become soft.
vietnamese roll 4
  • Boil some water and keep it in a wide plate . I used the cake pan for that. Dip the rice sheets in the water and take it out immediately. Do not immerse it fully, else it will become too soft and tear while rolling.
  • Place it on a clean cutting board. No need to grease the board. Instead of using a cutting board, you can use the back of a steel plate.

vietnamese roll 6

  • Now let’s start making the stuffing and make the roll.
  • Place the noodles first, place it breadth wise. keep the veggies after that.

vietnamese roll 7

  • Place the tofu and mint or basil leaves on the top.

vietnamese roll 8

  • Let’s start folding the sheets.
  • Start folding  from the sides . Bring the sides in the center as shown in the center.

vietnamese roll 9

  • Now roll it from the front side and roll tightly.

vietnamese rolls 9.1

  • Repeat the same for the rest of the ingredients.
  • Keep this covered with a damp cloth till you serve this. This will avoid the dryness and keep the rolls fresh.
For making sauce:
  • Mix the peanut butter, honey and chili flakes. Add little water and beat well with a back of the spoon to bring it to a saucy consistency.
peanut butter sauce
  • If you do not have peanut butter, grind roasted peanuts(de skinned) in a mixer with some water and add the honey and chili flakes to this.
Vietnamese spring roll

  • Cut the rolls diagonally using a sharp knife and serve it with peanut sauce.


  1. Do not dip the rice sheets in hot water for a long time, just dip and take it out immediately.
  2. Do not over stuff the filling, else it will tear while rolling.
  3. While rolling, roll it gently yet tightly.
  4. You can make the entire stuffing in an Indian version, as per your choice and serve it with green chutney too.
  5. After making 3-4 rolls, check the water, if it is cold, reheat the water again to dip the rice sheets.

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