RaithaYogurt dip recipe | summer recipes

Yogurt dip recipe | summer recipes


Generally yogurt dip will be made with greek yogurt. But in normal Indian homes buying greek yogurt and making it at home will be bit out of question of turns out expensive too. Greek yogurt dip will be very thick and creamy and will be perfect for dips. I have already posted a sour cream dip recipe.  While some part of the world is experiencing heavy snow till now, here Summer already started  and to beat the heat we are taking loads of water, cucumber, coconut water, oranges and all. Some times get bored with eating the cucumbers or salads as such. So to make it interesting and cool, i am sharing you the recipe of yogurt dip . Just try with any salads or even for tikkas. I will be sharing some summer cooler recipe here often. Stay tuned.

Yogurt Dip

  Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : Nil |Makes : 1 cup

     Yogurt | Curd     1 cup
     Bell pepper | Capsicum    2 tbslp (finely chopped)
     Mint leaves and Coriander leaves    1 tblsp (finely chopped)
     Chili flakes or pepper powder    to taste
     Salt   to taste
     Garlic    1/8 tsp (finely chopped)    Optional  


GreekYogurt dip

  • In a tea strainer put the yogurt and keep a bowl below it. Keep it inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes. The extra water in the yogurt  will be collected and you will get thick fresh creamy yogurt.
  • In the mean time keep the bell pepper, coriander leaves, mint leaves and garlic ready in a wide bowl. Add the creamy yogurt to this and add salt and chili flakes | pepper powder.
yogurt yogurt dip
  • Mix well. Serve with cucumber | carrot or mix this with any salads and serve chilled.
  1. Garlic can be avoided if you do not like the raw smell.
  2. Herbs like parsely, basil, dill leaves can also be added to this to make it flavourful. But do not add too much. Just add little.

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